CCC - Character Compounding Contest! (Round Seventeenth: Alear, Louis and Yunaka)

Hello everyone,
Welcome to this new round of the CCC, from today and onward we will apply the new rules that were decided on the CCC Community Survey. I hope you’ll keep supporting this contest and creating amazing content for us all to enjoy!

The goal of this contest is to take an existing character (posted at the bottom!) and reimagine, reinvent, or rework them into a new form! What sort of new form? Taking inspiration from FE Heroes and other similar media, you simply represent or redesign the character in one of (but not limited to) the following ways:

  • De-age or age up the character. Make them lively, or make them cranky.
  • Turn them into another character! These ‘cosplay’ edits are not limited to mainline FE games or fangames, you can even do characters from other series, TV, etc.
  • Give the character a new design! Make them jacked, give them cool armour, redesign them from scratch, or whatever your heart desires.
  • Genderbend them! Turn Nino into a boy, or Jaffar into a girl! The possibilities here are endless!
  • RADICALLY redesign them: Make them into crazy demons, the Joker, Kirby(???), but try to keep the ‘essence’ of the original character in some way.
  • Why not just take a regular character’s design and make them into a halfbody? That could be fun too!

This contest is very free-form. You come up with the character’s representation or redesign and try your best to get people to vote for you!

  1. All submissions to this contest will be F2E! This contest involves expanding the resources available for the Portrait Repository, so this is mandatory.
  2. Artists may create custom battle animations, music, map sprites, or any form of art related to the featured characters, however, only posts with a portrait will be eligible for the vote.
  3. Artists may create an alternate outfit/design/etc for one or multiple characters, if they wish.
  4. You may submit multiple designs, if you wish. They will all count toward your one submission vote. (Voters will vote on all of the works you created at once)
  5. No pre-existing artwork! The point of this contest is to expand the repo, so we want new art. Also, it’s unfair to compete against artwork that may have had weeks or months of editing work put into it.
  6. Eye/mouth frames are preferable, but optional. They aren’t necessary, but it would be awesome if you included them!
  7. Characters must either be from Fire Emblem 1-17 (Or whatever the current new game ends up being) or one of the Fire Emblem spinoffs, such as Heroes.
  8. All characters must be sprited in GBA format!
    (Hackbox size is not necessary)
    (Halfbodies/fullbodies are A-OK!)
    (Do try to keep the colour count at or below 16 though, that would be great)
  9. Submissions must at least somewhat resemble the original character! Even with the Demon Anna example earlier, it’s still possible to see that she looks like Anna; use that as the extreme guideline.
  10. First and Second Place each pick at least one character for the next round,
    then the community gets to vote on the last character(s) they also want to see!

This competition is very casual. It’s not intended to be a hardcore demonstration of spriting prowess or anything, though that can be fun, too. The primary purpose is to create lots of cool mugs for the community to use.


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Round Two
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This month is centered about Fire Emblem Engage, the newest game of the series.

Here are some designs currently listed for each character.

Character 1: Alear
Alear (Female) {Jey the Count}Alear (Male) {CavalryUnits}
Female Alear made by @JeyTheCount and Male Alear by @CavalryUnits

Character 2: Louis

Character 3: Yunaka

Both Louis and Yunaka don’t have portraits yet, let’s fix that!

For those of you who aren’t quite sure about what sorts of designs you could make, here are the characters’ wiki-pages, complete with alternate designs and artwork.

Alear’s Gallery: Alear/Gallery | Fire Emblem Wiki | Fandom
Louis’s Gallery: Louis/Gallery | Fire Emblem Wiki | Fandom
Yunaka’s Gallery: Yunaka/Gallery | Fire Emblem Wiki | Fandom

Remember… really wild designs are amazing too! Let’s get some wild, extravagant, and unique character designs going! Reach into your imagination, and the first place could be yours!

The deadline is the 1st of June.

Next round will begin on the fifteenth of June 2023.


I’ll be the first one to submit.

It’s everyone’s favorite happy-go-lucky thief: Yunaka! Hiya Papaya! :wink:

I made 3 insertable versions:
Stars + Arm, Stars only, and Plain. One to fit everyone’s tastes.
Yunaka_stars_arm Yunaka_stars Yunaka_plain


It seems that I will be the second one.


Nine Yunaka variants:


Welcome to the 17th round of CCC voting!

Thanks to everyone who contributed. It’s too bad we haven’t got a portrait of Louis but I can’t complain with the fabulous portraits we had.

Round 1: 44 entries submitted by 21 contestants.
Round 2: 21 entries submitted by 13 contestants.
Round 3: 34 entries submitted by 14 contestants.
Round 4: 49 entries submitted by 15 contestants. The biggest round yet!
Round 5: 39 entries submitted by 13 contestants.
Round 6: 20 entries submitted by 9 contestants.
Round 7: 12 entries submitted by 7 contestants.
Round 8: 24 entries submitted by 10 contestants.
Round 9: 26 entries submitted by 19 Contestants
Round 10: 24 entries submitted by 10 Contestants
Round 11: 20 entries submitted by 12 Contestants
Round 12: 25 entries submitted by 10 Contestants
Round 13: 11 entries submitted by 4 Contestants
Round 14: 11 entries submitted by 5 Contestants
Round 15: 16 entries submitted by 5 Contestants
Round 16: 17 entries submitted by 5 Contestants
Round 17: 15 entries submitted by 3 Contestants

Pick your favourite!
  • Alice
  • RedBean
  • Jopettajah

0 voters

Who will win? This poll will conclude in a few days! Let’s get to voting!

Also happy pride month everyone! :rainbow_flag:


The characters selected for the next round are Hector and Jahn from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Sword and Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade respectively.

You can now choose the third character that will be featured alongside them, here are your options:

Pick your favourite characters (you can choose up to three characters)!
  • Idunn (FE6)
  • Fae (FE6)
  • Sophia (FE6)
  • Uther (FE7)
  • Lyn (FE7)
  • Eliwood (FE6/FE7)
  • Zephiel (FE6/FE7)
  • Athos (FE6/FE7)
  • Bramimond (FE6/FE7)
  • St. Elimine (FE6/FE7)
  • Roland (FE6/FE7)
  • Durban (FE6/FE7)
  • Hanon (FE6/FE7)
  • Barigan (FE6/FE7)
  • Hartmut (FE6/FE7)

0 voters

The next round will begin on June the fifteenth 2023

I noticed there were fewer participants this round, I’m willing to continue hosting the CCC but maybe it has become irrelevant and uninteresting, I want to gather your opinion on what I should do next.

What do you want for the CCC?
  • Continue the CCC
  • Take a break and come back later
  • Have a last few rounds then stop
  • Find a new host
  • End the CCC after the next round

0 voters

I wish you all a wonderful day! I’ll hopefully see you soon, take care everyone!


I’d say do a couple more rounds to see if interest really is just dwindling, or if it was just an unlucky past several rounds. I’d love to see the contest continue because I see more quality mugs come out of this than any of the other contests/stuff like GAMERS/etc., but even I get a little sad seeing so little entries.

I didn’t participate last round since I have no interest in Engage, but all the entries look great. Hopefully next round will draw more participants since its GBA. Also I’d start advertising the contest in Spritans if you don’t already, cuz I know some people there don’t really check the forums. Could even ask the mods to pin it or something.


I actually wanted to try doing a Louis portrait, but since 90% of my free time is going to putting stuff together for FEE3 as it stands now it’s a bit of an ‘unfortunate timing’ sort of thing.