Can I commission people/ is there a place to fund a rom hack idea?

Hello People,

I recently discovered the rom hacking community through FEE3 and I have this ambitious idea/project that I would like to commission and even help with making. I however: am only an artist and I have no earthly clue on what im doing.

Basically the concept: I want to make fe6 and fe7 into 1 seamless game, similar to how genealogy functions with a generational segment. This would mean to re write some of the binding blade story to include fe7 characters such as lyn, include a cohesive overhaul of the support system to allow unit transfer growths/ maybe even skills/ and weapons to there Childern in fe6. Also the idea of having a route split between roy and Liliana for scace and illia to expand upon the game more and allow for more world building and to most importantly tie up the loose threads that fe7 created. All that plus adding in new classes, enemy re works, and just completely overhauling the ellibe series in general. This project I cannot do alone and I would like to commission/ find a team of people to help me get this project going.

So if your interested or if there’s a place or discord where I can commission this idea, I would very much like to hear from you guys and ask if this idea could work or if this is just way too much for one gba game. Thanks


You’d probably be better off using Lex Talonis/Tactile for this over using FEGBA as a base; unless I’m mistaken, there’s not an easy way to expand the number of chapters, and remaking the entirety of FE6 and 7 would probably be too many chapters for a game to handle.

Hey there,

Welcome to the community! Glad FEE3 got the word out about this hobby we get to share. FE hacking is a very cool little corner of the internet.

As for your question about commissioning a hack/forming a team, I will say that I have never heard of an entire hack being commissioned. It’s quite possible to commission individual elements (e.g. hiring an artist to make character sprites, hiring someone to code a certain alteration to the game engine for you), but if you want this project to become a reality, you’ll likely have to get your hands dirty and do at least a good portion of the hacking yourself. These are passion projects that often take years to complete, and while commissioning parts or bringing others onboard is possible, you will likely have to be the main driving force of the project for it to succeed.

Once you have made some progress and perhaps have screenshots or a playable demo, this can then be presented to the community and you’ll have a much better shot at getting people onboard with the project. People are much more willing to pitch in if they see some progress from a creator, showing that you are committed to the project and it has a future. I think your idea can definitely work as a romhack, but ideas are a dime a dozen around here for better or for worse - people like to see something tangible.

I feel like I have delivered some news you might not have wanted to hear here. But hopefully I can give you some good news: FE hacking has never been easier to learn and has never been more accessible than it is now, even for those with absolutely no background in this type of thing! If you want to tinker a bit with hacking yourself, here is a good place to start. This is a good resource that breaks down some of the tools of the trade.

Here is a link to the FEUniverse Discord server, the best place to find other hackers. This is hands-down the best place to get your hacking questions answered quickly, as there are dedicated channels to help enable you to get where you want to be. It’s also a great place to meet other hackers.

If you want to commission some work, here is a link to a thread where some users have advertised that they take commissions in certain areas. You’ll note that most of what’s advertised here is art commissions, as that’s what’s most commonly commissioned around these parts.

I hope I was able to answer some of your questions. Good luck to you, and I hope you’re able to enjoy dipping into the wide world of FE hacking.


Chapter count shouldn’t be an issue. You may run into issue with space for saving unit data, but depending on how you do this, it may not matter.

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I really like this idea, a combined eliebe redesign could be very cool. Sadly I hated my playthroughs of 7 and only played a few chapters of 6 so you’ll have to find someone else to put this together.

The two main things you’d need to work out from the beginning is how to fit all the chapters in, and how to fit all the units in. As far as units go I’m sure you could create a system which links each gen 1 unit to a gen 2 unit. Then after the time skip the gen 1 unit’s stat boosters and skills (should you choose to use them) pass on to their progeny.

I wish you the best of luck in finding the means to put this together!

I have 100+ chapters personally and the Heroes demake exceeded 255 chapters somehow. Chapters themselves are very small and not an issue.


Well how said Vesly, you can have a lot of chapter in GBA in RE7 we have an approximate of 119 chapter; but if you want so this for GBA maybe you want wait until RE7 and RE6 be completed for just copy and paste the data of each one.

hey, this guy just started his rom hacking commissions!


tbh the fact that you’re an artist basically means the one of hard parts of the job is done for you

anybody can learn to event pretty easily, not everybody can just learn to draw well that quickly.

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