Bases and Bandits - A hack where every player unit has 0 bases [COMPLETE]

A year or two ago, I played Fire Memeblem 0, by SD9k. It’s a meme edit of FE7 where every player unit has 0 in all of their bases, barring HP, which was set to 1. It’s obviously and intentionally unfair, as FE7 was never designed to be played with such incompetent player units. But recently I thought to myself, what if it was?

This hack is designed around the restrictions of extremely weak player units. Each of the 8 playable units in this hack has 1 base HP and 0 base everything else. To compensate for this, additional restrictions are in place. Everything is locked at 100% hit, and growths are fixed. Weapons have had to be slightly altered to fit in with this style.

New stuff!

  • Ring System
    screenshot0bases screenshot0bases2

FE4’s ring system is present in this hack, but the rings present all have explicit downsides, giving them more strategic use. P-Down, D-Up may help you take a hit despite your abysmal stats, but your damage output takes a heavy blow. Ring bonuses also stack.

  • Refined Dancer Rings (note: no longer rings to avoid confusion)

Thanks to the hack’s short nature, you can use weaker versions of Filia’s Might and Nini’s Grace wherever they may help you, without fear of needing them later.

These two mechanics alone lead to very CQ-esque statstacking.

  • Maps

This hack consists of 5 relatively short maps, each with a unique look and song. Enjoy the game’s gradual shift from puzzle to traditional FE as your options expand.

Download here (apply the patch to a clean FE8U rom): Dropbox - Bases and Bandits - Simplify your life


paper mario influences??? :o
interesting puzzle concept, and we can always use more slim axes


yeah the rings are named after paper mario badges lmao

also thanks so much! i really wanted to see what i could do with such an insane concept, and i think it turned out ok.




Also called real life simulator.

This looks extremely interesting and might be the one thing that makes me want to play a hack again!


I’m really glad to hear that you think that my hack is interesting!

I’ve been having a blast with this hack, I’m saddened it’s as short as it is. I haven’t beaten it yet but I found some leftover japanese text (leftover I say, idk what it’s doing there) after using Fiery Solo.

“Kougeki” it reads, which google translate says it means “Attack”. Japanese word of the day, huh?


ah, that’s because of the dancer ring statuses not being translated in FE8. thanks for pointing it out!

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Nyuuuuuuu keep it i think it cool :))

As a side note, I went ahead and checked out the text for the other one:
Funny 2

It reads “Mamori” but google translate gives nothing back this time…

i’ll keep it

also if i had to guess it probably means “Defend”

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Did Geese always have the strand of hair to the left floating like that in FE6 too?

The chest stays closed after opening it
chest moment

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ah, my bad about the chest. thankfully the player only has one chest key, because otherwise that could be really exploitable. im not sure about the geese thing.

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Final post I’ll make and it’s on the characters and thoughts on them.


He’s pretty good. I found that he was good at tanking. But that’s just cuz out of everyone he’s the first one getting defense. I gave him the Energy Ring because I thought Hector was armored lol.

A god of destruction. Steel Bow is the strongest weapon available and he gets the most strength the earliest, I basically glued the strength-boosting ring on him because it was just always the best play.

He’s quite useful for getting into the range of those pesky ballista, and carrying someone too to take it out faster. Coming with a Javelin is pretty helpful. Though his combat is so-so, it’s an easy issue to fix. Aye, that first Skill Luck level is cruel :’(

Decently strong and I like that. His 2 range was actually pretty decent unlike Roshea’s, but he doesn’t have the canto or rescue he has.

Killing Edge instakill button, with a boost that is. That’s about what he was used for, anything that had 2 range, he just went and took it down in one shot.

Combat is pretty lackluster but who cares, flying is pretty useful.

Dancer. And stacking bonuses up with him is super fun.

Last unit to join, funnily enough his healing was pretty useful. 3-4 range tome is pretty neat. 6 move is also pretty helpful but that’s cuz he’s promoted lel.


Glad you enjoyed this! I’ve already started thinking about what I want to do next, so you might have something else to look forward to in the future!

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Overall balanced hack. Requires a bit of thinking but I like how you removed the nonsense that most hackers do with meme hacks like this.

I look forward to any future ideas you have to this.


Lot of fun to try out for sure! Really liked what you did with Nils for sure


Yeah i think Nils was really cool

Also you’re credited check it out

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It is interesting, but I got stuck lol

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It happens lol dw

hehe fire emblem three houses