Any romhacks with sillier settings or crossover characters? (not FE or OC)

Hi, I’m rather new to this scene, so I’m sorry if this is the wrong place for this question.

I’ve seen some memes and screenshots of hacks that have a bunch of non-FE-originating characters, e.g. like Kermit the Frog or Wario. I understand there’s a lot of assets etc for characters like these in the community asset repository, but I couldn’t seem to find any which actually use them in the fan project megathread.

Basically I’m asking: are there any romhacks which do this sort of thing, like crossovers with different IPs or fan characters? I guess the story/content itself doesn’t have to be silly or anything, or even really that different from a base FE game, I’m just looking to recruit a fun roster of characters.

Does anyone know of any romhacks like this, or even anything like Pokemblem for other franchises? Has anyone attempted e.g. a “super smash emblem”?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Couldn’t seem to reply to the thread but thanks for the suggestions y’all, I’ll check them all out :slight_smile:


I sort of did something similar with my ROM hack flux’s conquest, there are not a ton of characters from non FE (mostly touhou), but there are a few. I wouldn’t call it smash emblem but any chance I get to shill it I will lol.



First thing that comes to mind are the grug games. Those have interesting crossovers and are pretty fun


You might be interested in Code of the Burger King, which has non-FE characters mixed in. [FE8] Fire Emblem: Code of the Burger King (Main Campaign Complete!)


what are the “grug games”

Grug and Grug 2


This hack at first glance would seem funny and irreverent, but I personally have never tried it. Its author has been banned for ethical-moral reasons, but as always a work of art has its own intrinsic and autonomous value, which is beyond moral judgment regarding its creator (there are hundreds of examples concerning this in the field of music, literature, art in general). Since this hack is still available here, I assume the staff agrees with me on this point. :mask:

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Is a crossover between Fe and non fe


This PME has thee Hatsune Miku (courtesy of yours truly) and Senator Armstrong.

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I love you too Ru

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OC Emblem [COMPLETE, 25/25 Chapters] despite what the game’s title might imply, this game is the perfect example of what you might be asking for. Despite some of the playable characters being OCs, many of the game’s surroundings/other characters are inspired by a wide variety of other media, including but not being limted to: fire emblem itself, skyrim, terraria, Marvel/DC comics, pokemon, plants vs zombies, amazon, advance wars, the legend of zelda, ben 10 and many other sources of media that I can’t currently remember. These references come in a variety of forms, from characters to items/weapons, to settings/locations, to even some playable characters themselves!

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It’s filled to the brim with everyone’s self inserts. If you’re looking for a fun cast of characters, and are having fun with the cast of characters in this forum, then the next logical move is to play this game lol