Parallel Emblem ~ Twist and Étoiles Tale - WIP Part 1 completed

Hello, everyone!

With this post I want to present the project, that Retrogamer and I am working on, since the beginning of 2020. With lots of support from Pent since early 2021 and Eventing Help from Nathan Swist.
Currently developed as: Parallel Emblem ~ Twist and Étoiles Tale

Main Features
-New custom made animations, weapons and classes
-Character deaths and descisions alter story dialouge
-A lord with the Skill “Galeforce” at chapter 1.
-Tellius-Magic Effectiveness
-An SRPG Novel with way too much text about a multidimensional war on the continent Lysolley
-Around 40 playable travelers from all over the Universe (we have Laguz, Elves, old mans + more)
-Aimed to be permadeathfriendly
-The impossibility to find every dialouge and secret in one playthrough
-19 / ??? chapters done

Click here to Download the Patch.

Click here to join our Discord.

Parallel Emblem is a hack where we aim to create a game where gameplay and story go hand in hand.
That being said, the story is a big focus of this work. It will tackle serious topics but won’t enter too dark territory. If I had to compare the content of it’s story to one of an official FE, I would choose Three Houses.

Every character that you’ll meet in the story will have their time to shine - But only if you manage to keep them alive. If a character dies, it will alter certain scenes, to make every run that is played by the rules unique. So if you plan on playing this hack, we encourage you to play it with Permadeath in mind.

In this hack, you will witness the story of Prince Twist, from Satera. As a new member of the Phoenix Knights, he wants to stop a group of fanatics from reviving an evil being. He is the hero of a story that repeated itself multiple times over the last decades. However this time things are different as he suddenly finds himself in a completely different world. A world full of new problems, soon to be taken over by the war between the Kingdoms Lumière and Denuil. In order to find a way back home he forms an alliance with Princess Ètoile from Lumière. Soon Twist will realize, that this chaos is just the beginning of a far more difficult task.

How difficult is Parallel Emblem?

We currently focus on normal mode. This difficulty will probably be similiar to the “Hard”-Setting of official games, but I think both experienced players and newcomers will be able to enjoy the game. We will tackle an additional hard mode once the normal difficulty is done.

New Gameplay-Elements
Changes to Magic

In this game magic works similiar to Radiant Dawn. Which means that Thunder Magic is effective against Reptile Type Enemies, Fire Magic is effective against Laguz, and Wind Magic to all kinds of other flying enemies. Wind Magic is the weakest magic but doesn’t weigh much, also it has 3 instead of 2 Range. Fire Magic is the strongest but also the heaviest Magic. And Thunder is somewhere between but has a higher Crit-Rate. We also implemented a new Anima-Magic-Type, Water, which is effective against Armored Enemies. It’s strength and weight are similiar to Fire.

While all of these Magic-Types are part of Anima-Magic, every Mage that uses Anima-Magic is only able to use on specific Element. For example, a mage that uses Fire magic can’t use Wind-Magic too.

New Classes

This Hack, like the majority out there, will feature a fair amount of custom Classes. Some of them are completely new and made by ourselves although you won’t see much of those in the current demo (sadly). But so far this hack features:
-Lizard Riders
-Merchants (Better known as Suppliers)
-Bonemages (Skeleton Druids)
-Axe Cavaliers in a new shape

Skill System

This Hack also features the Skill System from Circles. This really isn’t something special nowadays but I still want to point out that Skills are a thing in this Hack. Here is our plan:

-Every playable Unit will have a Personal Skill from the get go.
-Some Classes have a Skill that always goes with this Class (For example, Cavalry Type Units will always have Canto and promoted Cavalries have Canto+).
-Some units might learn new Skills due to certain events in the game.
-When a promoted Units hits Level 15, they’ll learn a Mastery Skill (Swordmasters learn Astra, etc.)

Credit to other Creators

For this hack, we used assets that have been made by others from this forum and elsewhere.

But we also made new things for this hack ourselves.
The downloads come with credit lists to all potraits, musics and animations if you want to contact their creators.

We kindly ask you to not use or provide our work without our consent until the project is finished. If there is something in this hack that you really want to have in your own hack though, we are open to talk to you.

To name those who’s work is currently in Parallel Emblem (or will be in the future):

  • -A_Reliable_Chair
  • -Atey
  • -Andy
  • -Arch
  • -Aruka
  • -Alusq
  • -Bakuretsu
  • -borsdeep
  • -BwdYeti
  • -Black Mage
  • -Blazer
  • -Captain-Supreme
  • -Charlie-Suiko
  • -Circles
  • -Compile
  • -Dark
  • -DerTheVaporeon
  • -Dolkar
  • -Donbettyr
  • -Dr0zz
  • -FE Girls
  • -feels
  • -Furious Squid
  • -ecut Skitty
  • -Eldritch Abomination
  • -Enalye
  • -ereshkigal
  • -fuzz94
  • -GabrielKnight
  • -Glenwing
  • -GratedShtick
  • -Greentea
  • -IcYFyNgYr5
  • -Ischmar VI
  • -JonoTheRed
  • -Jj09
  • -Jubby
  • -Jnundead
  • -Kenpuhu
  • -Kirb
  • -L95
  • -Latios212
  • -Laurent Lacroix
  • -MeatOfJustice
  • -MaikelChan
  • -Melia
  • -Memae
  • -Mikey_Seregon
  • -MisakaMikoto
  • -MrGreen3339
  • -Mokey_seregonblond
    • Mycahel
    • Nuramon
  • -Obsidian
    • Orihara_Saki
    • pandan
  • -Pent
  • -Pikmin1211
  • -Pikmin44
  • -Raspberry
  • -SaXor_the_Nobody
  • -Scraiza
  • -SD9K
    • Sheep300
  • -ShinKuma
  • -Somedenseguy
  • -Sme
  • -St jack
  • -Skitty
    • SurfingKyogre
  • -Swain
  • -Swift Saturn
  • -TBA
  • -Temp
  • -Team SALVAGED
  • -Tristan_Hollow
  • -Venno
  • -Wan
  • -Wiiman96
  • -x0_000
  • -Yangfly Master
  • -Zoisite
  • -ZoramineFae

And of course – Those who worked on Sacred Stones, Intelligent Systems.
As well as 7743, the creator of the FE Builder Software.

Who created Parallel Emblem up to this point?

This Hack is mainly made by two people. One of them is Retrogamer, who makes the game look how it looks. He created the new graphical stuff. And he created and polished all the maps so far. Without him, this project would be a lot less individual. And I could never present the story and characters how I imagined them. Or at least, it wouldn’t be as pretty as it is now.

My biggest task in this hack is to write the story. I’m a hobby writer and I really enjoy it to tell a story in an SRPG. But Parallel Emblem is my first project that is going to be written in english. So please understand, that you will encounter some mistakes here and there. And don’t be shy to point them out! I want the Final project to be good and readable.

I take care of the eventing stuff too and that the music sounds good. I haven’t created any original music though. Which doesn’t mean, that you can’t expect to hear something completely new in this hack :3

We also receive a lot of support from Pent. He shares his experience with us, helps with the maps and music.

This is our first hack ever, so it won’t be perfect. But we will try to create a game that will be as enjoyable as an original FE. We both love Fire Emblem. And to live up to this love, will be our goal.

If you read the whole thing, thank you, it took a bit to write that. If you want to become a tester, thank you for your help! We are looking forward to meet you in our gam- Eh, in our discord!

We’ll read us later ^^


your interest

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I can review about content and graphic only( ; ; )

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I’m interested.

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Why are you making people jump through hoops to help you out? Just post the damn patch in the thread.


do you need spelling and grammar help too


Like I wrote in the post, it is still a demo. We are looking for testers for this demo and prepared a discord for those. We don’t have a strict limit of how many people we want to give access to the Demopatch.
But we also don’t consider this here as a public release.

Once either I or Retrogamer read the comments of those who want to help, we invite them in the discord and there they can find the patch. It can be that you need to wait a little bit for our answer, since we are not online the whole time. But other than that I don’t see a problem in this way.

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Yes, that would be cool.

I’m proud of ya, Blader. I will definitely be a tester.

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You should post one chapter at a time to FEU’s #playtesting channel if you’re looking for feedback. Most people that join a project’s discord are basically looking to just follow the project’s progress. You probably aren’t going to get a bunch of super active playtesters dedicated to providing feedback for your hack. People will join over time and chat a bit and occasionally playtest something for you or give feedback.

Making it exclusive “dedicated ppl only” is probably not a great idea. Don’t worry about how polished your hack is, either, when sharing it in #playtesting. You might decide that you aren’t ready for a public release yet, but that’s fine. You can just link your discord for those who are interested in following and keep on working on it in the mean time.

Good luck!


I’ll give it a test run.

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Oh I didn’t know there was a section for this… My bad.

I think I will be looking at this later. Thank you for this information!

I would like also play, and take a notice on something, in the gameplay. But, Firstly I am enjoying a game with a story. And will see how is it project will be good.

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Did you disabled your DMs or so? I can’t send you a message. :sweat:
Can you send me your Discord-#?

Sorry, I forgot about it. But, now send me again.

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I still can’t send you a DM. Can you send me your Discord-Hashtag?

I can playtest.

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Eyey, i want to test it too, could it be posible?

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Count me in for the tests.

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This seems pretty cool!

Sure, send me an invite link and I’ll be glad to help however I can.:]