Grug's Primitive Disadventure by Team Stoned Stoners [Full Game Completed]

Grug’s Primitve Disadventure

Hello Fire Emblem Universe,
Grug’s Primitive Disadventure is a non-serious meme hack created by the group Team Stoned Stoners. It follows the adventures of Grug the 21st century caveman. After recently being freed from his frozen prison Grug decides to rejoin human society. Accompanied by his best friend, Srek, they depart to New Rock City in order to sell Grug’s accumulated rock collection. Bandits appear to rob the dynamic duo and shenanigans ensue.

This project has been in development for two years and is finally completed since then. This project originally started as shitposting in a Fire Emblem discord server during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and has now evolved into this monstrosity. We would like to thank all our contributors, supporters, and critics who helped us polish this project since 2020. This is definitely a passion project and we are glad to have finally seen it through to the end.

Features of Grug’s Primitive Disadventure

-A fun plot full of outdated memes
-Self Insert Cringe, OCs, and characters stolen from the mainline FE series shamelessly!
-Gameplay that requires the use of all 2 of your remaining braincells.
-Weed lol
-16 Main Story Chapters
-2 Gaiden Chapters
-36 Playable Characters

Letter From Rye On Speed, Lead Hacker

"When me and the rest of the gang started Grug 1, we never really expected this project to go anywhere, or at least, not to the extent that we thought it would go. The initial stages of the project were chaotic, timetables all messed up and generally disorganized. However, as time went on and we polished our organizational and practical skills, things started going up and we finally got a hang of what it meant to be a hacking team. Since then, it’s been a bit over two years and I’ve finished two more projects and I’m starting on a fourth one, which is something I never could’ve seen myself doing way back when I was just an angsty teen trying to just find some friends and purpose. I’ve built a lot of friendships from making Grug, and I have to say that it’s one of those experiences you have that you probably will not forget in your lifetime due to the developmental impact it had on you. It was just really uplifting to see people playing the hack, whether or not they liked it or not (I know that my early work is pretty shabby), and just the feeling of accomplishment that I never really felt before this. So, thank you for supporting us, or just giving valuable data if you don’t support us. It’s all much appreciated.

I’m going to laze around not work on my projects in any major capacity for another two weeks now lul bye"


FEE3 2020 and 2021 Videos!

Playlist of the OST!

UPS Patch and Credits will be at the Bottom.
Hard Mode is the intended mode for Play

Report any bugs found in the Comments below
Title Screen
It takes in Canada. Pretty cool eh?


The Man Himself…

Set in the land of the Maple Leaf

What an original chapter objective!


A non-self insert character for once!

Grug is a simple man

UPS Patch

Dropbox - Grug 1 - Simplify your life


Team Stoned Stoners
Srek as Project Head
MemeTzar as Lead Composer and Project Leader
Rye On Speed as Head Hacker
Shauna as Head Playtester
LunaProc as Support Writer
CJ as Secondary Head Hacker
Lonk From California as Head Spriter
Lucky K, Playteser
Matty, Playtester
Xaiver (JuliaLover69), Server Elitist
God, Writer and Playtester
Oocities, Playtester
Rohan, Spriter and Playtester
Valefar, Hype Beast and Playtester
Heckless, Writer
Serif as Spriter and Playtester
bwaN as Hacker, Spriter, Mapper, and Palletter
dood as mountain man Mapper
SG, Playtester
Tomo, Playtester

7743 for making the Godsend that is FEBuilder

Assets Used from Others
*FE7 Portraits with FE8 Colors: BwdYeti
FE6 Blinking Portraits: Shin19
Touhou Chinese Teahouse Song: Pikmin 1211
Dimitri Portrait: Melia
Halberdier Anim: TBA
Cavalier and Knight Anims: Team SALVAGED
Deserter Anim: Alusq
“Join Us” FE8 Port: Tristan Hollow
Cave and Snow Tileset: Zoramine Fae/Der The Vaporeon
FE2 Alm Map Theme: Hypergammaspaces
FE6 Attack Theme: Tristan Hollow
FE4 Verdane Theme: Sme/Pandan
FE4 Defense: Mr. Green3339
Super Mario World: Bowser World Theme-Sme
Generic Skeleton Portrait: Alusq
Legion Anim: Seal
Dark Knight Anim: Pikmin 1211, Nuramon, Jj09, DertheVaporeon
Generic Knight Portrait: Lenh
Wind Spell Anim: Misaka Mikoto
Hatless Mage Anim: Gabriel Knight
God Portrait: Serif, Caizar, DertheVaporeon
Rickard Portrait: Nickt
Valkryie Anim: DertheVaporeon, Isaac, Pikmin 1211
Trickster Anim by LeoLink
-Darknight Portrait: LaurentLacroix
-Xavier Portrait: Anon
-Julia Portrait: Melia
-Yozakura Portrait: Melia
-Flexbot Portrait: Melia
-Kaga Portrait: Zoisite
-Jamke Portrait: Nobody
-Gandolf Portrait: Sterling Glovner
-Gonzales Portrait - BorsDeep
-Lilina Portrait - Levin64
-Ferdinand Portrait - MeatOfJustice
-Reinhardt Portrait: HypergammaSpaces
-Portraits: Corythegober and DerVaporeon
-Kempf Portrait: Obsidian Daddy

Tellius Warrior Rework: Leo_Link, Nuramon, Spud
Fully-Clothed Brigand: Flasuban
Bow General: TBA
Female Mercenary: Team SALVAGED
Axe Wyvern: TheBlindArcher
Mage Knight Lance: Teraspark
Malig Knight: Pikmin1211, Jj09, 7743
Nino Pale Flower: RedBean
Dread Fighter: Nuramon
Dragoon: Mercenary Lord, NYZGamer, Pikmin1211, Maiser6
Tactician: Marlon0024*

Patches Used
Skill Systems by Circles Everywhere
16 tracks/sounds by Agro/Brendor
256 Background Editor by Leonarth
All Instrutment by Blazer
Continue Map into Battle Music by Hextator
Native Instrutment Map by Alusq
Modular Minimug by ZaneAvernathy
Command Hacks by Hextator

Will update as we add in more Assets
Notify me at MemeTzar#1730 on discord if I missed anything


Team Stoned Stoners
Come to hang out and ask questions. TSS staff is usually available to answer questions. We always appreciate feedback!

Funny Videos Related to Grug


If Roy is in this hack I’mma sue.


We await your case in court.



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You can’t sue for Jose Roy though Portrait Editor 3x_Effectiveness.gba_2@02 Eliwood_C965BC .


Grug? From The Croods? Is this the Croods 2? 3?
@serif help


This is the Croods 9000





(unclear body)


grug moment


Hi, I’m the Lead Playtester meaning I’m the only one who kept play testing every time. Btw, Kaito is the best unit in the entire game because edgy myrmidon gob. 10/10, 5 stars, S-tier, best unit.

Kaito gob gob


wrong i’m the best unit because i have funni horsey

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Imagine not thinking Srek is the best character


Can you post a dropbox link (if u can)? Google drive is kinda glitchy on phone and i couldnt download it without using pc then post the ups on discord to myself and then downloading it


Yeah I’ll post a dropbox link in the future my guy

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i think justin trudeau is quite fitting for a fire emblem game, as just like the canadian government both involve an ongoing genocide of red units

this joke is gonna end my whole career, gl with your hack looks promising!


How about Team Sacred Stoners :sunglasses:


I don’t need two lawsuits on my hands!


Thats what i said too.

oh my god i need to play this

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Ups and discord links are dead, can you fix them?

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