Void's Blitzarre Adventure: Blitz Tendency (Earlygame Polish Released)

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##Phase 1: 7/11/18 Demo released. At least 10 chapters playable.

##Phase 2: 7/18/18
First full build released. All chapters playable.

##Phase 3: 7/25/18
Polished release. All chapters playable with reasonably enjoyable gameplay.

It’s a very tight schedule, though is about twice as lenient as the original blitz. Nevertheless, the weekly deadlines must be met and the stated patches will be released, regardless of the state of the product. In the case that the project gets unreasonably delayed, Phase 3 may be extended for up to another week, 8/1/18.

For the most part, we’re done with official phases, now just doing an on-availability polishing pass. Volunteers are very much wanted!

Please click here for an up-to-date version of the Readme.


Void’s Blitzarre Adventure: Blitz Tendency

VBA:BT is a series of resource blitzes culminating in a completed hack.

Read CONTRIBUTING.md for an overview on rules and regulations.


Phases are very flexible but the general outline is something like this:

  1. Map / Portrait Blitz
  2. Eventing Blitz 1 (10-15 chapters) / Music Blitz
  3. Writing / Balance Blitz 1 / Polish Blitz 1 (fill in missing or additional required assets)
  4. Eventing Blitz 2
  5. Writing / Balance Blitz 2
  6. Polish Blitz 2

Feel free to do anything out of order, as long as it’s with proper version control.

Project Structure

Due to the very walk-in and contribute nature of the project, with the relative inexperience with git of the community,
there will be a structure for contributors, detailed here.


Admins are members of the FireEmblemUniverse organization on GitHub.
These members may add team members, approve pull requests, and change repository settings.
Admins: Crazycolorz5, Camdar, Circleseverywhere, and StanH

Any known member of the community with minimal knowledge of git and a Github account may request to become a team member for the project.
Team members are expected to create feature branches, and incorporate changes from other contributors.
They are also expected to create pull requests once a feature branch is complete.
Basically, those with some knowledge of git just structure and commit the changes created from those who do not know git.
A list of team members will be maintained on the forum page.

If you don’t know git, don’t be afraid! There is a forum post on the simplest aspects and you can ask for help from other team members or admins.
The required level of knowledge really won’t be that high.

Contributors are everyone else. Anyone is able to contribute resources to any phase of the project.
There is no commitment to being a contributor.
However, for changes to be incorporated into the hack, you must coordinate with a team member to get a feature branch created.
I want to encourage as many contributions as possible. The more people we have help, the less work we need to do overall.

Typical Contribution

  1. You create a portrait/map/event file/etc.
  2. You get in contact with a team member (via forums, discord, other), and give them the resource.
  3. The team member creates a branch for the change, and commits it. They create a pull request when it passes necessary tests.
  4. An admin approves the pull request and the change is in the hack.

Technical Information

Everything will be assembled with ColorzCore and the Buildfile method.
The base system will be the FE8 skill system.


Please click here for an up-to-date version of the Contributing doc.

VBA:BT is meant to be a series of blitzes culminating in a finished blitz hack.
Anyone is free to contribute to any one of the blitzes, and
both I (the organizer) and the contributors must follow the following rules:


  1. Any insertable resource made will be in the final game.
  • Edits may be made to improve quality later.
  • Only up to so many submissions will be used. For example, if 40 maps are submitted, only the first 30 will be used.
  • All resources submitted should be under a creative commons license, and will be available for public use post-blitz.
  1. Strict version control will be used.
  • Adding any new assets must be done through a branch and pull request.
  • Each pull request should pass tests. See “Testing”.
  1. Only newly created open source assets will be used (with exceptions).
  • See subpoints on #1.
  • Engine hacks, the base project, and resources from VBA1 may be used.

Becoming a Contributor and Claiming Work

This is the organizational spreadsheet for VBA:BT.
To become a contributor, add yourself on sheet 1.

If you’re adding a resource, such as a mug, map, or music track, fill out an appropriate line on the second sheet.
Leave the “Claimed” column blank.

If you’re claiming a chapter to work on, fill out the appropriate row on the third sheet.
Put the team member responsible for committing the changes and all other contributors (including yourself) in the indicated columns.
The character IDs you’re allowed to work with are provided.

If you need a resource for your chapter, go to the resource claim, and used the Claimed By? column to claim the resource.


  1. ColorzCore should assemble the project without errors or warnings.
  2. The game should boot and new games should transition into the first chapter without error.
  3. The feature being added should appear to be functional.

What is Git?

When working on a project, it’s not very optimal to keep passing along a whole project directory for changes. Also, having only one, central master copy can slow down progress. This is especially true when many people are editing different files.

What Git does is instead of having each person modify the master copy in turn, each person submits a series of diffs. A diff basically just said “I changed this file on these lines.” That way if multiple people work on the same project, it keeps conflicts to a minimum and they can all work at the same time!

Installing Git

If you have a Linux environment in some form (e.g. MinGW, Cygwin), then you almost certainly already have Git. Assuming you don’t though, there are multiple Windows installations for Git. Here is one.

Basic Concepts

In Git, we have branches. Each branch is basically a copy of the project, with a log of history of changes. We can create a new branch to work off a copy of the current state of the project, then merge it back in later, after some other people have made their changes.

Setting up

GitHub has a button that says Clone or Download. Go to a directory and in whatever you used to install git, just say

git clone <url>

and provide you GitHub credentials.

Making a Branch

By default you are on the master branch. You do not want to be doing work on this branch. The way I have the repository set up, you will actually want to branch off the develop branch. Issue the following commands:

git checkout develop
git branch <name of your branch>
git checkout <name of your branch>

What this says in order is:

  • switch to working off the “develop” version of the project
  • make a branch based on that state
  • switch to the branch you just made

Committing Your Changes

After you make changes to files, you need to send it back to the repository (so we can use them or do other things with them).

git commit -am "<summary of your changes>"

This creates a diff (technically, it creates a commit, which is a collection of diffs), and saves it locally. If you’re adding a new file, or removing an existing file, you need to:

git add <path to file>
git rm <path to file>

It is not sufficient to just create or delete the file.

All your changes are committed locally, but you need to send the diffs to the server. Use:

git push

To send the diffs to the repository.

Note the first time you push, you need to set the “upstream branch”. This just means that you have these changes on your computer, and Git needs to know what they correspond to in others’ computers. It should be sufficient to just say:

git push -u origin <name of your branch>

Changing Branches

It’s common to be working on multiple different features at a time. You generally don’t want to do them in the same branch. Swap between them (after committing you changes) with git checkout.

git checkout <second branch>

swaps to the second branch, and

git checkout <first branch>

switches back.

Creating a Pull Request

When a branch passes tests and looks goo to go to make its way into the master copy, it’s time to create a pull request. Go to Github and click the Pull Requests button. Then click “New Pull Request”. For base, select develop, and for compare, select the branch you think is ready. Then create the pull request, and let me know that you did.

If you understand and think you can do all of the above, then you’re able to be a team member. I encourage you to learn a bit more nuanced control (such as using git status / git add instead of just git commit -am), but these are just the bare basics.

There are also good GUI tools to do Git. I’m not familiar with any of them myself, but if you find one that works, and you can branch/commit/push with it, then you also meet the qualifications to be a team member.


Sorry, i need to do this


This should be a fun summer for FEU!


We need fanart now.


Can’t wait for Golden Blitz on 2020

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Gonna leave this here as reassurance for those who want to do chapters but not writing/a warning to those to follow the “Blitz Lore” because any writing I do will indeed follow “Quantity over Quality” mentality


While I won’t be participating in this, a blitz lead by a proper leader does have my attention. Make Blitzes Great Again!

All the starting documentation has been completed (for now), and the repository is in a buildable state.

Thus I’m officially opening the blitz to contributions.

Make mugs, maps, whatever. Claim a chapter to make. Just read the 2nd post on how (hint: add yourself to the spreadsheet).

I’ll be on Discord to coordinate things or to answer questions.

Made a small pack of F2U mugs from some F2U projects that I’ve worked on, one dead project and some other stuff that I had around. Feel free to use as long as credit is given! Credit to NickT too for some of their assets being used in the creation of these as well.

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One thing to be noted it that people can use the GitHub desktop, instead of the Git bash command line.

Daily update:

Many mugs have been created. Maps for several chapters have been completed. Almost all chapters have been claimed. A working Ch3 has been submitted, and the prologue runs.

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I’m not sure what to do here. I have a chapter map I want to contribute, but I’m unsure what step to take first. It seems like I have to go onto the spreadsheet and put my name there and what I did, but do I do that after I send the map to a team member? And how do I contact a team member and give them my map? Even after reading the rules for contributions, I’m still confused on how to do this. I don’t know where else to ask about it.

Yes just get into contact with any team member. Discord is preferred, but you can also post it here and I’ll try to add it.

I guess I’ll just post it here then. I don’t know what format to post it in, so I’ll just post it as a .tmx file.

We need weapon icons!

  • Blitz Axe (Lord Prf, stats are loosely a wolf beil with less mt but more hit)

  • Slaying Bow (Bow super effective vs armors)

  • Hunter’s Bow (Bow super effective vs cavalry)

  • Blitz of Aja (the Blitz Axe but with a red stone of Aja in it)

  • Runic Bow (Bow super effective vs magic users)

Maybe more later, I’ll keep this post updated

Daily update:
Prologue and Chapter 1 practically complete, Many more maps are complete, several mugs inserted, several icons created.

Tomorrow I will be checking up on the rest of the first 10 chapters to make sure progress is done, and potentially reassign chapters.

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Daily Update: Palette issues fixed, spell association issues fixed, chapter 9 materials submitted. More work on later maps.

Daily Update: A few new tools added, some item tweaks, some bugs squashed (assembly level).

Chapters still in need of a pull request:
- Chapter 2 ( @P33RL355#0108 )
- Chapter 4 ( @Zaim#0800 )
- Chapter 5 ( @Snakey1#4148 )
- Chapter 7 ( @circleseverywhere#1423 )
- Chapter 8 ( @Alusq#2370 )
- Chapter 10 ( @Vennobennu#3821 )

Chapters with an incomplete pull request or under review:
- Chapter 9 ( @Sme#3942 ) (https://github.com/FireEmblemUniverse/VBA-Blitz-Tendency/pull/16)

Merged, beatable chapters:
- Prologue ( @Colorz💜#1337 )
- Chapter 1 ( @Zaim#0800 )
- Chapter 3 ( @Darrman#2798 )
- Chapter 6 ( @Colorz💜#1337 )

I’m told all the chapters are at least partway through eventing.

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