[FE8] Prep Shop Markup

Credits to @Tequila and @7443 for providing me with the offset where this is calculated.

Code is at 0xB5238; r4 = price of item, at the end of the block, r4 should have the marked up price.
Default code is as such:

lsr r0, r4, #0x1F
add r0, r4, r0
asr r0, r0, #0x1
add r4, r4, r0

This is easy enough to change, for instance, to mark up by 25% instead of 50%, as so:

lsr r0, r4, #0x1E
add r0, r4, r0
asr r0, r0, #0x2
add r4, r4, r0

I’m using this for VBA2, and here’s the code I’m using to install it:

ORG 0xB5238
//Change a division by 2 (markup by 1/2) to by 4 (markup by 1/4)
SHORT 0x0FA0 0x1820 0x1080

There’s actually a bug in vanilla FE8 (Or at least, the skill system). If you view an armory by using View Map in the prep screen, it will show marked up prices. Maybe fix sometime in essential fixes.

I can report the bug is not skill system-exclusive because our hack doesn’t use skills and we noticed it they other day when testing.

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There is a problem with the price increase routine of GBAFE.
If it exceeds 65535 gold as a result of price rise, it will not work.

If you sell expensive items, you have to be careful.