Vesly's ASM / C

These are all the configs for post battle supports now:



Very nice!

I don’t know if you saw my DM. I tested and Sleep and Berserk don’t give support points as intended, but Petrify still gives support points. Did you fix it?


Stat / Class Expansion FE6 & FE7


While nothing as powerful as expanded modular save, this hack just shuffles around a few bits here and there to allow the following:

  • Level & Stats up to 63
  • Characters up to 0xFF (in fe6, characters above 0x7F aren’t saved properly between chapters otherwise)
  • Classes up to 0xCF or so (classes past this might have their map sprites break like in fe8)

Please note that installing this will break old save files.


Thank you so much!

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Hey. I noticed that the folder for Support Post Battle has a subfolder with a bunch of emoticons other than the heart icon. Do you have any plans for making these usable for say, events? Like an event that calls a specific emoticon in a cutscene and such.

Yeah, this is a modified version of 7743’s show emotion bubble patch.

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Also. I I wanted to ask. Would Support Post battle be compatible with Snakey’s Support Rework Rework?

Essentially, I want your hack for GAINING supports, but also restructure supports to allow for 4 levels of support instead of 3 (Adding an S rank on top of C, B and A)

I don’t know, sorry. I haven’t used Snek’s support rework.