Use the Tactician name on a unit

First of all, all credit for this goes to Obviam/Hextator! What I’ve posted is just a demonstration of his solution.

Text table is at: 0xB808AC
Tactician RAM data is at: 0202BC18

Choose the text slot you wish to sacrifice to the Gods, put that number in a hex calculator, multiply by 4, and add your answer to the base offset (B808AC). This is the beginning of the pointer you need to replace, write 18 BC 02 82 there instead.

And this is Hextator’s original demonstration.


Protip: You can also repoint text in this fashion to point to any RAM location, so load up your favorite ASM routine that writes to memory, point to that place, and you can use that. (This is what I did to be able to display a cost dependent on inventory… I’ll post the source code to those routines when I get back to be able to access my own computer).

Edit: Protip 2: FEditor might repoint the text table if you extend the number of text slots you need. In that case you might just want to take a section of the original table and ctrl+f down until you find the most recently copied table that is repointed to and then edit that one.

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#include "Tools/Tool Helpers.txt" //setText
setText(0xXXXX, 0x0202BC18)

Taking advantage of EA macros.

Sets the XXXX text slot to the tactician name.