Opposing Programs, Patches, and Plans

Many of us have been there before. We see interesting ideas or mechanics that we want to utilize in our ROMs, but when we apply them… Catastrophe strikes! Nothing’s working like it should, and we feel like we broke our games somehow.:sob:

The truth is, there are limits to what you can use in your hacks (and I don’t just mean ROM size and personal capabilities). Some mechanics are simply not compatible with each other, and applying them together may prevent both of them from working properly or could cause other unwanted effects to take place on your ROM. If you’re applying them one after the other, it could be easy to spot these issues. However, it won’t be so easy if you see something you want to add to your hack one year after you applied another idea that makes it impossible for both to work correctly, causing problems to occur in your hack that makes you think that you screwed up and have to start over!:rage:

…Sorry. I just came from bringing back my ROM from the brink of death. I have found issues with certain programs and patches working together - issues that some people may not know about. This is why I propose a list of programs, patches, and plans that may oppose each other in some way. This way, others who wish to utilize them can see what issues they could have with other programs.

I do not intend on this list to be an attack on the programs’ creators in any way. I am truly grateful for everything they have done for this community. No one can truly perceive every problem a person can have with his/her program, and I do not believe that he/she should feel personally obligated to fix said problems. I merely want to make this list as a warning for those who would wish to combine certain things in their hacks.

I will start the list with some pairs of programs or patches that I found to conflict each other in some way. If you wish to contribute, you may list your incompatible ROM resources here in a similar fashion as I did - mainly listing the type of ROM they are for, connecting the resources to the hyperlinks of their homepages for others to see (if possible), and describing how the resources disrupt each other (with an optional fix in case others have made this mistake).

  • FE7 - FEditor and Use the Tactician name on a unit
    In short, applying the Tactician’s name uses a text ID that would no longer be read on FEditor. The ID will serve only to list the Tacticians name when used and will cut off the dump command of FEditor at that ID. Not a troublesome problem, since the rest of the ROM and FEditor work just fine. Follow this page if you have any problems.

  • FE7 - Venno’s Passive Boosts Patch and Xeld’s Weapon and Spell and Animation Fix Patch
    Applying the Passive Boosts patch with the Animation Fix Split in effect seems to cause the latter to act in… peculiar ways. In my experience, all of my units had MAG as their attack stat and were using ranged animations when fighting up close.

    There do exist other split patches that should work with the Passive Boosts Patch. If you want to undo the Animation Fix Patch, open your ROM in a hex editor and paste-write 02 1C 2C 30 11 1C 2D 31 09 78 00 78 01 43 10 1C 2E 30 00 78 01 43 10 1C 2F 30 00 78 01 43 48 42 08 43 C0 0F 70 47 00 00 at offset 0x184DC (hex is from vanilla FE7 ROM).

  • FE7 - Tequila’s Str/Mag Split Hack and Luck Autolevel Fix Hex
    Ironically, applying both of these together prevents the former hack from applying an autolevel routine for Magic (in other words, enemies and NPC’s do not gain magic through autolevel). Everything else works just fine from both sides. I have no idea how to undo either of these hacks. Currently, there’s no fix to allow both hacks to work together with autoleveling Magic and Luck.

Admins and moderators, please let me know if this is an appropriate topic to post here.

Timothy Reginald Farquaad


All of those can be compatible enough if you don’t mind Wizarding a bit (assuming you have access to the source).

Except FEditor.
FEditor is known for being the source of many broken ROMs, most experienced hackers here do not recommend using FEditor for an actual project (anymore). Check this instead.


Yeah this is why we use buildfiles. When you have a problem you can comment things out to narrow down the issue, and every change is self documenting since it’s all in the buildfile.

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It is simple to undo a patch. Patch its anti-patch.
BTW all of my patches are incompatible since they all use the same free space – 0x1000000. You need to relocate the routines wherever you like and fix the jump. This type of incompatibility is not incompatibility at all, unlike RAM conflict or routine logic conflict.

Think about it pls. If a pointer points to the RAM, how can the tool get the data there? It only loaded the ROM, didn’t it?

[quote=“MisakaMikoto, post:4, topic:2425”]
Think about it pls. If a pointer points to the RAM, how can the tool get the data there? It only loaded the ROM, didn’t it?
[/quote]FEditor as a tool should still be able to recognize that the text pointer table hasn’t ended yet. :X

And since the point of FEditor is to be idiotproof it should recognize that location as “ram spot for tactician name” shouldn’t it? :c
but it doesn’t.


I blame Obviam.

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