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Pretty sure it was done by someone on the Dream of Five team (likely either Astra or Lumi)? I’m not seeing it in the list of stuff even over on SF, so I’m assuming you’d have to reach out and ask them.


Thanks for the insight - I’ll do some more digging and find out.

Yeah, I couldn’t find any public record of it, it just seems to be the default animation for a few hacks in that era… Assuming it was shared amongst their friend group and not released publicly at any point.


If I’m recalling the animation correctly I believe it went on to become Yeti’s Soldier in FEXNA, so, yeah, good luck with using that one. If you want a good looking Soldier people are actually able to use, try Alusq’s.



Mm okay - thanks. Talking about these two specifically if anyone has any concrete details. They’re neat. Also like their map sprites too.


Yeah, that eventually become this afaik.
The animation is viewable here.


dang, so did Yeti make the original as well?


Not sure, seems likely.


got it - I’ll do some investigating on my end and see if I can find out anything.


No, those animations are completely unrelated. Yeti made that soldier long before Astra made that DOF soldier


Are you sure? The posing is pretty much identical, and the animation as well iirc.


Yes, I was there when Astra made the DoF animation and watched him painstakingly make all the frames; this was after Yeti had made that soldier animation and it was specifically because Yeti did not grant Astra permission to use his animation

Edit: just to confirm, @Pandan, it was definitely made by AstraLunaSol. I don’t think the animation holds a candle to Yeti’s animation and the improved soldier animation that’s publicly released is better too.


I see, that makes sense then.


Thanks for the info. Curious because I’ve seen it around in hacks from that era, but never anywhere else. Personally, I like the aesthetic of it (The shield in particular), but I get what you’re saying.

Assuming he did the map sprites for soldiers in Do5 too? I liked those as well.


I did those actually :smiley: I think he made some slight modifications


Nice man, they’re sweet!


Today I’m happy to bring you The War cleric from Fe Awakening :slight_smile:Axe Hand_axe

Hope you like it !
Credits : Iscaneus for the original sprites and Pikmin1211 and DerTheVaporeon for the critical (they deserve credit)



I create things that I need for my fun projects! Nobody else worked on them, although Wan was great at helping me make sure that it looks good (but I’d like my name credited if you use them, feel free to do so).

Here’s a winged Thief animation that I made a while ago. Wan really helped me make it a bit better. Her wings fold up at standing and fold out when attacking.

I attribute the inspiration for this one to the Ephraim project DerTheVaporeon and Pikmin1211 worked on where they gave them animations for all of the physical damage types. The palette was also taken from DerTheVaporeon and Pikmin1211’s repack of Ephraim.

drz_mg1 bos_at1
And here’s a makeshift Kitsune/Ninetails type transformation, with a dodge as a Thief. While it really isn’t a ‘kitsune’ or ‘ninetails’ animation, it’s as close as someone like me was going to get with the limited amount of effort I wanted to put into one joke.

Not sure how to format this, but I will leave the links to each of them here.

Flying Thief

Ninetails and Kitsune animation

Staff/Magicphraim Animation


For feedback, I feel like you could add a tail and wolf ears to the Kitsunes (You know Kitsunes are, erm, fox people, not dog people, right?) and that would make them slightly more interesting. Shouldn’t be a ton of effort, either, methinks.


A very fair point, I may just do that.