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not all generals wear capes.

but the ones that do look sweet - nice work!


They all do according to their character portraits at the very least


Just an edit of the existing animation, which itself is an edit of the ranged sword animations, /shrug

Also because I felt it necessary, F!Thief Repalette but same edits


(No separate unarmed animation because sword dodge and idle frames and unarmed dodge and idle frames are identical and unarmed consists only of dodge and idle frames so there’s no point to it)



Hi double post but separate topic

In the repo FE6 Lilina Magic (Hair Fix) is missing its last few frames, trying to use it from the script will not work
the FEditor bin works, reexporting the script from that should be a fix


Thanks, Sme. I’ve added that to the todo list. And ya’ll are crazy. I’ve had a few weeks of relative relaxation and then this monstrosity of a week comes along. Congrats all on your neat works.

I’m learning a new tech stack for my job, so I don’t expect to get all this up today, but I’ll try to get everything up by Wednesday at the latest.


I noticed a slight error in the Dart animation.


I am still quite new to this, but I think I managed to fix it.
Perhaps this is useful to you @Klokinator ?

Fixed Gif


Fixed images



Pierce and cape frames are the biggest contenders for broken stuff. Fix looks good!


Speaking of broken cape frames.
There was an error in the palette of the (caped) general with shield man these name are getting longer and longer
Thanks to @Isaac and @Pikmin1211 for pointing that out!

tldr: I updated the download link above.
please use the .bin file to insert the anims, otherwise the team palettes will look ugly.


coming soon:
SALVAGED caped general with shield and rocket thrusters


Pirate (F)
Credit: oracle_of_fire and Sploder for the animations, Mikey seregon for the map sprites.
Female pirate handaxe animations cause freeze everytime she double an enemy that can’t counter her (like the pierce glitch iirc) because of lacking c01 code.
I fix it by import the c01 code.


I’m oracle_of_fire actually.

And I never noticed the glitch with the Hand Axe animation. Thanks for the fix.


Noob question: can these animations be inserted using buildfiles/EA? I’ve been inserting them with FEBuilder, but have tired of re-doing that every time I want to update the skill system, etc in the base ROM. Most of the instructions I can find require FEditor (like circles’s Animation Assembler), but I would like to use only EA if that’s an option. Thanks much!


Yes, you need to run the .bin (feditor format) through Animation Assembler. If it gives an error, just import in builder, export as .bin and then try again.


Thanks, re-exporting through FEBuilder seems to have fixed the errors I was experiencing.


There seems to be an error in the animation you linked. The sword switches between the Rapier and the Sealed Sword in the melee crit (and other areas), and the magic flashing is misplaced on the ranged crit. You may or may not already have this criticism, and I may have downloaded the wrong version, but I just wanted to point that out.



Using my unsophisticated Microsoft Pain(t) skills, I have cobbled together a shemale bow assassin by surgically pasting the female assassin head onto the male bow assassin body. Let me know if there are any issues since I haven’t performed this manner of debauchery before.


Aren’t we all?


I’m still alive! Thaumaturge now has a sister, so here’s a super-complete package with map sprites and class cards for M and F tommys.

Download Here


Design by Pikmin1211 with special thanks to GabrielKnight
Magic animation by DerTheVaporeon and Maiser6
Palettes by Pikmin1211 and DerTheVaporeon
Map Sprite by Pikmin1211 and DerTheVaporeon
Class Card by DerTheVaporeon

Gif Previews





Finally. I was waiting for this. Thank you Pikmin. (And everyone that helped)


I know the repository for all graphic resources is kept in the link below.

However, I suggest the site manager to do a check every time updates are done. I think some files are actually lost during updates. I sometimes get errors with FEBuilder about missing frames during import and when I check, there really are missing frames. Some files don’t have the .dmp files so you can’t import the bin file.

I’ve mostly experienced these in the vanilla Paladin and Grand Paladin animations. I only managed to import those animations because I have an older version of the repository.