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Hey everyone. Turns out there were a couple errors regarding the Dark Knight anim, so here’s a v2 that should fix them. Happy hunting!


After working with the Rogue staff anim, I realized that the current rogue palette fix still doesn’t quite clean up all the issues with it. So, here’s this - about as complete as a rogue package you can get.

Both male and female Rogues, with staves and a proper repalette.

Pikmin1211: Palette
Maiser6: Animation
Ukelele, SD9K: Staff Animation
Temp, Black Mage and Eliwan: Female Rogue design and animation



this might just be the first female rogue with staves


Hoody to you all, here’s a Skelemonk Animation that I did to blow some steam.



Wow, the betrayer of his species. Wait until he promotes to Skeleship and gets that 3x damage bonus.


It looks great. But its sans.


megalovania plays faintly in the distance


Rattle me bones


Champion (Shieldless Hero):

Gif Preview:
Download Link:

Waleed, Aruka, Yggdra


Uhhh. Not to be that person, but u also need to give credit to the original person who made the animation. But thats a nice edit.

Axe animation when?


I wanted to give credit but I wasn’t sure who made the orignal one. Axe animation will be done shortly.


Oh. Im sure just putting yggdra is fine. Im looking forward to the axe animation though. :smiley: