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We need more Roms!!! is there any suggestion for a rom I can play?

We do not deal in roms. We do, however, deal in rom hacks.
In terms of suggestions, there’s hundreds of hacks around. Anything in the “complete” sections is a safe bet. But if you want a name, you can play through The Last Promise for the more “traditional” hack, for want of a better term. Want something new? Vision Quest is a popular one. Enjoy, and good luck.


I was thinking about downloading the last promise I’ll play it later on today and Vision Quest. Thank you!

I recently ported my hack from FE7 to FE8 so I moved my hack to the FE8 section, I think I did it correctly.

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FE7: Matthew Edition DX

  1. FE7 2. In Progress 3.Reskin

link to thread, thanks Vesly

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@herbmaster please create your own, new project thread. This thread is a directory, so it simply links to all the projects that people add to it. You can add a link to your project thread once you make one.

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Can you send me a link to your project page, or at least tell me what it stands for?

Hey, please add FE7Lex to the Lex Talionis section. Thanks.

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It’s a wiki post. You can edit it in yourself, my man. Click the edit button on the OP.

Wiki post, interesting feature!

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I download a GBA Emulator but when I was trying to download all this Rom hack

Staff of Age

Order of the crimson Arm

Immortal Sword

Legends of Avenir

Sacred War

Elibian Night

Nameless Heroes

The Dragon Herald

The Grand Uprising


The Lonely Mirror

it did not appear in my GBA emulator files!

Someone help me please but if you don’t know, that’s fine.

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Hi alexgalaxy335!

All the links on this page take you to a place where you can download a GBA patch for the rom. A patch is a file you can apply to a GBA rom and a patch can not be run in a gba emulator on its own. You should look for the corresponding GBA roms and apply the patches to those roms with the use of a program such as NUPS. The roms you will be looking for are the Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones rom and the Fire Emblem Blazing Sword roms. There are plenty of tutorials which can help you apply a rom on this website, so if you have trouble you can take a look over there. We are not allowed to distribute roms on this forum, because spreading roms is illegal.

Also, a suggestion: Next time you have a question, you can start a topic in the category: question. This way, we categorize and seperate questions from other topics.

Hope this reply helped and have fun playing! :smiley:


XPGamesNL Thanks let me try it out!!! :smiley:


Could the FE10 Reverse recruitment hack be listed as completed?

The Tellius games don’t get many hacks for the directory to be divided any further, but reverse recruitment would count as a reskin.

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But it’s literally already listed under FE10…? i’m just asking if it can be updated so that it’s listed as completed. I know there aren’t many FE10 hacks, since this is the only one besides Dunal’s abandoned ReDux. And the only other active project is LM73’s Randomizer, which is an amazing piece of work.

Yeah, you can mark it as complete.

If Path of a Hero is classified as reskin, why Cornwell’s Ascension is not classified as reskin?
The latter one , i used FEbuilder to see the data (because it was so tedious that i don’t border finishing ) ,it just change some player charater,some event and the map does not change.
At least the former have more changes.

The categories are sometimes subjective. Authors typically put their hacks in whatever category they feel is most appropriate.

If yours is in the wrong category, move it elsewhere. No big deal. It’s a wiki post.