FE7: Matthew Edition DX [In progress]

Rekka no Ken with the cheery thief Matthew taking on a more focal point in the games story, plus the inclusion of many illicit drug references.

At this moment, I’m prioritizing time for rewriting character dialogue.

In order to provide a new and fresh FE7 experience, I’m looking to tweak the first 5 chapters which take place before Matthews recruitment in Lyn mode. My coding and event creation experience is lacking at this time so forgiveness if you encounter any f.a.questions in the discord. look forward to the completion of my first attempt at custom chapters.

Currently chapters are mostly similar to their vanilla counterparts, but I’ve taken liberties to increase difficulty in Eliwood Hard, added a few enemies and reinforcements to several chapters, and altered Hector Mode’s Ch. 11. Leila is a playable character with support conversations (yet to be written). Many units have had their growths and palettes altered, subject to change as I progress.

detailed changelist currently being compiled.

thanks to verthevaporeon , greentea , and pikmin1211 for the new Leila / Matthew animations. feedback appreciated.

new to forum pages, feedback involving this thread also appreciated/

Dropbox link to current UPS patch

Screenshot (284)
Screenshot (288)
Screenshot (307)
Screenshot (286)


Pics? Would be nice :smile:

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for anyone running through the rom as it is now, let me know how I can polish the gameplay. adding units can make things more difficult, but in result it may have an adverse effect if someone wants to go for an S rank playthrough if they have to take extra turns to deal with units (which i could compensate by altering the map requirements). right now matthew and leila, as well as the lords, they have busted growths, while most other units are left unchanged. do i soup up the enemy units to compensate, do i add a bunch of Swordslayer berserkers? originally this hack was just going to simply soup up Matthew and add leila, but through febuilders many tools i’ve made more and more changes, so i’d like the chapters to feel less like their vanilla counterparts so playing MEdx is actually worth the time.
this comment is pretty unfocused, so i guess my request is that people throw spitballs at me to consider going forward. i’ll continue play testing each chapter, making small alterations as the ideas come. i just don’t want these changes to result in a brain dead easy experience, while avoiding braindead solutions to issues in the game (like how atm you can steal delphi shields the same chapters you recruit fliers). these are my thoughts as of right now, but please lemme know your thoughts. i’ll work on a proper change list tomorrow so people can overview everything i’ve done thus far and make an assessment. thanks~

we got matthew mode, raven mode, and sain mode the new FE7 modes

judging by the screenshot you don’t know how to change the portrait or name in the mode select, there’s a patch for that it took me a while to figure that out for my own hack too.

I considered replacing the portraits, but i found it funnier this way. What I think i’ll do going forward is start making many variations to Matt’s. As of now he still only has the one portrait, unlike the lords that have alternate portraits that convey anguish or fury. Here for the mode select I can just slap Matthews head on each of their bodies rofl.

update: matthew but it's hector


This looks fun, gonna try out what you have. It’s been a year, however. Is it still in the works?