[Testers Wanted!] [05-Nov-2023] Project Octane [FE7 ported to FE8 w/SkillSystems]



Edit 3: This is the Discord link for Project 8ne for the “closed” beta. You will find the latest news and versions there. I will not release a version onto FEU until the planned batch of chapters has been thoroughly play-tested. Please come on by and say hi. I’d love to have you on the team!

Edit 2: I’m also looking for play-testers to test my own project. Ideally, someone who can record a video with voice-over. If you are unable to record, I’m at least looking for very detailed, almost turn-by-turn feedback. Please DM me on FEU if you’re interested in working together.

Edit: Don’t play Hard Mode

v0.65.1: Easy mode is now selectable.

This is my first serious attempt at a long-term project, made entirely in FEBuilderGBA. I’ve been working on creating a rebalance of FE7 for a very long time, but kept giving up because I couldn’t get it right somehow. It wasn’t until I saw JBR Channel’s playtest of Project Anima that I realized I had been tackling this all wrong. Specifically, the edits I was making were far too minor to make any sort of significant improvement to my enjoyment of FE7. At that point, I decided to overhaul the project and instead port FE7 to FE8 to utilize split promotions & SkillSystems. In many ways, this hack can be viewed as a direct response to Project Anima. Even some of the map designs, especially Ch4, Ch7x, & Ch9, were heavily inspired by their Project Anima counterparts. Additionally, there is a playable Avatar who uses Dark magic. However, instead of drastically changing everyone’s bases & growths, I decided to leave all player units’ bases & growths unchanged from vanilla FE7 (except for Con & weapon ranks). Also, instead of adding a bunch of personal weapons, I kept the weapons very simple. This way, there is more focus placed on Skills and other new mechanics while minimizing cognitive overload.

In addition to SkillSystems, this hack contains many of the quality-of-life improvements that are commonplace in modern hacks such as enemy range, infinite trading & rescuing, actions after Talk/Support, HP bars, displayed growth rates, animation speed-up using L, everything is faster on the map, new battle animations, female generics, stronger enemies, more focus on player phase, etc…

The game is designed to be played without any sort of guide or external source. As such, I have three pieces of advice: 1) Play Lyn Normal Mode your first time through and pay attention to the tutorials. 2) Visit all the houses and read their contents thoroughly. 3) Use the R button to examine absolutely everything, even the status screen and especially the new “Dex” stat. Also, the story and dialogue are unchanged. There were only very minor edits to fix typos and stuff like that. I made it so that if you’re skipping events, the tutorials and anything new still plays, so you’re free to hit Start at anytime to skip the story without worrying about accidentally skipping anything important. I have included a skills list and item locations, but they contain gameplay spoilers so view at your own risk.

The DEMO (v0.65.1) can be downloaded from Dropbox here and installed onto an unaltered FE8 [USA] ROM using an UPS patcher such as NUPS or through FEBuilderGBA. It is complete through Ch14: False Friends (to avoid confusion, chapter numbers & titles are the same as they are in Hector Hard Mode) and includes a Fixed Growths mode, a 0% Growths mode, a Fixed Half-Growths mode, and an Easy mode. Please reply with all your comments and complaints onto this thread. Be as nitpicky as you wish. Let me know if I should add anything to this description as well. I’ll be making a call-out for testers in the coming weeks so be on the lookout if you’re interested. Thank you very much for your time.

Other Features
  • Challenging gameplay. The intended difficulty for Project Octane’s Normal Mode is to be about the same as vanilla Hector Hard Mode. I would recommend most players not bother with Project Octane’s Hard Mode, unless they truly want a serious challenge.

  • Wacky bosses with wacky stats. I think bosses that can be easily defeated in a one-on-one fight with any of your units is very boring. My solution was to give them very exaggerated stats for the lulz.

  • Fixed Lyn Mode. Vanilla is considered very bad and boring, so I aimed to improve it in every single aspect.

  • Broken rescue-drop mechanics. I’ve always found rescue-dropping in vanilla to be kind of boring. I would rather attack and kill enemies than move around the map. As such, mounted units can now rescue & drop on the same turn, and dropped units can still act (this is explained in the Chapter 1 tutorial).

  • More varied main objectives and brand new side objectives. I won’t spoil these here. You will have to play the game to experience them.

  • Promotes aggressive play. The combination of the above features means that you must push forward quickly during player phase in order to obtain everything and not get overrun by the enemy.

  • Expanded tomes. I added 1 more tome to each weapon rank for each tome type with more varied effects and also added the Anima trinity. Additionally, the vanilla Trinity of Magic has been buffed significantly.

  • More compelling choices to promote. In addition to rebalancing the split promotions, promotion items are more common and available earlier. Simultaneously, there is increased incentive to wait until Lv 20 to promote through the new “Star Skill” system.

  • Way too many animations. I am absolutely infatuated with this community’s work on creating custom battle animations. Even before I started working on this hack, I would spend hours and hours just watching the animations on the repository. As such, Project Octane aims to showcase as many different animations as possible. Most classes have 3 or more different animations: one for generics, one or more for bosses, and one or more for players. Basically each named unit has a unique or semi-unique animation, even accounting for split promotions.

  • NOT ironman friendly. An ironman is just one way to play Fire Emblem. The intent of Project Octane was never to make it more friendly towards this very specific way to play. The game is still certainly beatable with a few dead units, but this was never the goal for this project.

New Game intro text

Welcome to Project Octane, an overhaul remake of FE7 made in FE8, complete with Split Promotions, SkillSystems, etc… (Octo, Octane…get it?) Before starting, please answer the following questions. …

In vanilla FE7, there was the option of creating an avatar. This non-playable avatar had no bearing on the story and merely added some extra dialogue by interacting with various characters. In Project Octane, the Avatar is a fully playable Dark Magic user that functions as a fourth Lord unit. In other words, the Avatar can Sieze and their death causes a Game Over. The Avatar has no gender, no affinity, no supports, and does not affect the story in any significant way. And, the Avatar is the only new playable unit that was not playable in vanilla FE7. …

Project Octane features a Hard Mode. All red units in Hard Mode, including recruitable units, receive +4 hidden Bonus Levels compared to Normal Mode. Otherwise, they are exactly the same. Hard Mode is not balanced around a first-time playthrough. It requires some mastery of the new mechanics in Project Octane. Normal Mode allows for more freedom & time to visit houses. Hard Mode also assumes knowledge of reinforcements and A.I. patterns, and even foreknowledge of future chapters. There are no reinforcements that move on the same turn as they appear. …

In FE7, the Tutorial, also known as Lyn Mode, was an extremely boring & easy section of the game that was forced onto all players of a fresh cartridge. It consisted of up to 12 chapters. FE7 also had two versions of the main game: Eliwood Mode and Hector Mode. These differed slightly in terms of dialogue, enemy layout, obtainable items, recruitable units, & exclusive chapters. In Project Octane, there is one version of the Main Game, which incorporates all these aspects from both Eliwood Mode and Hector Mode with no route splits. In addition, Lyn Mode is purely optional. In Project Octane, the chapters of Lyn Mode have been changed the most. They are not nearly as easy as they were in FE7. In fact, Lyn Mode may now be even more difficult than the main game. All level exp gained during Lyn Mode is cut in half (including staves, but not dancing or stealing). This is to ensure units are not overpowered by the time they rejoin the party in the Main Game. Lyn Mode functions as a good way to get familiar with the new mechanics that are featured in Project Octane. Pay attention to text boxes & houses, and make liberal use of the R button. …

Screen Shots


Latest Patch

0.65 Patch Notes

  • Nerfed every single boss except for Batta.
  • Made Lyn Mode slightly easier by fiddling with specific enemy stats, layout, and terrain.
  • Decreased Fast exp gain from 150% down to 125%.
  • Gave Florina a Vulnerary.
  • Replaced Wire’s Vulnerary with a Red Gem.
  • Decreased the Gold acquired from the Ch13x village from 4096 to 2048.
  • Mine now has 4 uses.
  • Fiddled with some tome stats.
  • Fixed song tracks 0x33C & 0x38E (see Known Issues for further details)
  • Dead units no longer spawn on the map. For units that are in many cutscenes like Marcus or Oswin, their dialogue plays as normal, it just looks like the characters are talking to no one on the map, which is pretty funny and not really worth changing.
Known Issues

There have been reports of certain song tracks in the game causing fatal crashes. I have identified and fixed tracks 0x33C Ships and Homes & 0x38E Merlinus. However, there may be others. Ships and Homes would crash immediately upon load while Merlinus would crash towards the end of the loop. Please be on the lookout for other broken tracks.

This hack uses specifically the 20201128 version of SkillSystems that comes with FEBuilderGBA (that’s how long I’ve been working on this). As such, some of the Skills do not work exactly as intended. I tried to only include the ones that work properly and work around the ones that don’t. I tested all of them as best I could and wrote in their descriptions everything I found.

One last thing I think I should mention. I am aware of the project titled Fire Emblem - RE7 by HauntRS_0337, which is a somewhat similar idea to my own project. I haven’t played it yet, but it seems to be aiming for a very different experience than my own. Project Octane is not meant to be simply a port (or even as a rebalance, really), but more of an overhaul. And, I’m aiming to go beyond just FE7 with skills. The most important thing for this hack is that I wish to fix the much-hated Lyn mode, and I wish to make the main game much less of a slog. Project Octane is meant to be kind of wacky, and the maps & enemies are designed around this wackiness. Also, I have no intention of including a world map or anything like that.



I downloaded and played this game, but after completing the prologue, I experienced a crash in the first chapter. I found out that it was due to a music issue. When I deleted the first music command and tested it again, I was able to enter the game normally. I’m not sure if I’m the only one experiencing this problem.


Dear author, I really think your game is very interesting and innovative at the same time, but there is a problem, it is really too difficult and difficult for me to understand. In this chapter, how can I defeat this boss in 8 turns? There are too few opportunities to upgrade in the early stage, and there are many enemies. boss’s HP is super high. I think it is unreasonable to design the first 10 chapters so hard.

In addition, the setting of protecting villagers is good, and it is also fun to catch thieves and get JB Guard.
But this game is really too difficult. I hope you can play it yourself and reduce the difficulty as much as possible.


48 hp, 12 magic, and 10 def and res, on a gate, in lyn mode? unbalanced lol

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Can this have a fixed growth?


Hey howdy. As the original dev of Project Anima from a few years back, its honestly heartwarming to see someone take inspiration from and derivate from my work. Though my passion for FE hacking has dwindled in recent years, I’m looking forward to seeing how this project of yours pans out.


I would like it too, i am writing this in my phone. If you have a computer, you can download the fe8 rom, patch it with this hack, and then download and install febuilder. When you have installed the program you must load the rom and add the fixed growths patch by yourself. I do not remember how i have learnt this, it was a long ago, so if i can return to my home today, i can upload a short tutorial to how to do it, and who knows, -maybe the rom-

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This is good, but the numbers are wacky lol. Tact doesn’t have a growth below 50, aside from str, which they can’t use lol.

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How to fixed growths (100% real no fake)
1st Open FE builder.
2nd France.
3rd Open ROM to be patched.
4th Go to Advanced Editors.
5th Go to Patch button, at the left bottom of the screen.
6th In Filter, write “Fixedg” and select FixedGrowthsMode
7th Write button
8th Do not forget to save the ROM!

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I know but with skillpatch it won’t let me do it

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OK, so putting high powered enemy units with skills, kinda inmbalances your roster, who’s still undertuned numbers wise. And alot of the bosses are pretty potent.

Here’s where a README would do wonders: Is their a Lyn Hard mode, so that you can get a bit of extra power on units like Dorcas? WHat’s the skill spread for classes. numbers changes and the like. Are there new characters introduced like Super Hitwoman Leyla? SKills go a long way to customize your units, but their bases are almost as inportant, so i recommned a overhail on most ot fhem and keep Growths the same.

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Any ideas of giving Nils and Ninian weapons? I know it’s silly but I like to kill stuff with dancers or at least let them counter

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I mean the only weapons that would make sense would be Dragonstones, since both are Manaketes, but that’s kinda busted.

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Mine keeps crashing after chapter 1, which is disappointing because I’m really excited for this. In fact I was going to work on one this summer.

Also is it just Lyn’s chapters done so far?

Thanks and looking forward to this!

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Just turn off the game music because it caused a crash at the beginning of the first chapter. Wait until Lyn and her team finish speaking in Chapter 1 before entering the game and turning on the music again.

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Just started and crashed after finishing Lyn first prologue chapter.

I think you could add Mark’s portrait (or even a placeholder portrait) instead of letting it empty. That would be more appropriate instead of blank portrait.

I started on Hard mode and lemme say, 40s hp is kinda too much for the very first chapter.

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Wow, while this is really fun it’s a bit too difficult. Like I don’t mind replaying till I get it, but sometimes it’s just a bit much. Kinda like there’s only one strategy for some of the maps, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for creativity and personal enjoyment. I recommend lowering the stats on the enemy units a bit.

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Updated Patch is out now! Version 0.65 (still called the DEMO) has been released. I have listened to all your feedback and responded accordingly. Bosses are nerfed, crashes are fixed, item locations & skill list are included, and new games modes are added. If you previously tried the game but were put off by the difficulty or the crashes, please give this game another chance. Thank you everyone so much for checking this out and for giving me your time and feedback!


Hey, really think this game shows promise, I’ve been looking for an updated FE7 and I love the changes you’ve implemented here. Couple of notes, difficulty in hard mode is nuts. I do like that it’s real challenges, but’s it’s a little over the top. Ch 4 is just rng gambling not to not get hit by 30% axe, and getting the dracoshield is nigh impossible without save state abuse. Also, I dont see the need to give all generic enemies access to their class skills so early, the hard mode stat bonuses are enough. 3 range archers are just annoying, especially when they can kill squishy units in 1 hit. It might be nice to give access to a couple more vulneraries early on, I found myself running completely out. Specifically chapters 3 and 4 are tough as there is no healing available on map. Maybe just make it so each character has a vulnerary in starting inventory, that would give you like 3 more to work with. And last, what’s with the name changes? Guy to Gui isn’t bad, but Erk to Elk is just wierd. Otherwise, as i said before, really hope you continue working on this, tons of promise.


So u can only play 5 chapter in hard mode and it made me feel like my life being toyed to death i had to use wolfbeal so much it had just 6 durability in hectors first chapter since it had only 16 to begin with. And boy the 3 range archers were annoying. Lyns 1st chapter was only available and it was of Ok difficulty. Elwood oof where do i begin 2dmg maybe 6 on axe weilders if u could level him that is. Second chapter was straight up a movie 4 dmg max by elwood and 6 by hector hp57 good thing i had 4 lucky crits . i can consider myself not the best but also not the worst player and i was struggling like crazy chapter 3 of elwood was a nightmare u getting that mine is straight up impossible unless u have god tier luck and get crts and almost all enemy misses forget about killing the boss on the survive mission he has a hero crest but he wont be going down so u wont be getting it. ( so i stated getting mine is impossible. So some might question how u got to the guiden mission then well lowen did a sacrifice for the greater good)

I know hard mode not ready just giving points for u to consider for balancing hardmode

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