[FE6][Complete] CharSwap FE7


Replaces all FE6 characters with ones from FE7. Inspired by Mekkah’s Lyn in Binding Blade playthrough. Made in a couple days. Super low-effort. Play-tested once. Less interesting than Jam’s version. Let me know of any issues. Thanks.
FE6 CharSwap FE7 (Fixed Growths)


I’m a big fan of character swap patches so I’m definitely giving this a try. Also, I really like all the different versions!

Edit: Priscila replacing Clarine and Marquess Araphen replacing Narcian makes for a really cursed scene in the beginning of Chapter 4 lol


Hey you think you can post my screenshot of this hack instead of just one? Just to see how this hack is like.

Also can you list all of the characters and who they replace?

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When a magic character levels up, the window that displays the character’s stats glitches a bit. It’s just visual and doesn’t really affect anything though.

I suck at describing things, here’s a screenshot:
FE6 CharSwap FE7_1644133963355

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Hahahahaha! It’s Eliwood portrait gonna be permanent sad face?

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Also… I might just be imagining things and going insane but… everytime Eliwood attacks, there’s a split second at the beginning when it seems like the initial shaman attacks sound comes up, that little magic crackling sound.

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I feel like there’s something different about his critical animation. But it looks cool.

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A second Sain with a slightly glitched portrait shows up in Chapter 7.
FE6 CharSwap FE7_1644204344216
There’s a second Kent too
FE6 CharSwap FE7_1644204819411

The unexpected replacements are what makes this version unique.

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