Standard RPG Walking

If you’re from the future and also wanted this sort of feature, see Sme’s hack on it:

Original post:

Hello. I would like more design space for puzzles in my hack, ffx remake.

The ability to walk, like in regular RPGs, would be of great use. I could also use it for the overworld, though simply moving 6 tiles at a time and being refreshed with UNCR works decently enough. I still need the regular unit movement for the battles (and the combat of fire emblem is why I choose this engine).

I would like to make many puzzles in my game, similar to ones found in the Pokemon or Golden Sun series.


I could potentially create a puzzle like the one above, but it is difficult as the main character moves 6 tiles at a time. It becomes very tedious to select “wait” several times in a row if I temporarily lower movement.

I’ve experimented a little with the (DoNotUse) events, and they would be extremely restrictive on the actual puzzles I could make. (Though using “decided to move” over “Wait” would reduce 4 inputs (Directional, A, Up, A) to 2 inputs per movement (Directional, A)).

I feel that RPGs become more fun with varied gameplay (eg. cycle between: story dialogue, pictures, optional dialogue, fairly easy combat, challenging combat (bosses), puzzles, easter eggs / slightly hidden things, etc.)

Puzzles can, however, become very frustrating if done poorly or made too difficult.

Besaid Temple

Besaid Temple example

I’ve made two puzzles so far within the regular constrains of FE8, utilizing tile changes.

Kilika Temple

Kilika Temple example

They’re quite easy to complete, and (hopefully) feel slightly challenging to get the optional extra reward.

Forgive me for making this request, and thank you for reading. I very much appreciate the tools and resources that all of you have shared.

I have no clue whether this is an easy or difficult thing to code, so please let me know if it’s not possible.

(If walking without ‘wait’ commands is not compatible with Range Events, that would be less ideal but still work, as I could use an always event to check specific squares, I think, or place more Map Objects to use as part of each puzzle.)


Walking mechanics are something I’d like to see. It might be a little difficult to do, and I don’t know if the simplistic Pokemon puzzles are enough to get someone’s creative juices flowing, but I know it can help with making an overworld feel more alive than having a single unit with infinite move, which I know some hacks have done.

It is possible to do puzzles in Fire Emblem, although they can be somewhat limited. I don’t mean to self-promote, but my hack, Hiraeth, does do some puzzle stuff here and there, and if anyone else knows any other hacks that do similar puzzles they might be worth mentioning.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on this in case it goes any further.

You can also consider setting your unit to temporarily have only one movement so their movement can be precise. Ideally, the confirmation “A” could be made unnecessary in these scenarios so it can become only one input, with the cursor locked on the main unit.

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Posting here in case other people interested don’t check the Discord. A few hours ago, a patch that adds commands to get and check currently pressed keys in events was added to FEBuilder. Making the RPG walk should work if you use that within a loop in an event.

Initial ASMC made by me with help from Pikmin and Sme, improved and adapted to FEBuilder by 7743.

ASMC that gets the bitfield of currently pressed keys

ldr   r0,=0x2024CC0     @Key press bitfield pointer
ldrh  r1,[r0,#0x4]      @Key press bitfield start
mov   r2,r1
ldr   r0,=0x30004B8     @FE8U MemorySlot0
mov   r1,#0x0C          @FE8U MemorySlotC
lsl   r1,#2
str   r2,[r0,r1]
bx    lr

Thank you very much for making this. I’ve put it to good use so far:

Next I just need to find a way to check which tiles can be walked through or not. 7743 made a patch to instantaneously move if traversable, but can’t use that to move one step or to sB coords unfortunately.

I did manage to crash the game once moving in most directions simultaneously for 30 seconds without an ENUN, haha. I might set it to enun after 15 cycles of the event or something, as the animation doesn’t look as nice constantly stopping.


By using Shuusuke’s patch in conjunction with 7743’s patch Add Event: Is Exist Trap, I can now do this:

(Walking into objects just makes an annoying SFX, no visual effect.)

This is what the trap data looks like. (Traps are limited to around 50 and share data with tile changes or something I’ve heard. This rather tiny map uses 30 traps.)

And the pretty awful event code behind it:

  • Should this method of RPG walking be used? Almost certainly not.
  • Does it work? Yes*
  • Am I going to try using it for puzzles anyway? Yes.