Spell Animation Archive/Let's Have More of Them Project


Where is @Snakey1 and SnakeMomMelissa when you need them?


:snake: I’ve been summoned. :snake:


Dude, if it is not asking much, can you make an indept tutorial? Great animations


Can you make more color of this spell animation?


Take a custom magic animation as base and measure the position.
Sometimes, it may be harder since the melee and range is different.
Replace the frames or if (you want more frames to add) and effects.
Surround the sprites with a darker layer so it will look like it’s glowing.
You mean in red, blue and green snake?


yes, which more color of spell animation, mean you can have more elemental of magic


This animation is based on Misaka Mikoto’s Resire and has the following modifications.

The animation speed has been increased.
Added aura sound effects.(FE8)



FF5 Holy


Because I only ported, There is no need to write my name.