Spell Animation Archive/Let's Have More of Them Project


all of the links for these are down! :frowning:



Since i don’t know how long discord hosts files, also threw them in my dropbox


(Click the image to see a .gif of the spell in action.)

Aqua (based on water weapons’ attack from Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 3)

Donbettyr (based on Lethe Albion from Golden Sun)

Use circles’s custom spell anim creator to assemble these. Don’t ask me how to insert them with FEditor because I don’t know how.

More to come :soon: !


Donbettyr is smooth af


Funtastic fact: I had to make it less smooth than its base animation because Golden Sun’s spell animations do some weird sub-frame stuff.


We finally have a complete set of water-based spells! We can use aqua edge, these two, and fimbulvetr to make a Radiant Dawn style spell group.


fimbulvetr is a wind spell. this is not up for debate


ice or riot


There is that icey bit at the end. I can make a complete wind set, plus I have aircalibur as extra. For my upcoming purposes at least, fimbulvetr has to be water-based.


Fixed all of my broken links and added Alusq’s spells to the first post.

Fuck you, Dropbox…


Just one Question Arch. Why is Ivaldi mentioned in the first topic but never had link?


I wonder where could I find the animation of the Spell of Zephiel? I mean the flash when he uses the Exaccus


All of the links are down :disappointed: I really like the FE4 spells too


i think they’re all in the animation repository tho


They are, yup.


Here’s the anti cavalry Gronnwolf magic animation from Fire Emblem Heroes

icon by Cardcafe
Special thanks to BloopE3 for the idea to make it look better.


brah I think I love you, do you have pallete swaps?


Apologies, I was too overconfident it was done, but i suddenly wanted to improve more in attempt to make it totally clean,
Here’s the upgraded smoothier version as well as Rauðrwolf and Blaurwolf

Oh and to repeat again, Cardcafe’s icons.


Awesome man


The brave spell, Snake Spirit from Fates