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“Wait for caster to heal HP”?

Maybe it’s C08.

08=Attack (becomes critical automatically) with HP stealing

Please refer to Resume_fast.


Probably make the other serpents later, to complete the anti-horse types, here’s Hvitrwolf and Svartrwolf.

Also, fixed version of the rest of the other 3 wolf spells added when using a follow up attack.


take that FEH. We’ve got moar colerz than u


Fire Emblem 4/5 Elthunder or Dire Thunder, the brave tome released


This is the first spell animation outside of Yeti’s FEXNA spells I’ve ever seen that made me say, “Oh, that actually looks pretty good.”


hey the what hack is the animation of is mage?


>sees battle animation
:eyes: what is this


It’s a Mage Lord of a project of mine.


the reaver spell from Fates. It’s a anima spell, may make the dark & light version later on.


Here are some spells I’ve done:

Tempest (From Golden Sun, recolorized)


Hail (Hail Prism from Golden Sun)


Glacies (Glacier from Golden Sun)
No video available


honestly i feel that the tempest animation makes for a better tornado spell then the tornado animation.