Some Fire Emblem Battle Sprites I'm working on

the right doesn’t look like it doesn’t care about its weapons, it looks like he’s calmly awaiting the battle, so if you’re going for a more feral tone, the left is the way to go

The right one has a more powerful pose imo

I appreciate the dynamic nature of the one on the left, but I do have to agree that the right feels stronger, both in pose and since the player gets to see more detail of the body. I don’t know what pose could strike a good balance between the two, though…

I could make the right part of the Critical Animation.

It stab the sword in the ground the roars before picking it up to swing it at the foe.


Looking forward to the release of Chocobo’s motion.

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The one of the right seems great for an introduction animation, the one on the left seems better for a battle animation though

You mean Promotion right?

Thought I already released the base form.

Where can I download it?


I’d like you to submit it to repo when completed.

If you only have gif animations, please publish gifs without backgrounds.

I’ll dig them up, pretty sure I have the full base form scripted on my home pc.

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Hello may i ask if are you still active? Cuz i really like your cloud skipper battle animation

Its that time of the year again where I crawl out of the abyss and make a few sprites before disappearing into the void again.

Enemy - Gladiator (Bandit Promotion) Axes, more just to make it so Bandit Maps can have a “Boss” unit that’s not just a Bandit on a throne.

Player - War Cleric (Monk Promotion) Uses Light Magic and Axes (which are displayed as a Mace). They have a class skill called Bludgeon, which gives all axes a bonus against Armored units (not as big of a buff as the Hammer, but a decent one still, and it stacks with Hammer).


War Cleric Animation WIP:

FE BAT SC War Cleric 2x


Yo man Yer stuff is dope, also I’d like to propose a partnership. Ya got any ones you’ve finished? I can try scripting them if you’d like. Dm me if you’ve got any

I love love love this War Cleric design and that it attacks by clubbing the opponent. Very refreshing to see something different from a weapon type!

Personally, as someone that’s been enchanted with a bunch of the animations in here for a while, I’ve been eyeing that Raptor Knight ever since it was posted and would love if it could eventually be scripted…

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FE BAT SC War Cleric 2x

Have the basics done, still have to make the weapon sprites, but the body is there!

Raptor Knight ever since it was posted and would love if it could eventually be scripted…

Eventually… The “basics” are done but I really need to smooth out some of the frames where the mount is a bit too jank.


Which version looks better?

With or without a headress?

Which Sister

I’m thinking the Headress, which makes more sense for a Church’s personal soldiers.


Without looks better but with makes more sense.

Right? If I had more colors available I’d make it black like a Nun’s headress!

FE BAT SC War Cleric 2x

I’ll probably just make 2 versions, one with and one without.


Sorry for late reply, if you want I’m pretty okay with anim creation as well, maybe we can talk and i can fix up some of the frames if you want? I’m fine either way

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Yeah once I get back home and can access my file storage I can start getting you some frames! I just was a big dummy and left my drive at home before leaving.

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nice man should have some time to do em this weekend!
uh i think this is how people connect through disc?

anyways let me know how ya wanna communicate:
Oh here’s a c.v

I Should mention that some of my newer ones are scripted by my good pal @SableMage, you interested mage?
anyways I did script my earlier ones tho up to wolf laguz I believe