Some Fire Emblem Battle Sprites I'm working on

Personally, I prefer it without the headdress, just for sheer customizability. While the hair is still visible on the version with the headdress, it makes far less of an impact, so the hair having more area helps break the colors of the sprite up some.

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Without the headdress looks better imo. Looks like it will be a smooth animation when fleshed out overall.

FE BAT SC War Cleric Magic-1

Magic/Staves rough animation idea.


War Cleric Melee

^^ War Cleric Melee ^^

War Cleric Magic

^^ War Cleric Magic ^^

War Cleric Melee Crit

^^ War Cleric Melee Crit ^^

War Cleric Magic Crit

^^ War Cleric Magic Crit ^^

I just have to do the Hand Axe sprites now… Hmmm how to make a ranged mace…


A flail (with a bit of inspiration from the General’s chain and how Yeti uses that for Generals having a ranged usage of melee weapons in Tactile)?

In buildfiles It’s possible to use two palette slots for a battle animation. This way you can have access to 32 colours. Vanilla FE8 doesn’t support it, but by making some edits to the code, this can be changed. AAA is an animation assembler that can prepare such 32-colour animations to be inserted in the game.

As an example, the sprite on the left is using more than 16 colours.