Some Fire Emblem Battle Sprites I'm working on

I like to make Battle sprites form time to time. I just started learning how to script them (please bear with me!) and I’d like to share some of them with everyone!

These are the completed ones so far:


Succubus -


King (Sword) -

Current WIP’s

Class Icon

2nd Class Icon





This is just nice, and really high quality, I like the effort to make it a bit easier on the eyes because…yeah, the king classes generic palette is just really hard on the eyes. Looking forward to this stuff being completed and seeing more from you in the future

Thanks! I still have to squeeze down the pallet a smidge before it will be really good (I have, I believe, 1 extra color to remove/combine).

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Nice, I was just considering making a generic ruler so that Fado and Vigarde could use without looking too much like Zephiel. Great job so far!

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Vigarde is the reason I started working on this too lol!

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Looks cool
Though one issue I noticed, in the sword and lance zephiels, it shifts by like a pixel on the frames for returning to the idle pose (watch the feet). The staff one doesn’t have the issue

I’ve managed to squeeze the pallet down to 16 colors! And I fixed that little Foot Mishap!

Here’s the sword in it’s current form.
King Sword


Which Assassin Bow looks better?


Assassin Bow Critical 2

or 2

Assassin Bow Critical


I think I prefer #1, but I do think the twirl on the second one looks p nice as well

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Good gravy I have too many plates in the fire!

I’m also working on a new class (beta name: Stormaiden) that’s a split class for the Pegasus Knight (I always found it weird they’d ditch their mount for a Wyvern since bond between pegasus and rider is important to them).


The concept is a Rider and Steed who have flown through the storm and bonded so strongly that they trust each other completely, hence the jump attack from the rider, knowing her steed will catch her.

I’m still working on the frames where the steed swoops in to save the rider.

The Stormaiden will wield Lances and Anima


That’s an interesting concept, but I feel like the attack would be more powerful if the Rider and Pegasus worked in tandem rather than separately

The like how the regular Pegasus/Falcon knight’s attack where they work together, here it’s just the rider falling onto the enemy without the mount really doing much for the attack itself

I think it might help if maybe the Pegasus helped launch the rider into the air so it’s a cooperative effort rather than the rider seemingly jumping off the mount solo, kinda like how the Nomad Trooper does it for the critical where the rider is launched by both themselves but also by the horse jumping upwards

Solid concept nonetheless, and i’m excited to see the end result :eyes:

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I really like the generic king animation you’ve done. It’s far better than the one in the repository.


Trying to figure a good way to incorporate the Nomad Horse Co-Op into the animation, at the top you won’t see the Pegasus buck off the rider too much. The mid-fall catch is a good “trust” showing though!


Once I smooth out a few key frames I might see if someone can make it usable with the various animation inserters.

I think what you could do would be have the Pegasus do a small but fast leap into the air and then have the Rider jump at the apex of the Pegasus’ jump, so it’d look something like this:

Pegasus lands then bends it’s legs and preps its wings > leaps into the air > rider jumps off at the apex of the leap > Pegasus flys off screen and the attack continues as usual

OOOh! It could be

Pegasus jumps up (towards the left a little, turns) flaps once, carrying them to the and up right a little, then the rider jumps and the Pegasus swoops off to intercept.


Ayyy sounds cool, good luck have fun with makin’ it :ok_hand:


General idea for the leap before the take off.

Have to fix a few frames (Far right turn and actual “leap”) and add in the shadow on the ground.


I can’t make GIFs until tomorrow to show off the polished up animations, but I can give a preview of the last few things on my ‘to do’ list.


Succubus monsters wield Monster Weapons (Claws and Magic) and Axes.

Liches wield Monster Weapons (Magic) and Staves and have the ability to use Summon.



Can I point out how much I hate horses? They look so weird and are impossible to draw!

Succubus Attack

Succubus Axe Attack.

Succubus Crit

Succubus Axe Crit, would play the screechy noise a Gorgon or a Gargoyle uses when they crit during her “shake” frames.

Succubus Magic

Succubus Magic, she ‘blows’ you a kiss.

Succubus Magic Crit

Magic Crit, a shuffle before the kiss.

Instead of Axes, it might be better to make a custom scythe monster weapon for her instead (Iron Scythe, Hell Scythe (Brave effect), Lust Cleaver (Silver Weapon equivalent)). Gorgon and Mogall magic is still normally available though.

Also, how do you make drop down tags here? I wanna condense everything under a single tab so all the animations are not playing when you first load up.