Show me 1 piece of work you're most proud of / is your favorite

What is 1 work of yours in the community you’re most proud of? the one that makes you feel good to see used in hacks, mentioned, discussed or displayed? why is it your favorite? the process? what makes you proud of it? how it turned out?, I wanna know!!.

(i was mainly thinking or art in this case such as portraits, battle animations, map sprites, etc but I think “work” can include other stuff too like code or hacks or other such things)

(P.S, this isn’t meant to be seen as a shilling post, just wanna bring more positivity to the community is all)


For me it’s the Drowned and Symphone anims i made, they’re not at all perfect, stiff, bad blurs and such but these guys are the first custom-ish anims i made, i had a lot of fun making the alien looking head and thinking of the lore behind the design. Plus just drawing the head and tentacles are fun in itself




I am most proud of my AoE hack. v2 hasn’t been implemented as a patch yet, but it’s exciting when I see either version used in hacks. It is my biggest scope asm hack for sure - it took many weeks to create.



Well it’s not usable in a hack per se but I’m actually proud of my first ever decent fullbody


I haven’t released any custom projects (yet!), but I still look back fondly on my Gaiden Design Post.

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My Malig Knight animations was one of my first animations I ever created and was the very first big animation I made for the community. Still pretty proud of it to this day. I gotta give credit to Pikmin1211, 'cuz he made the original still for the sprite. I just gave it motion.


cherie fe sprite hackbox usenti test
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of all things ive posted so far, its probably this cherie, havent seen it be used though


And now its a romhack staple :grin:


Dieck fir 2
Although its just a simple splice, Im pretty proud of this Dieck fir I made.


It was really hard to me to decide what it’s the most thing I’m proud of
I would talk about all the stuff I have made for my project , all the items I made for pokemblem, or other stuff I made for a Pokemon hack
But the one I am more proud of it’s the first thing I made for my project Wizards and Magic , the one that impulsed me to make the hack, and that’s the custom battle interface. I hope you like it
Importing custom sprites 4

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This is the Inner Sanctum from Echoes. I intend to make it bigger but It reached the limit of the map creator.
Of course, it is for hobby purposes and the map is unusable


I make pretty wacky skills of questionable balance but this ones my favorite. So much so that ill put it my hacks screenshots because its so damn fun to play with.
Its called Might of Avarice or Power through greed. It adds up the total gold value of all items in your inventory and grants +2 to all stats for every 1000g.

Code Spill

The technicalities of this skill still make me laughs to this day. For starters its active cost so if a sword’s cost per use is 1000g, you lose a stack(proc of condition) per swing. Also the fun part about it being plus 2 per 1000g is that i don’t have to divide it again at the end. The code uses the SWI 0x6 to divide the total cost per use value of all items by 1000. But that number isn’t how much your items are worth but how much you paid for them. The “total gold value” is how much gold you’d get for selling that stuff by making it +2 i made them functionally the same number.

In my first working draft of the skill I forgot to put the correct values in the register and put the address instead resulting in some monster bonuses

I like this skill a lot because it’s REALLY fun but also it adds another layer to inventory management that’ll be interesting to see people play around. Are you gonna give him all the expensive stuff for raw stats or uses the utility of the item elsewhere. Or both its up to you. The other reason is that I learned so much making it.


I guess this is a more unconventional answer compared to other answers. But I made some FEBuilder tutorials like 2 years ago that I never finished. They are pretty bad and cringe to look back upon for me now, but I still get comments from people stating how helpful it is and how much it made things easier. So that alone makes me glad I contributed something to the FE Hacking community.


I’ve had a lot of fun playing around with GBA graphics and repurposing existing games’ assets to create a game introduction. Those things that people always skip to get to the good stuff.



My work I’m most proud of is my porting of the entire soundtrack of the first 3 Mario and Luigi games to FE8’s native instrument map. I was just adapting existing midis, and was well aware certain tracks had been previously adapted by hackers such as SME, but I still ported every single track, around 100 in total. It wasn’t quantity without quality, either; I took care setting correct loop points in a sea of notes, and making instrument spreadsheets. Said instrument spreadsheets paired intrusments in the original games’ soundfonts with the FE8 ones , i.e. “this instrument 11 sounds a lot like FE8’s instrument number 49.” Oh, and they also all have mp3 preview files and there’s a patch to fill FE8’s soundroom. I like leaving it on shuffle mode to listen to in the background sometimes.

The Mario and Luigi Trilogy Soundtrack Collection



Spretty neat but never tried to finishing it.


UUU alternative fem breserker with original helmet, pretty neat!!

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