The Mario and Luigi Trilogy Soundtrack Collection

Pretty grand title, I know. But this is an enormous project I have just completed: taking the songs of one of my favorite game series (the first three installments, at least) and porting EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM to FE8’s Native Instrument Map. Of course, these are all free to use.
In the zip file, you will find .s files, each with an .mp3 preview, as well as a patch that has a soundroom full of all 123 tracks. The tracks are all directly ripped from the GBA/DS games, with the exception of the two boss themes added by the Bowser’s Inside Story Remake. “Destroy the Dark Power” uses an arrangement by user Eddy67716 from musescore. I “made” “A Fateful Clash” by just slowing “Fawful and Cackletta” down with different instruments.

The files are named in the Repo format, and are titled based on their latest official titles if possible. Otherwise, for Partners in Time, I just chose one of their preexisting aliases. To avoid long file names, “Mario and Luigi:” is not used. After all, there isn’t a need to be specific when no other game is called “Superstar Saga.” The “Inside Bowser” versions of certain songs just have “B” appended to them, to ensure the title fits in the Soundroom.

Some instruments, such as orchestral strike and steel drums are absent and have been substituted, often with instrument 103 (probably my MVP in this entire project with how versatile it’s proven). You can change out the instruments and get it more accurate by importing such missing instruments from FE6 or something. I won’t tell you how, but there are plenty of instrument changing tutorials. It’s easy enough.

I would have posted this as a reply to the Music Repo, but was given a warning about bumping the 2-year-old thread, so decided to make this its own post. As one of the biggest music collections, this kind of does merit its own post anyway.

Now to reward myself for a job well done, I’ll go play Fire Emblem: Descent of Jihad.


That is very exciting news! I have some very fond memories of those games and will definitely give these songs a spin.