Scraiza's Crazy ASM

Figured I should post what little I’ve done on ASM here, so here we go.

FE8 Toggleable Reverse Mode:

If you ever wanted FE12’s reverse gameplay as an option, you can do so now.

If EventID AF (Or whatever you edit it to be) is enabled, then the enemies will strike first on player phase if the enemy can attack, enemy phase being unnaffected. NPCs will also get hit first on their turn.

If EventID AF is not enabled, then the game will do combats normally.

Thanks to Doesnt for giving me permission to use their ASM as base.

Download it HERE


Haven’t posted here in forever and this isn’t really ASM intensive but hey, narrow fonts!


Pretty self explanatory, this EA file adds a narrow font for serif and menu fonts in addition to the regular font. This means you can use both narrow and normal fonts in the same game, even in the same text line if you wanted to.

It even includes text ‘images’ on the serif font if you want to use them to show effectiveness properties in weapon descriptions and the like.

Do note that some characters are impossible to make smaller without making them look terrible (M and W for example), so I skipped them.

Technically speaking, the new characters use unused/unimportant ASCII slots, and by writing the desired BYTE into a text string, you could get the desired character. So for example if you write in a serif text bubble 0x7B, it writes the cavalry icon, and if you try doing the same while using the menu font you will get a { , as the icon is not on that font.

Menu font:

Serif font:

Get the font installer here: