Sappy (Working Version)


Sappy often displays an error that it can’t locate a file called “VbalCboEX6.ocx”. This tutorial explains how to rectify this error.

The problem

See above.

The solution

I give full credit to gogojjtech of the PokeCommunity forums for this solution, and might even link you to his tutorial because it’s amazingly extensive.

(edit: as of 30/4/2017 most of the youtube links and images in the tutorial are broken so it is almost worthless. for archival purposes I am keeping most of this post intact.)

Download Sappy installer
Download Sappy 2006 mod 15

To get Sappy to work, run the installer first. After using the installer, replace the sappy.exe that it gives you with the one from the 2006 mod 15 zip, and then Sappy will work.

If you have no idea what anything in this program means, read this.


Man I remember I had that problem too.
I solved it by downloading a French sappy that I’m still using nowadays.
Cool tut, Sappy is the best music inserter out there and everybody should use it.

Even though I redownloaded everything, from the Sappy installer and the “hacked” sappy, I attempted to put them together, and still experience trouble.

Though, something like this happened while I was installing Sappy.

I wonder if it’s a problem with your permissions? do you have admin level access?

yep. I have admin access

Wait, nevermind. Finally got it to work!

What did you do to fix it?

Forgot to reinstall it

whenever i load a gba file into sappy it crashes, how do i fix it?

I’m necroing this post because I have this ridiculous issue that I have never been able to fix for a long while for the life of me. It’s not important for FE hacking on its own but as I consider other ventures sappy becomes a requirement to try and fix.

Just what the hell is this dependency and what can I do about it? Instructions didn’t yield a fix for me unfortunately, and there is barely any talk of this issue online. Is this simply fixable by a download from Microsoft? I’ve been wracking my brain over this.

Did you run the Sappy install? It should be included as part of the install. In fact, that error message is the reason why I made this post in the first place. Can I ask you to double check that you absolutely did everything in the instructions correctly?

I’m pretty sure I’ve been reading it right ever since, so I’ve done the following:

  • Downloaded and executed the installer, into a new directory
  • Downloaded the mod and replaced the sappy.exe that was from the installer
  • Files are now the installer with modded exe

And the error still persists.

Apologies, I’m not able to offer you assistance past this - you could perhaps hop on the Discord or make a separate help topic and see if anyone else can help.