Sappy on windows 10?

Hey all, so I’ve been trying to install sappy music editor on my windows 10 computer. I’ve downloaded the program from three different locations (Hackromtools,, and our very own feuniverse tutorial) (one as a .zip, one as a .rar, and one as a .7z) and each has given me error messages when trying to unpack the zip format. So I have two questions:

1 - If Sappy is functional w/ windows 10 what is an effective way to install and utilize it.


2 - Is there another program I could use to just as easily listen to the music in a rom as well as insert music from another gba game directly into said rom. (something smaller is preferable)

The FEU tutorial .zip works just fine for me on Windows 10. What error message is it?

Along with

Edit: So after recognizing the second error message from argo’s tutorial I followed his instructions, downloaded the 06 mod and replaced the original exe with the 06 one. Prior to this post I didn’t even realize that most (apparently not all) of the .zip file unzipped successfully before the first error came up. (that is my guess, either that, or the files I do have are because of the .7z version I partially unzipped. (before getting an error))

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