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That’s normal, it’s making sure FEBuikderGBA closed before writing to it for the autoupdate.

So I did everything you said but I still have the problem of an animation freezing.

I see.
Attila was talking about the temporary error message displayed by updater.bat.
I could finally understand it with your writing.

This is an error message with no adverse effect.

Windows can not rewrite running exe file.
Therefore, when updating program, FEBuilderGBA entrusts processing to a batch file named update.bat, and FEBuilderGBA exits.
After taking over the process, update.bat overwrites the data of FEBuilderGBA.

The problem is that at the moment FEBuilderGBA launches update.bat, FEBuilderGBA is still running.
This is, of course, because FEBuilderGBA starts update.bat.
That time is less than 1 second.
It is a moment for human beings, but it is quite a long time for machines.

Therefore, update.bat checks whether the process of FEBuilderGBA has ended before writing to the file for updating.
If FEBuilderGBA is running, wait for a while and check again.
If it can be determined that FEBuilderGBA has finished completely, update the file.

The problem Attila is talking about is probably an error that is displayed at the time of confirmation.

This is not a problem.

However, since it looks bad, I will fix it so that the error message will not appear on the screen later.

I think that animation did not freeze in last ups.
Is this a new problem?

Please send me ups with problem reporting tool.

please help me
about this Skill Extension
There is a problem

For sappy, I think that it is written in the manual.

Since sappy is written in VB6 which is an old programming language, running on modern operating systems has runtime problems.
However, there is an installer to solve this.
Please check this out for details.

As for the skill system, I am not familiar because it is not detailed.
The possibilities are as follows

  1. FEBuilderGBA is not able to correctly capture that skill
  2. Bug in SkillSystems
  3. Misconfiguring or do not meet the prerequisites.
  4. Other

For #1,
It is a bug, so I have to fix it.
However, in order to prove this, please try trying to reproduce it on the SkillSystems official boss rush stage.
More detailed information is needed.

For #2,
For SkillSystems bugs please report in SkillSystems thread.
Also, FEBuilderGBA is currently equipped with 2018/5/15 SkillSystems.
It may be fixed by the latest version.
Converting SkillSystems to patch format is very time-consuming.
Therefore, the update will be delayed for a while.

For #3,
Please question with SkillSystems thread.

You are using skill extension of FE8N.
I do not quite understand what is wrong with your image.
Please explain in more detail.

I think it looks like an animation effect when skilling.
What’s wrong with this?
Please explain more concretely.

Also, please describe the details of the skills that Eirika holds.
What skills does she have?

In order to reproduce, more information is needed.

This skill effects is misplaced

Skill animation has attack skills and defense skills.
Which skill are you trying on?

Last time, I fixed to FE8J so that we can change skill animation.
Perhaps, at that time, the setting might be incorrect.

2018/2/21 Currently released FE8N.
2018/5/30 A modified version that allows to change skill animation.

If the skill extension of 2018/2/21 does not cause problems, my animation extension may be the cause.

The problem of my animation freezing was in regards to me using the “add pierce skill to … class” patch and the wrong classes getting the skill as well as the animation freezing halfway through. In the last ups the problem was there but you’d have to attempt to complete chapter one with the main character. Also, when I use the 2018/5/30 skill extension patch, I end up with every enemy dropping all of my stats to zero and all weapon durability to zero despite not having any skill related to those two effects.

I use this skill

After I test
skill extension of 2018/2/21 does not cause problems

Why do you mix conflicting patches?
It may be that the explanation is certainly not enough.

“add pierce skill to … class” patch
This patch is a patch that changes skill of unmodified FE 8.

You are using to skill extension SkillSystems.

In other words, Skill processing is entrusted to SkillSystems.
so, if you use patches for skill of unmodified FE 8, they will conflict.

SkillSystems rewrites the existing system to provide a skill system extended to the FE 8U.
If you use SkillSystems, you should leave all skill handling to SkillSystems.
If you use a patch to change the skill of existing FE 8, will conflict.

Thank you for testing.

I think that I made something wrong.
I will fix it later.

Fixed by Version:20180609.00
Please use skill_2018_06_09.

There was a mistake in Disasm of FEBuilderGBA.
It was fixed in the latest version.

thumb’s format 8
The following instructions should be interpreted as 5e40 as ldsh r0, [r0, r1].

5E40 ldsh r0, [r0, r1]

However, FEBuilderGBA had interpreted as follows.
This is a mistake.

ldsh r0, [r0, #0x4]

format 8 defines the following instructions.

I misinterpret the interpretation of this order.
be careful.

I have caused a bug where the display position of skill animation of FE8J is misaligned due to this mistake.
It fixes with the latest version.

I uninstalled the skill extension patch because of the errors it was giving me before I attempted to use the add pierce skill patch.

Good job
thank you.

Excuse me, I remember that there used to be a way to change the stat screen appearance in the patch section, but I can’t find it anymore. Was it moved elsewhere or just removed?

It exists under the name “StatusBackground”.

What is the name you are searching for?
I want to add it to the hint word for searching patches.

The problem is that I was using fe7 and it seems like there isn’t a patch for that. Thanks for the help anyways.
(I searched for “stat screen”)