Requesting support and aid for gameplay aspects and balance for my romhack

As I keep working on my hack, I realize some difficulties I have with certain aspects of my project Fire Emblem Steel Over Blood such as unit placements, and balancing units as well as issues I have with eventing world map nodes and certain unique eventing scenarios such as choice specific maps or bizarre recruiting requirements for easter egg units I hide in my game. I would be very much happy to have people on board to help out with these things as my work with my romhack clashes with my university studies lol.

Please message me through dm’s in FEU or on Discord (my profile name there is Beno#8451)

Here is my project in question in case anyone is curious to check it out:

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I appreciate sharing the enemy placement guide, thank you. However, I hoped to have somebody help me with certain aspects of the hack to alleviate the workload I already have (for a short period of time and not for the entire development).

Good luck with finding contributors.