One-Week Hack! (v0.99 released!)

One-Week Hack v0.999

I never release anything.

I give myself deadlines, but miss the deadlines. There’s always something that needs polishing or I’m not far enough, and it puts me in an uninspired mire when I go for such a long time without putting out anything. I said in my intro post that I was giving myself until the end of this month for a demo release of my main project, but due to the sheer intricacy that I’m going for it’s so uninspiring to have worked so much and still be more than halfway’s worth of progress away from a demo.

A few days ago, I saw Blazer’s one-day hack floating around YouTube again and got an idea.

And that’s how I ended up today, in day three of seven for my one-week hack. Having laid most of the ground mechanics and started chapter 1 today, I’m aiming for a solid three chapters by the time the 23rd rolls around… and if I’m not finished by then? I release an unfinished product of shame!!! booOOooOooOOo! #3spoopy5me

I don’t have much interesting stuff done with the rom yet, but because I am obligating myself to post progress each day:

That man’s got too much power with his color-coded weapon! Call the color-coded weapon police!


yahoooO!!! gogogo

Couldn’t even wait 4 days huh?

I wonder what we could do in one week if I got EVERYONE in UNDERTROLL to work at max potential for a week. Maybe like, 3 EN-quality chapters?

Maybe we’ll do that to celebrate the release of FE IDE?

Making myself post evidence of progress encourages me to make more progress so I have flashier-looking evidence of progress. Ye gods, my wording.

Were the mod-wizards to undergo this, I’m pretty sure that nobody’s body would be ready for whatever glorious insanity would ensue. You’d have to snatch it from Arch at the last second to make sure he doesn’t delay the game to add matchmaker features, though

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getting all of undertroll to simultaneously work at full capacity for fifteen minutes is hard enough, what makes you think we can hold it for a week

Promises of an FEIDE release?

Undertroll 15-minute hack confirmed

I read this as Fire Emblem I Don’t Even

am I supposed to read it like that???


Our chapter 10 has been mapped since August. We just put enemies on it this month.

I am bad at this hacking thing guys.

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Daily progress screenshot:

Unorthodox magic types? BURN THE WITCHES!

I added more gameplay-related stuff and did a lot of Nightmare editing today. From here on out, it’s basically just chapter building.


wat firr vs wint wat

Daily progress:

Sword-using protagonists are so dull, so I gave Indigo a class change.

Finished ch1 and made some of the ch2 map; I’ll probably make a substantial amount of ch2 later tonight as well.

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I like that player map sprite palette. No progress bars on the weapon rank screen, I notice…are weapon ranks fixed or something?

Indeed they are. My original intention was to make everyone start with E/D in their weapons and have each weapon give a ridiculous amount of weapon experience, but it ended up seeming really arbitrary that I limit the player’s choice of weapons in earlygame when it’s only a three-chapter game to begin with. Having them fixed means that Indigo can wield killer axes (as well as some new, colorful ones) right off the bat as a wyvern rider, but her axefighter friend remains relevant as he can use brave and silver axes (since the Fighter line gets an A in axes).

The second-last progress screenshot, and I’m wasting it on another R-profile?! Time flies like an arrow.

Toting a suspicious item with that kind of smirk? Definitely up to no good in the neighborhood.


The quality of the graphics in this hack are all really good.

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can you change fulgur to fuglur

I’m not giving myself much time to make portraits given my time limit, so they remain simple splices for now. Maybe I’ll re-visit them later or something.

[quote=“ghast, post:19, topic:713, full:true”]
can you change fulgur to fuglur
[/quote]no almost went with Furgle though