The State of the Blitz

As a counterpoint, VBA is certainly playable (as you say, releasable), but is by no means a grail of quality.

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Nobody said it would be, nobody said it is, that was never the objective.

So is the goal to release something of adequate quality or to release something good? Because VBA, at it’s best, was adequate (and fell short of adequate numerous times as well).
This is, of course, speaking merely of the gameplay itself - half of fire emblem is the writing and characters, which is wholly absent in VBA.

Was it meant to be?

I would hope not, but if the goal is to release something mediocre, then be my guest?

Would you rather release a mediocre product or no product?

None, preferably.

Well, this is the fundamental philosphical difference. I would personally rather see ten 5/10 projects than zero perfects.

I would rather 1 or 2 projects in a 7-8 range

When it comes to resources though, I’d much prefer to have a smaller selection of good to high quality resources available. Imagine having a repository of the entire FE6 and FE7 soundtracks ready for insertion with buildfiles. Or a collection of custom tilesets and map palettes. The animation repository is full of high quality animations to choose from because we demand the high quality there. It’d be lovely to see other aspects of FE hacking receive similar treatment instead of mostly relying on picking out a couple good items from the occasional resource blitzes.

We currently hae zero.
That’s part of the point of this exercise! VBA took, end to end, under 60 days. A single SoA release takes longer than that.

How many projects die after 10-11 maps due to burnout? EN 2020 is looking like less and less of a meme these days. I’m legitimately curious – what projects have both as much gameplay as VBA while also having better quality than it? I can think of exactly one (The Last Promise), and that took ten years to finish.

It’s not like you can’t go back and revise a blitzed project. We just don’t, because there’s no interest in doing so.

idk blitzes are neat but recently there has been like 3 in less than a month and 2 have failed so kinda burnt out ngl

if you compare, the time gap between vba and resonance was a little bit over half a year, which allowed people to breath a bit between the two, and get people back in the gotta go fast mood

anyways I’ll go back to working on gfe1r weeeeee

I feel personally attacked

It’s just

Quality > Quanity


You forgot laziness too

You mean laziness > quality?

if you want to prove me wrong, I’d be pretty pleased :slight_smile:


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Let’s also not forget the originalest blitzes:


And don’t forget Arch’s decade long blitz for EN. :stuck_out_tongue: