[FE8] Skill System v1.0 - 254 skills done, more on the way

This skill system is 100% free to use and modify, credit or no. It’s still not done but you can start messing with it or whatever.


If you just want vanilla FE8 with skills

(special thanks to @AelphysTerra for this one)

6 skills are supported, 1 personal, 1 class, and up to 4 learned.
The class skill is only for while you are in that class, so a Thief promoting to Assassin will lose Steal.
Learned skills are gained through level up while in a certain class, e.g.

BYTE 10 SaviorID //learn savior at lv10
BYTE 20 CantoPlusID //learn canto+ at lv20
BYTE 00 00 //end list

Only units up to character 0x46 can save their learned skills, anyone else (generics) is automatically given any level up skills they should have learned in their current class as well as the personal and class skills.

Shoutout to monkeybard and Black Mage for making most of the skill icons


Define ‘learned’ and class/character skills plz. I was under the impression class skills were learned on a level basis automatically, but might that also mean learning via skill books a’la fe5?

MC like

Downloads despite prolly never gonna actually use it except for a throwaway randomized run


Class skills are tied to your class number, basically.

Example: Cavaliers have Canto as their class skill. Whatever level you are, or if you ram hack your unit into a cavalier, they have Canto. Meanwhile they have learned skills Savior at lv10 and Canto+ at lv20 (for the purposes of this example). So if you hit lv10 while a Cavalier, you learn Savior. If you reclass/promote/ram hack to Thief after that, you lose Canto, gain Cunning (steal, pick, vision, traps) but keep Savior because it’s a learned skill.

You can also teach skills via item/events, but I haven’t done that yet. Another issue is what happens when you have 4 learned skills - do i overwrite one? and then if so you need a way to select the skill to overwrite etc. For level up it just doesn’t learn the skill for now if you already have 4


So if you change class, you not only keep Savior, but also Canto+ because it too is a learned skill, correct?

In any case, this is very useful stuff. How are other hackers going to be able to hook their skills they’ve made into your system?

In the skill check, call SkillTester with the character data and the skill number to check, it will return true or false. Nice and easy.
That and update the csvs but yeah


The revolution will be televised!

Good shit as always, circles.


I’ll probably never get a chance to use it but this is so fucking cool anyway


is the skill in the pic functional or do I have to code their behavior myself? how many are there?

You can have up to 255 skills, but you need to either make your own or wait for someone else to do it. Right now only a few are done.

Faire skills and Breaker skills now working thanks to @Rossendale


Current status:

#define AcrobatID 1 //DONE
#define PassID 2 //DONE
#define CantoPlusID 3 //DONE
#define WaryFighterID 4 //DONE
#define SureShotID 5 //DONE
#define ProvokeID 6 //DONE
#define SaviorID 7 //DONE
#define MercyID 8  //
#define FrenzyID 9 //DONE
#define AdeptID 10 //
#define CantoID 11 //display only
#define CunningID 12 //display only
#define LethalityID 13 //display only
#define LunaID 14 //DONE
#define SolID 15
#define AetherID 16
#define AstraID 17 //
#define DisciplineID 18 //DONE
#define SwordbreakerID 19 //DONE
#define LancebreakerID 20 //DONE
#define AxebreakerID 21 //DONE
#define BowbreakerID 22 //DONE
#define TomebreakerID 23 //DONE
#define AegisID 24 //DONE
#define PaviseID 25 //DONE
#define DuelistsBlowID 26
#define DeathBlowID 27
#define DartingBlowID 28
#define WardingBlowID 29
#define CertainBlowID 30
#define ArmoredBlowID 31
#define VantageID 32 //
#define DesperationID 33
#define WrathID 34
#define CounterID 35
#define CounterMagicID 36
#define MiracleID 37
#define SwordfaireID 38 //DONE
#define LancefaireID 39 //DONE
#define AxefaireID 40 //DONE
#define BowfaireID 41 //DONE
#define TomefaireID 42 //DONE
#define CritUpID 43 //display only
#define SlayerID 44 //display only
#define SummonID 45 //display only
#define DanceID 46 //display only
#define LifetakerID 47
#define GaleforceID 48
#define RenewalID 49 //DONE
#define NiceThighsID 50 //DONE


I misread “EXCITEMENT” as “EXCREMENT” but it still fits tbh. Time for me to switch to FE8.


What is “nice thighs”?

Nothing really. He’s just pointing out a nice pair of thighs.


Update: the “___ Blow” skills are done thanks to @Rossendale

Battle procs are now more or less modular: Adept, Luna, Aegis, Pavise, Sure Shot are all done. Astra is almost done, it just goes crazy when you get more than 2 astra activations. EDIT: This is now done too.

As you can see from the gif, different skills can have different animations, using the Skill Animation Creator: [FE8] Skill Animation Creator v1.0


Do the skills work like their canon counterparts?

Skill Descriptions

Astra: 5 attacks at half damage.[N]
(Skill % activation)[X]

Luna: Negates enemy defenses.[N]
(Skill % activation)[X]

Sol: Restore damage dealt as HP.[N]
(Skill % activation)[X]

Aether: Negate enemy defenses[N]
and restore damage dealt as HP.[N]
(Skill/2 % activation)[X]

Death Blow: +20 Crit[N]
when initiating battle.[X]

Darting Blow: +5 Attack Speed[N]
when initiating battle.[X]

Warding Blow: +10 Res[N]
when initiating battle.[X]

Certain Blow: +40 Hit[N]
when initiating battle.[X]

Duelist’s Blow: +30 Avo[N]
when initiating battle.[X]

Armored Blow: +10 Def[N]
when initiating battle.[X]

Vantage: If HP < 50%,[N]
strike first when attacked.[X]

Lifetaker: Restore up to 50% HP after[N]
attacking and defeating an enemy.[X]

Savior: Can rescue[N]
without penalties.[X]

Adept: Gain a consecutive attack.[N]
(Speed % activation)[X]

Acrobat: All traversable[N]
terrain costs 1 movement.[X]

Pass: Can move through[N]
enemy units.[X]

Canto+: Infantry gain Canto,[N]
mounts can move after attack.[X]

Wary Fighter: Unit cannot[N]
double or be doubled.[X]

Provoke: Enemies are more[N]
likely to target this unit.[X]

Mercy: Enemies are left[N]
with at least 1 HP.[X]

Frenzy: For every 4 damage[N]
taken, +1 to damage dealt.[X]

Discipline: Weapon experience[N]
gains are doubled.[X]

Swordbreaker: +50 Hit/Avo when[N]
enemy has a sword equipped.[X]

Lancebreaker: +50 Hit/Avo when[N]
enemy has a lance equipped.[X]

Axebreaker: +50 Hit/Avo when[N]
enemy has an axe equipped.[X]

Bowbreaker: +50 Hit/Avo when[N]
enemy has a bow equipped.[X]

Tomebreaker: +50 Hit/Avo when[N]
enemy has a tome equipped.[X]

Aegis: Nullify a magic attack.[N]
(Skill % activation)[X]

Pavise: Nullify a physical attack.[N]
(Skill % activation)[X]

Desperation: If HP < 50%,[N]
double attacks occur immediately.[X]

Wrath: If HP < 50%,[N]
+20 critical rate.[X]

Counter: Damage taken is reflected[N]
against an adjacent attacker.[X]

Countermagic: Magic damage taken[N]
is reflected against the attacker.[X]

Miracle: Survive a lethal[N]
attack if HP > 50%.[X]

Swordfaire: +4 damage[N]
when equipping a sword.[X]

Lancefaire: +4 damage[N]
when equipping a lance.[X]

Axefaire: +4 damage[N]
when equipping an axe.[X]

Bowfaire: +4 damage[N]
when equipping a bow.[X]

Tomefaire: +4 damage[N]
when equipping a tome.[X]

Galeforce: Move again after[N]
attacking and defeating an enemy.[X]

Renewal: Restore 30% of max HP[N]
at the start of each turn.[X]

Nice Thighs: No effect, really.[N]
Just thought I’d point them out.[X]


Update: Sol and Aether are done.

Counter is almost done, but map anims don’t work and it messes up on Lethality.