Mugging Blitz Round 11 -2021's First-

Time: January 27th to February 5th
Goal: Make as many free-to-use mugs as possible

Guys, where’s the new mugging blitz? I can’t wait to submit my mugs!
No need to fret anymore, folks! You all know the drill, our goal is to make as many mugs as possible in the space of a week. At the end of it, all of the submissions will be released as a package free for anyone to use or edit in their projects.


  • All skill levels welcome! Even if you’ve never made a mug, this is a prime opportunity to get started!
  • Anything is allowed; Splices, full custom sprites, memes, halfbodies, and all others.
  • Images should be GBA insertable format (including eye / mouth frames and minimug)
  • No TLP style minimugs. Please.
  • Submit by posting in this thread.
  • Joke or meme mugs are still perfectly okay to submit! In the package, mugs like these (as well as any mugs not in the GBA insertable format, or aren’t properly insertable) will be placed in a separate folder from the regular mugs, just like in Mugging Blitz Round 4.
  • Halfbodies will also be placed in a different folder.
  • Edits or revisions of your past submitted mugs in the same thread will be replacing the old version you’ve submitted.
  • Submitting someone else’s sprite as your own and not crediting them, or submitting someone else’s sprite that is NOT free to use is art theft and will not be tolerated.
  • Make sure to name the file by this format before uploading: [Creator] - [MugName].png
    Example : Levin64 - Funny Man 420.png
    (bmp file is allowed but who uses it nowadays though…)

Useful Resources


Now you have to make him.

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What if i say no


Woo, blitz time!

Here’s Bruce, the strong but silent Mercenary with a focus on strength rather than speed. Could also work as a Fighter or Nomad
Citrus - Bruce

Mauve, the lord of my hack. This portrait is temporary and if I ever finish the project I’ll have a better one, so instead of just throwing the mug away, why not make it F2U?
Citrus,MournfulRelic - Mauve

I’ll probably have more submissions by the end of it.

(Also, credit to knabepicer for helping with colors on the first mug, and MournfulRelic for the mini on the second.)


her name is Armorgirl I guess
more to come hopefully


Snasmn undertaled???
RandomWizard - Swordmaster Sans

and have some actual good mugs too

RandomWizard - GargoyleRandomWizard - Bard LadyRandomWizard - Aldrick
RandomWizard - EscalusRandomWizard - EdgelordRandomWizard - Generic Brigand Shirt
RandomWizard - Generic Brigand ShirtlessRandomWizard - Generic FighterRandomWizard - Generic Priest
RandomWizard - Eyepatch MageRandomWizard -Flyer GirlRandomWizard - Mage Guy
RandomWizard - Wyvern BossRandomWizard - KharovRandomWizard - Thief
Enjoy a playable gargoyle, a female Bard, generic Brigands with and without shirt, and assorted other portraits!
RandomWizard - Generic Thief
For this guy, give credit to Lenh as well.
Tree CompleteTreant Complete
Oh, and throw in my epic tree splice from FEU Splice Comp VOTING: Round 9 ~Nature Lover~ (vote for me blease).

Download the entire folder as a .zip here!


My one weakness!

maybe this will get me out of my creative rut


what do you mean with TLP style?

TLP style is taking a 16x16 section of the face and saying ‘gud enuf’ for the minimug.

They’re cursed.


There are much better ways of making minimugs, the easiest being just shrinking the portrait by 50% and cropping that to 32x32. TLP minimugs can often be seen as quite lazy as an option to take.

can U give me an example, just for me to make an idea

Now I see what did you mean, thanks

On the left is a normal mug, on the right is with a TLP mini.
Artur arturtlpmini

Imo they aren’t horrible if every mug in your hack uses TLP minis, but given how many vanilla + F2U assets use the normal style, it’s easier to just make normal minis for your original mugs.

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image-1.png - 2021-01-27T142726.662


Wisdom. I’m putting that on the first post.

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And one last mug, here’s Somana, the high magic, Bolt Axe swinging Pirate.
Citrus - Somana


This will be different from my usual stuff.
Last month I made 3 completely custom portraits
(bare in mind that those are my first custom portraits
and their style is me trying to imitate the GBAFE style).
So without any further ado here you go:
Aaron Malina Hanna Time skip
( I’ll post my usual splices later.)


I’ll submit a couple of splicess from my project here. All of my projects are F2U/F2E, so why don’t I just add some of em. I may attempt making new splices as well. We’ll see :slight_smile:
New Anna Callem Sephron neww New Naya New Evelynn

From left to right: Anna, Callem, Sephron, Naya, Evelyn.


Do they need to have different animations on the eyes/mouth frames?

Only if you want them to blink/ talk. However. If you don’t want to add them you can just paste the same frame.