FIRE EMBLEM - Code of the Black Knights: Decisive Edition (30 chapters)



I still haven’t recruited Jaeger yet in Route A someone help

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If the portrait was in a Mugging Blitz, then it should’ve been F2U and F2E with credits, as per the rules of a Mugging Blitz. I don’t know if that was the actual circumstances, but Mugging Blitz rules are clear about what can be done with the submissions.

Also using y’all unironically is cringe.

I encourage you to take it up with the entire American South, then.


Well, that’s an interesting statement, considering it’s wrong.

MB1, the original: No specifications that all mugs must be F2E and F2U. Mugging Blitz Round 1

MB8, same story. Mugging Blitz Round 8

MB11, the most recent one, same story. Mugging Blitz Round 11 -2021's First-

So, no, that’s not clear at all. They’re definitely assumed F2U, but nowhere is it stated they’re F2E.

In any case, you seem to have otherwise agreed with what I said.

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You see, that’s the point: Mycahel initially assumed that it was free to use and edit, but he forgot about the fact that edited splices must be credited until Imperial reminded Mycahel of it.

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You got me there. I overlooked that. Do note that the same wording is used on MB8 too, but not MB11. I triple checked MB11 and didn’t see it (it was actually the first one I looked at of the three)

Anyway, you otherwise agree with everything I said about F2E not being the same as F2U.

Edit: and then I was wrong again

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I assume the problem with Imperial’s mug has already been solved and this conversation unrelated to the hack needs to be moved elsewhere. Thank you.


Just as a precautionary measure, I redid Young Schwarze’s mug.
I also made the credits section much more specific, especially in the music repo part.


A new version has been released.

  • Jin’s bases have recieved a massive buff (+3 to HP, +2 to all stats except SPD, DEF and LUCK, which have been boosted by 1 instead. Con and Mov are unaffected.)
  • Maria has recieved a buff (+5 hp growth, +1 base strength).
  • A new trophy weapon, an anima tome called Meltdown, has been added. It is obtainable by S-ranking CH12.
  • Young Schwarze’s portrait was updated following a dispute.
  • Effective damage has been scaled back to x2.

I actually like that new portrait better, it’s much more clear that he’s resting a sword on his shoulder, before it took me a moment to realize what it was 'cause the colors were so similar.

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  • Effective damage has been scaled back to x2.

Oh, shit.

Jin Musings

I actually think that having Jin’s special rune passive (gently) scale throughout the game might be a more interesting way to make him a relevant parallel to Rose, perhaps in the same levels where Rose gets her glow-ups.

In his current state, he’s very strong when you first get him (now doubly so) because +2 to everything is a proportionately gigantic buff compared to his stats. As he levels up, though, that +2 becomes less and less relevant until it’s barely noticeable, which causes him to be overshadowed by the many non-suicidal mages the game offers.

As it stands, he forms a mirrored pair with Rose: a strong unit who scales poorly versus a medium unit with high payoff. And that’s fine, honestly; it makes sense in terms of both design and storytelling.

But, at the same time, I think he has the potential to fill a really interesting niche of a character who can exceed the stat limit (at great cost). He just doesn’t quiiiiite exceed it enough to compensate his drawback at higher levels.


Yeah,and it does not help that there are already a considerable amount of magic users to chose from,i fell like the bonus that he receives should be percentage based to his current stats,like 10 or 15 percent,but even then the fact that he loses health when he’s not the most durable makes him live or die by what siege tomes and long range staves you got because i don’t actually see him in the frontlines like his alternative and objectiably better Rose or the other mage you can get early sally that for me at least was pretty much a blessing in so many occasions that i knew Jin would underperform,if he was a class that had lots of hp and gained even more benefits for not staying at full health i MIGHT consider it, but as stands,Jin is better as wyvern food to jaeger

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Jin 3: Electric Boogaloo

Rose has some pretty damn good long term potential, too. Her 3rd tier class is wild, and the utility of an unbreakable magic sword is pretty clean since it comes at no real cost. Maybe Jin could have a prf tome? I was thinking like an anima Nosferatu that he made to counteract his affliction.

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Jin 4: The Suckning

It problably would need to be a 2-4 range tome,with moderate power and accuracy,i can kinda see him as a mage sniper,being specially good in using siege tomes but the drawback is that if any enemy comes close to him he will probably die by the lack of health and pyshical defense that mages usually have in combination with the fact that everytime he attacks he loses health that most of the time you cant afford to heal when there’s other units that might also require healing

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I have a question about a map:

Spoilers for late game

In Chapter 29A, do the units you leave behind (turn into green units) never return to your army or do they come back in endgame?

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They do not, but I don’t know what happens if they die (pretty easy since they’re green units). I did actually have a complaint about them. Green unit AI isn’t super fun to deal with. Elizabeth kept spamming Fortify even though I didn’t need it when she became green, which was something I wanted to save for Endgame. I also don’t like them dying out of my control, as can happen to a few of them. Especially the ones who have to step on some of switches (the ones with Lillia and Vert’s 3rd commander). There’s nothing that stops them from just running up and helping, even if I don’t want them to.

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So like for example Grey becomes green, he comes back in endgame?

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They do come back for the endgame!

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Yes, although if he gets killed after becoming green it might be permanent. Didn’t happen to me, but at least most of them are relatively separated.

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