[LT] Server 72 Demo

Hey all. As you know, April 1st is the absolute best day for serious announcements. As a result, I have decided to release a very short demo for the project I’ve been working on: Server 72, a sequel to Isekai Emblem.

Summary (Massive spoilers for Isekai Emblem)

Set in 2068 some years after magic is released to the modern world, Server 72 details the quest of some gamers as they attempt to clear the Tower of Dreams, a tower climb-themed expansion to the magic-VR MMORPG Real You Online, a joint venture between games titan Blizzsoft and defense company Rathalos. Ascend through the Tower as you attempt to beat the infamous Floor 50 which has stymied all challengers since its release.

Special Features:

  • No stat growths. Instead, you buy stats as your characters level, allowing for full customization of the one thing IS is too cowardly to allow you to customize.
  • No permadeath. It’s an MMO lol c’mon
  • Mana and chapter-based durability. Spend your resources as hard as you can each fight, because you’ll get them back!
  • Skill emblem.

Below is a small demo (the first 5 floors) as well as a README containing credits for the various assets used. Be aware that there might be minor spoilers in that for character/class/item/skill names.

Demo Download Link

Barring disastrous life events, the game will release fully by end of year, one way or another.


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I agree with this, on a spiritual level. Not sure what it means, but I agree nonetheless