Looking for new experiences

This is my first time in the world of FE ROM Hacks, I would like some recommendations to start and also could you tell me if you also have some with romance?

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Play this(No bias):

Vision Quest is a very popular rom hack that is very praised for its gameplay and story: [FE8] [Complete] Fire Emblem: Vision Quest (v3 by Pushwall - 1-Oct-22)

Fire Emblem Sacred Echoes is a demake of Shadows of Valentia: [FE8] Sacred Echoes [v1.0] [COMPLETE]

Fire Emblem Storge focus on you building your army by contracting your own mercenaries and managing your budget, it’s interesting because of its unique classes and characters: Fire Emblem: Storge [COMPLETE]

I would like to say that I still haven’t played these hacks completely, but I did enjoy what I played.

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I’m not sure what kind of “romance” you’re looking for, but if you’re open to trying out SRPG Studio games, Sanctaea Chronicles is fully playable from beginning to end and features Path of Radiance-style Supports that go all the way up to S Rank.

Not heavily focused but Order of the Crimson Arm is good. You only get romance in the end for Algimas

Dark Lord and the Maiden of Light has the avatar being able to romance women while the female gets all but one as love interest.

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