I need all the available Romhacking tutorials

Hi, It’s me Areynor, I’m quite new to this community, so you probably don’t know me… Anyways! I want to improve my Rom Hacking skills, right now, I only know the basics of FEBuilder, FEEditor and Nightmare. My main objective is to learn how to add new things to the game, such as the combat arts used in Sacred Echoes(It’s just an example). So please, can you give me the links to any Rom Hacking tutorial for for a Mid-High level of skill. If you want, you can also make a new one.

Thanks for your time,

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A) Buildfiles
If you use a buildfile, then both combat arts and gaiden magic are available as part of the skillsystems buildfile.

I would say this requires mid - high level of basic hacking skill.

B) Febuilder
If you want to use something from the skillsystems buildfile in a febuilder project, please run a custom build and port over the required files for that specific feature.

This is an example of me porting over combat arts to febuilder via a custom build.

You can also see all the commits I made while doing it. It’s a bit of a mess, but shows exactly what I did. https://github.com/Veslyquix/Custom-Build-SkillSystem_20200807/compare/Cmb-arts

You can download the custom build here:


By default, that custom build should be the same as if you’d used the febuilder patch to install that version of skillsystems.


Can you make(or give me the link to) a tutorial about those things, just to have a base

For buildfiles there’s Snek’s tutorial and Ultimate Tutorial 2. Ultimate tutorial is a bit outdated and isn’t complete, and Snek’s tutorial isn’t completed but is pretty up to date. If you want to learn more about buildfiles its also helpful to join the FEU discord and ask questions there. As for FEBuilder I don’t really know much about the program but there is MarkyJoe’s tutorial ,
Vesly’s guides, and Memetzar’s FEBuilder tutorial. I’m pretty sure there’s a pinned tutorial wiki on the forums here so I’d suggest looking at that also. For FEBuilder you can also join the discord and ask questions there. Hope this helps.


Thanks, It’s quite near to what I need

1). Here is the link to the “Ultimate Tutorial 2”

This will teach you the Buildfiles hacking method, which allows you to add and remove things from your project without fear of breaking the ROM file.

This tutorial really is the gateway from low-level to mid-level hacking.

2). Here is the link to the intro ASM tutorial

ASM (Assembly Code) is a low level programming language that converts into hex very easily (Pokemon Red and Blue were written in ASM). By learning how to write your own ASM code, as well as how to find routines within Fire emblem, you unlock the ability to change just about anything in the game (granted you do everything perfectly).

This will give you the first step to not only to use someone else’s code (combat artes in sacred echoes), but to actually create your own custom mechanics.

3). Head over to the Tutorials topic on Feuniverse

Under the “Tutorials” topic you will find ~85 tutorials written by FEuniverse users over the years on a wide variety of topics. There are tutorials on music creation and insertion, making custom sprites, importing tilesets from other videogames, Eventing, splicing, ASM, and so on.

Many of the tutorials are either outdated or unfinshed, but the ones which are complete can give you the tools you need to hack every aspect of the game.

In short, there are too many tutorials to list them all, but learning the ways of Febuilder, Buildfiles, and Assembly will send you well on your way to high level hacking.

(Also don’t use Feeditor, it will break your ROM)
(for real, you really shouldn’t use it at all)


I realised a while ago that FEEditor breaks the ROM, but I started with the FEWod tutorials, and they were from 2014… (Fewod is an Spanish FE comunity).


Time for some shameless self promoting XD

There are some really long in depth FEBuilder tutorials on my youtube channel (same name as my username on FEU). You might find some more help there with very specific things.

Good luck with learning!

Link to my FEBuilder tutorial playlist:

Any feedback about my videos is appreciated!

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Please link it, then.

Do you have a thread on feu about the guides too?

I think he has, I’l search it when I’m able to

I actually don’t have a thread for my tutorials (yet). Shall I make one then? Or shall I add it to the tutorials repo?

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Maybe both, anyways, I’m going to search you on youtube

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