Fe Time Scarred: The Unwanted Saga

HOLY 165 REPLIES IN 5 DAYS! That’s got to be a record for something.


Im using the Dark Knight mage knight from the repo
A palette would be great

Looks amazing

This Thread is blessed.


Yup that’s how its suppose to be, His horse is basically a flacon knight. A thought a magically horse would be pretty funny

I agree I make me extremely happy to see so much interaction on this project. I have other projects as well but none have gone like this. And I know most of the success for this project is because of all of you guys and gals.

Although if anyone is interested please look at

Its my pride and joy. It also the universe that is game set in.

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Its been a wild ride so far

I edited my old post just in case you still need a cavalier/paladin.

Battle Animation Palette B3.gba_72

If this doesn’t work, let me know; I believe it’s formatted correctly.

Alright, I also added some portraits and skills you can use.

I’m overconfident.

Why do you say that?

lack of credentials

Not sure if this is intentional or not but he says work instead of what is normally word.

Haha, thanks ill make sure to fix that

Chapter 3 update!
Ch.3 Will take us to Seeding Marshes (more info on that soon can spoil everything)

New Units joining will be as followed.
@Areynor - Wyvern Rider
@Wingnut_Jr - A sage that can use javelins as well at range
@CamusZekeSirius - Assassin who works more like a rouge. Do you have a mug?

more updates soon


Hmm what do we have here?

Lots of changes coming to the eye skill wise
Improved Ghost’s crit fishing. Trust me the improvement will make sense once he is level 10 and we get to around chapter 5
Slight buff to maxwell
Slight buff to Leon crit wise but next damage wise
Slight buff to axe weapons
Slight buff to killer lance
Slight buff to thegis

Rewriting and more fleshed out story

And more all coming with chapter 3

I didn’t really think about the whole mug thing. eh just about anything hooded or masked would work since hair/eye color isn’t important, otherwise just a dirty blonde with hazel eyes and a strong-ish face would work.

skills are another thing I didn’t even think about but a few ideas would be axefaire, armored blow, and something that messes with his hit or crit depending on the turn that isn’t a rythm skill.

Alright, I’m running through the first map, and here’s my buckets of salt.

  1. Maxwell is level 2. These Brigands are level 7. The problem starts to become apparent here.
  2. I understand that Leon is supposed to be the edgy glass cannon, but him being incapacitated by a feather makes it a bit hard to complete the chapter, especially since its encouraged to use him as he has the lord condition.
  3. This map is pure RNG. It’s either land a crit every battle, or get flooded by Brigands and get Leon killed. Either I’m doing something wrong that I don’t know about, or lady luck is seriously giving me hell today.
  4. Reinforcements moving when they spawn is just straight up cruel, especially on the first chapter. I can see it working if we weren’t flooded with Brigands, but you know.
  5. The writing is super edgy lol.
  6. I just found out the summoned monsters can summon monsters. Is this intentional?

Otherwise, good work so far!

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Also, for Robert, I suggest importing a class such as the Seraph Knight (from Elibian Nights and other stuff). It fits the pegasus healer role that seems to be desired here. This will mean importing animations (which I’ll admit, I am a complete noob at still), but should be doable with the free rom space.