Fe Time Scarred: The Unwanted Saga

What started off as random character ideas submitted to this thread, has now become an officail part of the “Fe Time Scarred” Universe

A special threat for all who are interested here is a very small not final prologue to
Fire Emblem Time Scarred

Update sorry Ive been gone for about a week or 2 just dealing with life as we do.
The latest patch is just that. Map 4 is included now still far from being finshed.
Its playable, not winnable tho, honestly only uploading because I wanted to give you all an update.
I appreciate the love everyone here has shown and I don’t want to see this thread die out like others before it. I have alot of other projects that take place in the same universe as this one does. And I hope to be able to flesh those out and complete them as well.

On to the patch!

With the latest patch. Much is still to be addressed.

Grammar and writing needs to be touched. Story development and fleshing out. some fixes have been made on this.
Balancing has been hard for me this time. And had been getting most of my recent time on. I feel I have made the game a tad bit to hard. I am as always taking any and all advice into consideration. And taking actions to fix or correct.
Play Testing. I can not thank you all for helping me with this special thanks to @theghostcreator I will be as transparent as I can… honestly just straight to the point. I kinda suck at play testing. Never really had anyone like you all to play test my products and give back such helpful advice and for that I thank you all again.

Newest Patch


I really shouldn’t tbf.

The person below should be the Jagen though.


Yeah, im the Jagen, but im a General, bad / average stats for a promoted class, amazing Growths at least, i want to be used in the late game.
As a general, i can block the most deadly blows and weaken enoght the enemys for my companions to end them.

But the person below should be a edgy sworman.


Perfect timing! Since I’m the edgy swordsman, I’ll think that I’ll stick with the mercenary class (like edgelord Raven). I’m a unit that is overall balanced, but I focus on offensive combat (high strength, high speed, etc.) and low defenses. If I had to pick a name, I’d go with Maxwell. Characterwise, something like Felix or Kelik would be nice. Add a bit of Owain in the mix and you have my preferred Edgelord.

Now for the person below me… They should be the Nino/Est of the game :smiley:


The Est archetype! Or the Nino archetype? Either way you see it, that’s me. I come in late into the game as a Bishop with abysmal stats across the board. Growths specialized in magic, skill, and resistance, but lacking in strength, speed, defense, and luck. Wait, I have a personal tome that’s effective against certain types of units to help me keep up, like… What were they effective against, again? Oh well. Just call me “Monad.”

Anyways, the chump below me is a Pegasus Knight.


glass pegasus knight, absolutely no defense and res, however high skill, luck, and strength
it is time to go crit fishing

edit: oh yeah name, just go with Ghost and make him a pale boy

the absolute buffoon below me is a manakete


Ooh, this one sounds fun.

I’ll be an edgy hooded Manakete, not the “uwu little girl” type. My dragonstone primarily boosts Strength and Defense. My growths also primarily boost Strength and Defense. I have, of course, minimal base stats in all areas. If you expect me to not get doubled, or to have good hit rates in any situation, get disappointed yourself.

My name will be… Feeler. Personality? Pfft, who needs a personality when you have dragons?

Whoever’s next should be our early-game healer.


Ah yes,
The early gamer healer that’ll likely get replaced by a Sage with better weapon ranks. I should be an early-game healer because I’ll be the complete opposite of the no defense cleric girl.
My male troubadour has a high HP, Mag and Def growth while having average Skl, Spd and piss-poor Luck and Res.
Just name him Robert or something like that and hes good to go.

Now for the person below me, they shall be the early game archer that will probably join together or very close to this lovely troubadour!

Small edit: Also why not make his personality close to Serra, he’s just a helpless defenseless troubadour. cough


Dark mage.

If you want to use all weapon types, you’ll probably need to use me, even if my growths are bad- we’re talking low SKL, SPD, and MAG, but high HP, DEF, RES, and LCK. I’d be a walking light rune, effectively, but with access to Nosferatu I’d be a light rune that can deal chip damage.

Or a staff bot after promotion.

Or bench fodder, really. Your choice.


I’m normal archer #4! All my stats are lower than the cavalier you got in the last chapter except for like, skill and res. I will kill a scary early game wyvern and do nothing of note for the rest of the game.

The person below should be the obligatory playable soldier in a hack.

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you broke the cycle


He did…


Im highly disapointed, but we can keep it up.


and this is why I should learn to read eventually


Do I even need to describe myself? I’m Krash the Brave, a warrior, of course! Mid game prepromote with high HP, strength, and skill. I’ve got alright luck and defense, okay speed, and very low res. I’ve got base C axes and base A bows, with less con that usual for a warrior, and I join with a brave bow and a killer axe. But most importantly, I’ve got the best mustache you’ve ever seen! That alone will make me the best unit in the game by default.


ya know, i’ve always wanted to wield lances AND thunder tomes. if this game were to have patched in accessibility of both physical and magic types i would take up arms to be your footsoldier.
soldiers tend to have abysmal speed and decent skill as bases, i would want decent res base so i don’t die, and decent def growth. i’m supposed to get doubled and eventually become an armor knight right? lol
I’m fumbling between my equipment, the lance and tome or just the lance and maybe a distracting word puzzle or a handy tool, something, i’m distracted yet overly prepared, and tbh my mind is elsewhere… not interested in the job but obliges to get it over with so i can just go home lol. my name is…Perry. xD

we have Krash the Brave to wreck so…who will be our walking set of lockpicks?


Walking set of lockpicks? HAH, I’ll be your fog of war eyes too, and your steal bot as well. If I’m gonna be a thief, or assassin (if I can steal as one that is, but since this is GBA, prob not), or rogue, then I’ll probably be fast af boi, with high skill too, but my damage might be hot garbage. I prefer if my damage wasn’t trash tho, so high strength please. I’ll definitely be using good swords like killing edges and reavers and stuff, so I’ll be able to fight, the killing edge and stuff would be a boon to be if I was an Assassin that could steal as well. I’ll probably be a Christian of the RNG sect cuz my prayers to RNGesus will be numerous cuz my defence sucks, my res is just somewhat better. You’re gonna need me for that treasure, stealables, and money tho, bet.

Now… which one of y’all is gonna be the lord? Hopefully and hopefully not a trashy lord lol


Oh this is gonna be fun


Ah yes, the main point of the plot, this must be someone really important



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