Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones RELOADED (also Fire Emblem HEROES CROSSOVER)

Hello, I’m new here and I want to share my project. If you want to give me advice on how to promote my work or how to improve this post, let me know. This is an improved version of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones and you can choose to play with the original cast or with mixed characters from other Fire Emblem games.
If someone is interested in the backgrounds I created for my hack (and there’s already people using them), they’re included in the link, you only need to give credit to the rippers of the backgrounds and me for porting (and editing) them.


This hack comes in different versions, choose the want you want to play (or try everything):

FE8 Reloaded Heroes Crossover

FE8 Reloaded Heroes Crossover: This version includes changes in the mechanics:

  • New classes and some changes in others (for example, trainees now move 5 instead of 4).
  • Doubled the weapon triangle effectivity.
  • Support points are gained by deploying units in the same map, and the bonusses are increased.
  • Iron weapons price halved and preparation shop prices don’t increase. More weapon abailability in the preoparation shop.
  • Some weapons change, now the Levin Sword is available, you can purchase Frozen Lances (they make magic damage), short bows allows you to attack adjacent enemies (but they’re not effective against flyers) and some spells have more range. Be careful, this also works for the enemy!
  • More prizes in the Tower and in the Ruins.
  • More experience gain.
  • You can re-promote units and restart their level to 1 (like in Fire Emblem Awakening).
    Do you think this makes the game easier? Not at all!
  • Enemies have +20% growth for health and +10% growth for the other stats! Also some bosses change and they can be very hard (be careful with Gheb).
  • Remember the new enemy classes? Have fun with the witches.
  • Some characters change, and more characters from other Fire Emblem games appear. Will include exclusive classes. You receive extra characters in chapter 4, some with exclusive classes (or can promote to exclusive classes), you don’t need to use them if you don’t want (exclude them in your Ironman runs if you wish).
  • I added Final Fantasy backgrounds from Final Fantasy I & II Advance, Final Fantasy IV Advance and Final Fantasy V Advance.
  • You can buy cheat weapons and the legendary or exclusive weapons of the game, they’re separated by a stone that say “Cheat Codes” in the first map stores. They were great for speed up the testing. You can use them if you want to test something.
FE8 Reloaded X

FE8 Reloaded X including the original cast and the changes of the Heroes Crossover version. This version was created after FE8 Reloaded Heroes Crossover, play this if you want to play with the original cast of characters from Sacred Stones. Still the extra characters come from other Fire Emblem games and they include the new classes inspired in Fire Emblem Heroes (they appear in chapter 4 and you’re not forced to use them or their weapons).

FE8 Reloaded Heroes Crossover PVP

FE8 Reloaded Heroes Crossover PVP: Now your friend can control the enemy units! There’s a graphic bug when attacking with an enemy unit, but the game runs fine. Thanks to Circleseverywhere for the code, you can find it here: Control Enemy + NPC units [FE8]

FE8 Reloaded X Chicken

FE8 Reloaded X Chicken: Tired of revenants and entombed being very slow? They are now chickens!


FE8ReloadedHeroesCrossoverFF06 FE8ReloadedHeroesCrossoverFF18
FE8ReloadedHeroesCrossoverFF19 FE8ReloadedHeroesCrossoverFF20
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1606242934765 1606323047486
1606431980001 1605454745966
1604531842650 1604443359433


You can download the hack (and the backgrounds) from here: FE8Reloaded - Google Drive


Aside from the original game bugs and the PVP problem with the enemy portraits, the only issue found are minor graphical bugs in the map sprites of some classes.
I’ve also found that if you enter with a weapon that increases a stat when equiped in the arena, even if they change your weapon you maintain that bonus stat, and that works for legendary weapons and also for my cheat weapons.


I thank the Fire Emblem community for creating and sharing their content for hacks. I also thanks the creators of FEBuilderGBA, thanks to their tool this hack was possible. I have the list of everything I used here:


Anims used (got in

[T1][AXE]Brigand[M]{Leo_Link, Iscaneus}
[T1][AXE][Fighter](FE9 Repalette)[M]{Glenwing, MK404}
[T1][AXE][Pirate](DS-Style No-Bandana)[M]{DerTheVaporeon}
[T1][CAV][Cavalier](SALVAGED Edit)[F]{Flasuban, Team SALVAGED}
[T1][MAG][Mage](Light Mage Long Hair Edit)[F]{Leo_Link, L95, flasuban}
[T1][MAG][Mage](Light Mage)[M]{Leo_Link, L95, flasuban}
[T1][MISC][Refresh](Dancer Tethys +FE7, Staff, Sword)[F]{IS, Circleseverywhere, Kao, Marlon0024}
[T2][LNC]Halberdier[F]{Spud, TBA, Black Mage, Temp, Wan}
[T2][LRD][Great Lord](Ephraim Infantry)[M]{Nuramon}
[T2][MAG][Custom Magi](Witch Repalette)[F]{Aruka, Kenpuhu, Orihara_Saki, Venno}
[T2][MAG][Sage](Yggdra Lute)[F]{Aruka, Kenpuhu}
[T2][MON][Demon](Bael - Queen)[U]{Seal}
[T2][MON][Demon](Custom Deathgoyle)[U]{Teraspark, L95}
[T2][SWD][Assassin](Ponytail +Bow)[F]{Keks_Krebs, Beccarte, SD9K}
[T2][SWD][Hero](Armored +Short Hair)[F]{Flasuban, Nuramon}
[T2][SWD][Swordmaster](Marisa Alt RB)[F]{Red Bean, Marlon0024}
[T3][CAV][Master Knight](Eirika_s palette)[F]{St jack,Belle}
[T3][MAG]Necromancer[M]{Eldritch Abomination, Shin19}
[T3][MAG][Necromancer](High Magus)[F](MrNight, DerTheVaporeon)
[T3][SWD][Custom Sword](Dread Fighter)[F]{Nuramon}
[T3][SWD][Custom Sword](Dread Fighter)[M]{Nuramon}
[T1][ARM]Knight[M]{Team SALVAGED}
[T1][CAV]Cavalier[M]{Team SALVAGED}
[T1][SWD][Mercenary](Armored +Axe)[M]{Alusq, Maiser6}
[T2][ARM][General](Shield v2 +Cape)[U]{TBA, DerTheVaporeon, Nuramon}
[T2][ARM][General](Vanilla +Weapons)[U]{IS, TBA, DerTheVaporeon, GabrielKnight, JPN}
[T2][FLY]Wyvern Lord[U]{Nuramon}
[T2][SWD][Swordmaster](Marisa Alt RB)[F]{Red Bean, Marlon0024}
[T3][CAV][Master Knight][F]{St jack}
[T3][CAV][Master Knight][M]{St jack}
[T1][LRD][Lord](Ephraim-Style Alt)[F]{ZoramineFae, DerTheVaporeon, Pikmin1211}
[T2][LRD][Great Lord](Hector Brave)[M]{Nuramon}
[T1][FLY][Wyvern Rider](Vanilla +Weapons)[U]{IS, Mikey Seregon, Alfred Kamon, PrincessKilvas, Spud, Blue Druid}
[T1][LRD][Lord](Hector +Sword)[M]{IS, Vilkalizer, Zane Avernathy}
[T2][LRD][Great Lord](Hector Repalette)[M]{Temp}
[T2][MAG]Sage[F]{Greentea, DerTheVaporeon}
[T2][MAG][Custom Magi](Nino Pale Flower)[F]{RedBean, Mikey Seregon, Marlon0024, yikes}
[T2][BOW]Ranger[F]{RedBean, Marlon0024, Jj09}
[T1][BOW]Archer[M]{Flasuban, DerTheVaporeon}
[T1][MAG][Clergy](Cleric Improved Repalette)[F]{Flasuban, Eldritch Abomination}
[T1][MAG]Custom Magi[F]{Pikmin1211, Retrogamer}
[T2][MON][Demon](Tarvos - Elder)[M]{Seal}
[T2][MON]Undead[U]{Teraspark, Wan}
[T3][CAV][Master Knight](Gold Knight)[U]{Nuramon}
[T1][MAG][Clergy](Priest Improved Repalette)[M]{Flasuban, Eldritch Abomination}
[T2][AXE][Warrior](Warrior 2.0)[M](Leo_Link, Nuramon, Spud)
[T2][BOW]Sniper[F]{Aruka, Frostlax, Kenpuhu}

Map Sprites:

[T1] Mage (M) (Hatless) Moving {Pikmin1211}
[T1] Mage (M) (Hatless) Standing {Pikmin1211}
[T1] Shaman (F) Moving {IS}
[T1] Shaman (F) Standing {IS}
[T1][ARM] Knight (FE10-Hybrid-Style) Lance Moving {Nuramon, flasuban}
[T1][ARM] Knight (FE10-Hybrid-Style) Lance Standing {Nuramon, flasuban}
[T1][AXE] Fighter (M) (FE10-Style) Axe Moving {L95}
[T1][AXE] Fighter (M) (FE10-Style) Axe Standing {L95}
[T1][AXE] Pirate (DS-Style) Axe Moving {DerTheVaporeon}
[T1][AXE] Pirate (DS-Style) Axe Standing {DerTheVaporeon}
[T1][LNC] Soldier (M) (Shield) Lance Moving {Rexacuse, Peerless, Alusq}
[T1][LNC] Soldier (M) (Shield) Lance Standing {Rexacuse, Peerless, Alusq}
[T1][LRD] Lord (F) (Hector) Axe Moving {Shin19}
[T1][LRD] Lord (F) (Hector) Axe Standing {Shin19}
[T1][LRD] Lord (F) (Lucina) Sword Moving {BatimaTheBat}
[T1][LRD] Lord (F) (Lucina) Sword Standing {BatimaTheBat}
[T1][LRD] Lord (M) (Hector) Axe Moving {IS}
[T1][LRD] Lord (M) (Hector) Axe Standing {IS}
[T2] Battle Sage (M) (Mage Fighter) Magic Moving {L95}
[T2] Battle Sage (M) (Mage Fighter) Magic Standing {L95}
[T2] Custom Pale Flower Nino Moving {StreetHero}
[T2] Custom Pale Flower Nino Standing {StreetHero}
[T2] Druid (F) Moving {IS}
[T2] Druid (F) Standing {IS}
[T2] Witch (F) Moving {Aruka, Kenpuhu}
[T2] Witch (F) Standing {Aruka, Kenpuhu}
[T2][AXE] Berserker (M) (Barbarian) Axe Moving {Glaceo}
[T2][AXE] Berserker (M) (Barbarian) Axe Standing {Glaceo}
[T2][LRD] Great Lord (M) (Ephraim-Infantry) Lance Moving {Snewping}
[T2][LRD] Great Lord (M) (Ephraim-Infantry) Lance Standing {Snewping}
[T2][LRD] Great Lord (M) (Hector) Moving {IS}
[T2][LRD] Great Lord (M) (Hector) Standing {IS}
[T3] Necromancer (M) (Generic) Moving {Rasdel}
[T3] Necromancer (M) (Generic) Standing {Rasdel}
[T3][SWD] Dread Fighter (F) Moving {Nuramon}
[T3][SWD] Dread Fighter (F) Standing {Nuramon}
[T3][SWD] Dread Fighter (M) Moving {Nuramon}
[T3][SWD] Dread Fighter (M) Standing {Nuramon}
Bael (Queen) Moving {Seal}
Bael (Queen) Standing {Seal}
[T1][AXE] Fighter (F) (FE10-Style) Axe Moving {Pikmin1211}
[T1][AXE] Fighter (F) (FE10-Style) Axe Standing {Pikmin1211}
[T1][CAV] Cavalier (F) Lance Moving {Tordo45}
[T1][CAV] Cavalier (F) Lance Standing {Tordo45}
[T1][CAV] Cavalier (F) Sword Moving {Agro}
[T1][CAV] Cavalier (F) Sword Standing {Agro}
[T1][LRD] Lord (F) (Lyn) Sword Moving {IS}
[T1][LRD] Lord (F) Lyn Sword Standing {IS}
[T1][BOW] Nomad (F) Moving {IS}
[T1][BOW] Nomad (F) Standing {IS}
[T2][LRD][Great Lord](Brave Lyn)[F]{Red Bean, Marlon0024}
[T1][LRD][Lord](Lyn +Axes)[F]{IS, Vilkalizer}
[T3] Saint (F) Moving {Melia}
[T3] Saint (F) Standing {Melia}
[T2][BOW] Nomad Trooper (F) Moving {IS}
[T2][BOW] Nomad Trooper (F) Standing {IS}
[T1] Clergy (F) (Cleric Improved) Staff Moving {flasuban}
[T1] Clergy (F) (Cleric Improved) Staff Standing {flasuban}
[T1] Clergy (M) (Priest Improved) Staff Moving {flasuban}
[T1] Clergy (M) (Priest Improved) Staff Standing {flasuban}
[T1] Mage (F) Moving (Awakening) {blood}
[T1] Mage (F) Standing (Awakening) {blood}
[T2][SWD]Hero (M) (Blue Shield Edit) Sword Moving {Pikmin1211}.png
[T2][SWD]Hero (M) (Blue Shield Edit) Sword Standing {Pikmin1211}
Deathgoyle Lance Moving {L95}
Deathgoyle Lance Standing {L95}
Tarvos (M) Elder Centaur (Axe) Moving {Seal}
Tarvos (M) Elder Centaur (Axe) Standing {Seal}
[T2][CAV] Gold Knight Lance Moving {Hypergammaspaces}
[T2][CAV] Gold Knight Lance Standing {Hypergammaspaces}.png
[T1][AXE] Fighter (M) (Improved) Axe Moving {flasuban}
[T1][AXE] Fighter (M) (Improved) Axe Standing {flasuban}
[T2][LRD] Blade Lord (F) (Brave Lyn) Bow Moving {StreetHero}
[T2][LRD] Blade Lord (F) (Brave Lyn) Bow Standing {StreetHero}
[T2][AXE] Berserker (M) (Dartserker) Axe Moving {WarPath}
[T2][AXE] Berserker (M) (Dartserker) Axe Standing {WarPath}

Class Cards:

[ARM] Knight (M) (SALVAGED) Lance {team SALVAGED}
[MAG] Witch {Aruka, Yggdra}
[MON] Bael (Queen Bael) {Seal}
[MON] Tarvos (M) (Elder Centaur) {Seal}

Mugs used:

Hector recolored by me.
Fire Emblem 7 recolors by Eldritch Abomination
Titania, Bernadetta and Lysithea by SomeDenseGuy
Arvis by BorsDeep(Atey)
Edelgard and Claude by Melia
Cordelia by Jeorge_Reds
Linhardt by HyperGammaSpaces
Ike by Nickt
(Minerva by Zelkami, Nickt) ← Changed in new versions
Michalis by Obsidian_Daddy
Silque by Blade
Lucina by TheImperialKnight
Heroes Anna by MiiK
Minerva from a recolored Gwendolin by me (more fitting with the GBA style, that’s the reason I changed it, the palette is based in Minerva from FE1 artwork)

CG Backgrounds by ZoramineFae based on FGO and WAve CG images.

Some backgrounds come from FE8 Sacred War assets (I changed the colors of one of them for the class change screen), others are modified versions by me to eliminate the upper black part.

Final Fantasy I & II Advance backgrounds ripped by Vanarus and Ryan914; Final Fantasy IV Advance backgrounds ripped by Bean; Final Fantasy V Advance backgrounds ripped by Valoc Dakmyre; I got them from Spriters Resource. All backgrounds were ported by me.

If you stream the game, let me know! :grinning:


but story is the same though right?

Which file do i need to download?

Yes, it’s the same, even if you use the other characters, the original characters will appear. It’s like an improved version of the original game with some gameplay changes. This is ideal for streamers doing Ironman and expecting something new.

The one you wish, take FE8ReloadedX if you want the original characters or take FE8ReloadedHeroesCrossoverFF if you want mixed characters from other Fire Emblem games.


I love that you gave archers crit boost. Neimi is now really fun to use.

minerva :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

But that’s only for your main archers and snipers, the enemy ones have enough buff with the increased growths.

She’s one of the extra units you receive in chapter 4.


There’s a bug (I guess it’s a bug) in the Floor 2 of the Tower. After defeating the boss, he won’t vanish and you can defeat him infinitely.

Edit: Also I think you should nerf the re-promotion thing because it just makes everyone too strong.

There’s people complaining about THAT BOSS in the story chapters (he appears in both Ephraim and Eirika route), but I’ve never had a problem with him. Can you give me a record of it? I’m very interested in seeing it. :slightly_smiling_face: And what emulator are you using? I have a record of defeating him in the story because more people complained he never died. I can defeat him in both VisualBoyAdvance M and GameBoidAdvance (this is a very old GBA emulator for Android and I use it in an Android 2.2 cell). Anyway, I’m leaving 2 videos I made defeating THAT BOSS in case they can be useful for you:

How to defeat THAT CHARACTER

About the re-classing thing, I created it for testing and I leaved it for fun, you don’t need to use in a serious playthrough. Anyway, it’s fun to reconquer Renais with a team of 5 Berserkers if you know how to reclass the characters.

5 berserkers

The video is from an unfinished version, that’s why the berserker anims are the originals.

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Well… in Ephraim route it worked normally. It only happened to me at the Tower.

That’s strange, I tested it and I never had a problem (and I had that fight a lot of times in the tower). Can you record it?

Inb4 that crowd tells you: that’s what you get for grinding, noob!


Want to bring HP and skills bar?

I don’t want to add skills in the game, and I have a reason for that: It makes the game slow on some emulators. Also, some skills cause errors. I can understand some people like to play with skills, but it’s the opposite for others. If you want I can make a path with skills, or you can apply it with FEBuilder if you want.


Hi!..ummm, i know that THAT BOSS is hard to kill, but this hard?


He dies in one hit, but he revives, so it’s unkillable. (Eirika’s route)

I reseted and started Ephraim’s route so i haven’t tested it there.

EDIT: He is indeed killable in Ephraim’s Route so all good. BTW i have noted 2 things:

-Why does it feels like the Metis Tome increases your growth rates by like 50%?
-Why does the magical weapons give no Weapon Experience?

Thanks, love the game so far.

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It seems like it happens randomly. For me this occured at the tower but I haven’t tried Eirika’s route yet.

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Can you give me footage of him reviving? Many people reported it, but I was unable to do that… WAIT A MINUTE! Why is his life bar missing? What emulator are you using? I use VisualBoy Advance M and I have no problems. Take a look, I have a video of it (I have a video for both routes):

Let me know what emulator are you using, I tested it many times playing with VisualBoy Advance M and GameBoid Advance (this one is for Android) and this error never happened to me, so I wanna know.

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I’m using My Boy on android.

Can you export your savegame and try it on another emulator? Also, can you record footage of Gheb reviving? I’m curious about this error.

Using MyBoy here, yes, he doesn’t have a lifebar, so he dies in one hit. Ephraim’s route works fine, so i dont know about this, i’ll try to record it.