Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones RELOADED (also Fire Emblem HEROES CROSSOVER)

I got the footage, but i can’t upload it here, it’s MP4 xd

You can upload it to YouTube and share it. If you want, you can put it as a hide video and put the link here.

Sorry that i couldn’t upload it, i didn’t have the time. In the meantime, i got 2 new bugs for you:

-Attacking with Lysithea Gremory class mutes the BGM for the battle, it’s not gamebreaking, but it’s silly lol

-For some reason, in late game, the promoted enemies are VERY WEAK, even weaker than unpromoted enemies, im talking about 19 HP Druids, or 8 Str Warriors.

I know about the mute BGM problem with some animations, it’s related with the one used.

Wasn’t that a problem already in the base game? Let me guess, the weak druids appears during the first battle against Lyon, am I right?

Yes, including the warriors, and the witches are also terribly weak, i dont know why lol

It’s only in that chapter, and only with the reinforcements. I guess it’s because a overflow error with the stats addition.

Hi! Me again lol

I finished the game, and i found another unkillable Gheb, this time, in Ruins Floor 9

That bug never happened to me using VisualBoy Advance M. As I said, the problem should be related with your emulator.

Why are there so many Ghebs? lol

It’s the same, he returns from the bathroom. :rofl:


So I believe I tried out the heroes patch of this and… I think there are quite a few problems
For starters, I really don’t like how you hand out the units, you give a few in the first few chapters, then you drop them all on the player come chapter 4. WHY!? What is the point of that? The only reason to do this is if you started out wanting to sprinkle some characters throughout the game then for some reason you decided to just dump them all on the player, while randomly deciding certain characters from FE8 should be replaced and others not.

Also small annoyance, why did you use a Gwendolyn recolor as Minerva’s portrait? There’s multiple Minerva portraits F2U in the graphics repo, doing this will make the character feel like they’re more original

Why can you buy 1-2 range magic swords and lances for dirt cheap in the first armory of the game? This absolutely breaks the game even if they’re weak.

The character balance is also almost nonexistent, characters like Claude who start with overpowered personal weapons are almost Seth levels of busted meanwhile you have Florina who’s just FE7 Florina who replaces Vanessa, this just makes the whole game feel poorly thought out and lazily put together.

All and all the hack, in my opinion at least, just feels selectively lazy in some areas, you couldn’t be bothered to make the extra character recruitment make more sense but you choose to import tons of custom weapon icons?

My recommendation would be to spread out the character joins and either replace every fe8 recruitable character, or none of them, the selective replacement is just weird. Also get rid of the levin sword and ice spear, they’re way too cheap for a game like FE8, it’d be better to just stick to javelins and hand-axes when it comes to 1-2 range for the weapon triangle, it at least gives archers something to do.

edit: also, if you can, use MGBA or no$GBA for playtesting, VBA and various emulators on android tend to fix certain glitches without telling you, no$GBA seems to be the most accurate but MGBA is what most people use when playing GBA games on an emulator.

The characters I drop in chapter 4 use the extra character slots, they’re only mean to be used for fun, not for a serious playthrough. The replacement decision is personal, I can understand is not of the like of everyone. You can use the patch with the original characters instead.

About Gwendolyn recolor and edited portrait (yes, it’s a bit edited) instead of other Minerva portraits, it’s because the Minerva portraits I’ve found are less in the style of GBA Fire Emblems. Also, that style and the colors given are based on the first artworks of the character.

Maybe you’re right, I should have nerfed those magic weapons a bit.

Again, extra characters and their personal weapons are mean for fun.

Are people still using no$GBA? Why? There’s Desemume for emulating NDS! I don’t know about MGBA, I though most people played in VisualBoy Advance, even the 1.72 versin, that’s very outdated and awful.

Anyway, I know my hack is not perfect, is not the most balanced experience and it’s a bunch of weird things. It was made for fun and by fun, this is my first serious project and I still have A LOT to learn. So, thank you for your opinion and point of view. :slight_smile:

If I do a new version using your point of view to make a better version, whould you like to play it? :stuck_out_tongue:

that doesn’t mean they can’t be added as you go through the game, making the game this unbalanced and frontloaded I simply can not agree with the sentiment of it being okay because it’s for personal reasons, I understand that you may have your reasons however you have to understand that this is a public project that I want to give feedback on so you can learn something from this experience.

Minerva I can’t exactly agree with this, this great portrait looks very much like any other FE portrait, recoloring it slightly is also an option, but sure, it’s a graphical decision, I won’t blame you on that.

no$GBA Is seen as the most accurate GBA emulator for catching almost any bug, it also has a few features that make it desirable to some romhackers

MGBA is essentially just a better VBA, it’s easily findable and runs far better.

You did good for a first time hacker! You imported nice icons which I know can be a bit difficult to figure out, if you ever need some quick pointers for some feel free to ask the discord, they give answers pretty quick, or of course you could go to 7743’s thread on questions, the dude made FEbuilder so he’ll be able to solve almost any problem.

If you made a new version I’ll play it if I have the time.

It looks great and I would add it to a new version of my hack. Also, I can make the extra characters appear one at a time. I need the origin of this portrait and the author, I like to add all sources to my readme, so the authors can be credited (and I’ll also have a list of sources for future projects).

Thank you. :grin:

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you can find the portrait in the graphics repo

I checked the repositories, but maybe I missed this one. Thank you!

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Bruh, feh in gba literally