Fire Emblem, The Sacred Stones Boss Recruitment Ver.1.10

This is my attempt at a boss recruitment for Fe8. I played ArcherBias Fe7 Boss recruitment
and I had fun with it, so it gave me something to try to make for FE8.
I hope people will like it just like ArcherBias Fe7 one.
However, I made a few adjustments to FE8 to set things a bit differently.

Rules: Only one boss from 5 sets of bosses can be recruited.
Check the doc in the download to see who belongs in what set.

Change1: Marisa now has buffed growths, bases and weapon rank is now c to make her
a viable choice over Joshua if you need another myrmidon.

Change2: I boosted enemy growths by 15% to make the game slightly harder
and changed some maps a bit by adding a couple of quality changes.
Example: Renvall breakable wall is removed and replaced water pools with
a walkable floor segment, Jehanna hall has an extra door now.
As a result, some of the enemies off to the side of the path now run after you
straight away.

Change3: Poison monster weapons are now changed to new ones.
Poison Claw is now Feral Claw. (30 Crit)
Lethal Talon is now Frenzy Claw. (Brave)
(Stats are slightly changed)

Change4: Final battle now has 2 Draco Zombies and summons now have upgraded
weapons to make them more of a threat. (Also the center bridge is removed)

Change5: Due to some chapters having only generic monster bosses and some bosses
(due to story reasons) must die and can’t be recruited, I added extra bosses
to fill the missing slots. They have intro events.

Change6: I added 2 more Secret shops and placed tiles where they are located.

Extra boss portraits by: LaurentLacroix, AmBrosiac, Smokeyguy77, XVI, Sphealnuke,
RandomWizard, Ghostblade.

Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones Boss Recruitment.emulator-2
Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones Boss Recruitment-1
Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones Boss Recruitment.emulator-0

Hope you have fun!

Also, join the Discord!


Oh, nice will for sure play it.
However, can you add the growths to the page?
thanks a ton for making this.

Bregute’s talk isn’t active.

Did you talk to O’Neill?

The boss growths are in a text doc in the download.

How often can we recruit bosses? Is it one every five chapters?

The text doc displays them in sets.
Each set only allows one boss to be recruited.
5 sets total, so only 5 bosses can be recruited.

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Ah, didn’t realise it was a “pick one” situation. That info would have been nice to have beforehand.

Does make for some replay ability I suppose, just makes those first two chapters a pain though.

I’ve always had a “recruit everyone” brain so that does make this alittlw tricky.

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Ah mkay got it thanks mate

By curiosity, Do the bosses have some inform of unique interactions, like in the FE7 version ?

Not supports of course, but some unique dialogues at occasions

Some have battle quotes with other bosses.
One has the ability to recruit one boss.
The Doc will explain who has what kind of special ability.

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Thanks !

Update: V.1.01.

Added: Super Trainees available form the start. Buffed Super Trainees by adding +2 CON at norm,
and +3 CON at Promoted.

Anyone Else currently having problems with the download? All the Dropbox lets me get is the file that has the units growths and which pool they’re in, it’s not letting me download the patch itself
Edit: Figured it out, it’s just apparently the first patch I’ve ever downloaded that 100% REFUSES to allow you to do any of the extracting(or even downloading the patch) from the download itself from the link: I was forced to sign into my Dropbox Account to download and extract it there, rather than just clicking it and going into my phone files…weird

Ohh finally some delicious hack

You’re not the only one.
I also had to deal with dropboxes nonsense at times.

The only boss I’d like to recruit is Selena and it seems like she’s not even on the list!?

Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of a boss recruitment? Isn’t the entire point of boss recruitment to be able to recruit bosses that were in the vanilla game?

We don’t want to recruit OCs, we’re here to recruit vanilla bosses

I think he’s referring to selena, morva, King Grado, etc specifically. There are only a few bosses that would require a signifigant rewrite of the story if they weren’t killed.

He also had to work around the Creature Boss maps with this too.


I’m asking why attempt to rewrite the story in a hack about recruiting bosses? I don’t think people who are coming here to recruit bosses from fe8 necessarily care that Morva, Selena, and the rest living will interfere with the story.
Not trying to throw hate at this hack, it’s clear that effort was put into this, I’m just curious as to why some decisions were made.