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Some item icons:

Updated Entrap

Elysian Whip from the DS games

Killer Blade V2 Killer Blade
Killer Blade. 2 versions

Surefooted Skill icon from Fates

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Hey all, it’s my first time posting anything of the sort to the anim repo so I’m a bit nervous. it’s my first time even editing a sprite. but i present to you…
the devil axe harbinger.
obviously, the base is the talented Nuramon’s beautiful Harbinger animation.
I love this animation, though the spikey axe doesn’t really do it for me, I’m more of a smooth axe kind of guy (not to say it looks bad at all.

Now it is my first time attempting something like this, it’s for a personal project anyways. please critique because i know it doesn’t look the best. (Or feel free to do it yourself, though I do plan to do more custom weapons for other classes Aswell, so I’d love pointers.)

I’ll probably do a normal smooth axe for the harbinger Aswell, but i bow know the daunting task of merely editing someone Elses work, not even creating my own animation yet. but enough ranting, hopefully someone else can enjoy this. enjoy! and hopefully I’ll be back in the future with more!


Ladies and Gentlemen, and Dragons of all ages!

Introducing the latest in Felon Fashion:

The Bandit Twin Hairstyle show!
Bandit twins

20 different hair options to chose for all your Bandit Twin needs!
(Top row is for comparation)

All F2U/F2E