FE Asset Repository Discussion Thread

Not in GBAFE as it currently stands, unfortunately, hence why things like vanilla Phantom are 32x32 (three pixels on the edge of its axe clips to 17 wide for one single frame, it’s barely noticeable at all but it makes the otherwise-smallest sprite in the game take up the same memory space as the massive Demon King lmao)

Thank you so much for this​:heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Hi guys, sorry if this is the wrong place to ask but im trying to download things off the repository and i keep getting an error server failure or wrong url, any idea how to fix this?

Ya your comment was redirected here, now this is the right place to talk about your problem related to repo
I am just speculating but If the orginal poster updated the sprite or animation and send a new one while del the old that might be the cause many links get updated further down and tweaked so its common

What are you using to download? Just your browser? The Gitzip extension Or Github desktop?

But like what if they kissed :man_shrugging:t5:


I think on the legault one, there seems to be an issue with the dodge animation where the hair briefly flashes red for a moment, may wanna fix that?

Edit: Now that I look at it, the hair color is messed up, still a good animation! just needs to be tweaked a tiny bit.

I’m almost certain that is just what the vanilla Legault animations look like without his palette applied. [for some reason even character specific animations in gba have both generic and unit specific palettes.]


reminder: this is the topic for comments and concerns

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I am making a hackrom, and in this there is a nomadic troop character, the issue is that the character has his head uncovered in his portrait, and I would like him not to have his head covered in his animation. If you know any animation please reply to this.

PS: sorry for my bad english

Look here just credit the creators

Any chance you’d do the full loop of the preparations theme?

Now, I know the FE12 preps theme is already on the repo. But it’s missing the 2nd half of the loop.

I have some free time, so I’ll gladly will. Even I could put here the original battle themes from FE1 that aren’t in FE11.


Hey any chance someone would be willing to make a map sprite for a crossbowman and the Mechanist :innocent:?

Man, I can even feel the damage that this pistol’s critical shot can do! A nice work :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Love the ponytail, reminds me of BrynnamonRoll’s Hecuba

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Not accusing anyone of anything here, but my antivirus seems to think this file has a virus in it. Specifically, some kind of Trojan virus. Is that the case for anyone else?

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It’s probably a false positive from your antivirus software.

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