Fire Emblem Resource Repository (Battle Animations, Portraits, Music, etc)

New GAMERS sprite just dropped (Uses parts by Nickt, Stitch, Garytop)


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If how I organise the animations makes no sense, I’m just noting them as they were initially done-- or what I recall anyway.
Anyways! Even MORE old animations I’m probably never going to use again. Probably seems like I’m just tossing garbage at people but all I want to do is give people more options, it’s not up to me if you want to use any of these, all I can do is accomodate.
…i never get to the bloody point do i. The actual point is that I noticed a few of these were in that little unfinished section of the repo as their spritesheets, aaaand I still had the animations I did of them from years ago, they’re most definitely not pretty but they function and that is nice.


Will I ever run out of old stuff? I have no idea. I’ve accrued so much random stuff over the years and it’d be nice to see them get some use instead of me just hoarding them for no reason. I’ve still got some spritesheets but I never animated them, maybe I’ll get to them at some point. These may be some very ugly babies, but they’re my ugly babies and I love every one of them, even if I can’t bear to look at them for too long without feeling sick.

For that erm… Archsage, he uses the Nergal effect, so as is is basically most complete in FE7 (Unless someone copied the Nergal effect for use with the other games and I never noticed)


{Vlak}  - F2U OC Sorceress
{Vlak} - F2U OC Dragon Rider
{Vlak} - F2U OC Warrior King.png
{Vlak} - F2U OC Surly Mage.png
{Vlak} - F2U OC Ornate Priestess

A few portraits that were inspired by 7743’s portrait generator. F2U and recolor.


heyo made some portraits for projects im doing
reclass fe6
pirate rauh
nomad garret
pali igrene
theif geese
pent hair
Archer clarine

and some Fe4 thing I read the manga and I just really like lewyn and fury I mean erinys
f2u and edit


I have a few more Shantae Halfbodies that I’ve been making. This time they are the Half-Genies from Shantae’s 5th Adventure on Paradise Island. Like my last batch, I’ve been using 7743’s AI portrait tool.
Shantae, Harmony {Stephano}Shantae, Zapple {Stephano}Shantae, Plink {Stephano}Shantae, Vera {Stephano}Shantae, Fillin {Stephano}

Here is also a before and after of the AI generated portrait compared to the final portrait. As well as all the ones i’ve done so far.

Before and After

Portrait Collection


It’s been a while, everyone. I had some free time, so I created a new Spell Animation using materials I had made and left in the past.


The Japanese name is 火攻火輪, but the English name is Gigafire, named like FE7 Gigacalibur.

The reading of “火攻火輪” is “HiZeMeKaRiN”.
Specific pronunciations are
“He = Hi” for “He is”,
“The = Ze” for “Them”,
“Me = Me” for “Mecha”,
“Co = Ka” for “Cover”, and
“Rin = RiN” for “Ring”.

This is a Spell Animation that heats the surrounding area with hot air to cause an explosion.
I created this animation by imagining that heat causes a heat-up.

Credits: @SHYUTERz


Continuation of my previous post:

Small edit to the Wyvern Rider overworld sprite to complement Leo_Link’s wyvern rider edit that should resemble actual wyverns. Wyvern Lord will come soon. May make alternate weapon edits in the future.

Wyvern Rider (U) Lance {Leif}-stand
Wyvern Rider (U) Lance {Leif}-walk


I was going to wait until I had a bigger batch to post again, but whatever. FE5 Dagdar gaming. Also works as a generic pirate man, I think.


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Made this Sniper edit years ago for Ruffles/KhaoticIntent’s FE7 Blizzard Lance (Weapon Reversal)
Serra Sniper


I got bored and made Tome icons for various different apps, because why not.

Facebook Facebook
Reddit Reddit
Twitter Twitter
Tumblr Tumblr
YouTube YouTube
Google Google
OldGoogle Google (Old)
Keep Google Keep
Sheets Google Sheets
PlayStore Google Play Store
PowerPoint Power Point
Word Word
Excel Excel
Dropbox Dropbox

And of course…
FEU Fire Emblem Universe

These should be fully insertable. Enjoy.


Pugo, the first boss of Radiant Dawn! Expect more Part 1 bosses in the future, maybe. The splice uses pieces from Nickt’s Nolan mug, as well. Who do you think you are, the Dawn Brigade?



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A bit of an unusual post here.

I edited the generic FE8 Soldier portrait to lift up the visor.
This is made for splicing, if you want a soldier with a more visable face.
F2U, F2E. Use it however you want. Go ham!

We need more good boy soldiers in the world.
Looking forward to people using it.


Splinterrocke, CapibaraInSpace - Orange Haired General Lady (repal by amema003)
Edited Splinterrocke’s EDGE splice (with parts by our favorite cosmos-sailing cavy rodent) to make it insertable. Recut the frames, and reallotted the colors, since there were a lot of unnecessary colors.


Well I finished 100% the main RE4 Remake Campaign and achievements… Here have Leon in his Hero Outfit to celebrate. Now I have Advance Wars left to finish off before Zelda comes out.


Resident Evil 4 Remake - Leon Kennedy - Hero Outfit
FE Leon Hero


This is my biggest project so far: I made these animations for Master Lord Roy, including also animations using the Binding Blade, made for the FE6 “Remake” hack in collaboration with @ZeN2002
The sword and unarmed animations was made based on the Ephraim Vanilla Repack, made by DerTheVaporeon and Pikmin1211.

Magic animation was made inspired by the Vanilla Roy animation made by Pikmin1211.


And finally, Binding blade’s animation and Roy’s design was made totally inspired by Blazing Lion Roy’s pixel art made by @Jeorge_Reds

Link: Master Lord Roy.rar - Google Drive


This is a collection of random portraits that I submitted in the Repo Discord a while ago, but which all seem to have been missed among the Repo’s many other submissions, so I’m resubmitting them here. All of these are Free to Edit.

Three Houses characters:
Alois {UltraxBlade}
Kostas {UltraxBlade}

Looker from Pokemon:
Looker {UltraxBlade}

Some OC’s:
“27a Sage”, with alternate angry, sad, and big goofy grin versions
UltraxBlade F2E OC 1 27a sage UltraxBlade F2E OC 1 27a sage angry UltraxBlade F2E OC 1 27a sage sad UltraxBlade F2E OC 1 27a sage smile

Totally Not Kelik, with regular and TLP-style minimugs:
UltraxBlade F2E OC 2 Not Kelik UltraxBlade F2E OC 2 Not Kelik (TLP Minimug)

A bandit lady:
UltraxBlade F2E OC 3 bandit lady

“Baby’s First Splice”:
UltraxBlade F2E OC 4 babys first splice

And finally, some memes!
Moulder THE BOULDER {UltraxBlade}

And… You, Skeld crewmates… how much sus… can you handle? Can you withstand the blame of one whose life has passed? The weight of the burden of that sus? Weak impostors succumb quickly to a skilled player… Strong evidence is like a toxin to those whose bodies and minds are unfamiliar with such overwhelming sus… Kain, just for a moment, grant me that sus…!
That’s right, it’s Suselik. No, I’m not sorry.
Suselik {UltraxBlade}

You can download the full set here. For the Repo management team, the files in the zip are organized into exactly where I think they’re meant to go in the Repo, and named according to proper naming conventions. Should just be able to drop them in.