Fire Emblem - Heroes Remake (V6.5, 339 Chapters)

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As someone who’s never played FEHeroes, I like the idea of porting the basic story-line, characters and game-play over to the GBA system. Obviously this hack has a long way to go, but I wish everyone contributing towards the project the best of luck.

Is the plan to make it as faithful as possible or simply an enjoyable experience?
It’s impossible to do both.


Cool. I wanted to do something like this eventually and I might take this as reference when/if it happens.

Remake means as faithful as possible.

I really think you could take some distance from the original storyline of FE Heroes, since a lot of people find it neither very interesting nor well-written.

I think the community should take this opportunity to try and make a better story if it is possible.

This way, even people who disliked the FE Heroes story could enjoy playing this hack ! :slight_smile:


Laughs in every remake that is not faithful


The project is very good. I like it very much. The author has worked hard

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Thank you.

Support it. My favorite animation uses 30 colors :smile:

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Wait, shouldn’t this be a demake?

Cool! This is the most exquisite map I have ever seen in GBA versions

Yeah, you can regard it as demake.

aight so this is hella ambitious and i applaud the extensive effort so far, but getting too ambitious will only mess you up in the future. trust me i know from experience
between august 2018 and august 2019 i was part of a team who wanted to make an extended version of an album we all enjoyed, but our ideas were so ambitious that the final product was delayed a million times and when it finally released it was kind of a mess
i’m still proud of it, but it also showed me that being too ambitious can hit a project really really hard
tl;dr: check yourself before you wreck yourself

Thanks for your kind remind. I don’t think it too ambitious. I wrote 70 chapters in title, but in fact I have already completed nearly all maps and scenerio text for the rest chapters. I complete one chapter in 20 minutes (I have a post on it.). I have my plan on the whole project.


It is known to all.

this is really cool enjoying it so far but i do wish the menus were in english

Can i have a link to dowload it ?

looks great but man anna’s hair looks rough

I don’t see the download link I would love to try it out if I could find it on here. 3:

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