Fire Emblem: Eckesachs - FE6, but you play as the bad guys! [Complete story rewrite]

Binding Blade - Boss Recruitment-31

Hello! I’m Saint Rubenio. With my first hack more or less finished, I began to feel the itch to make something again. After some deliberation, I remembered the FE5 boss recruitment hack, and I thought I’d try and do something similar for FE6, a game whose array of throwaway bossmen I’ve always been fond of for nebulous reasons. I decided to go one step further and rewrite the story as well. Then it got all sorts of out of hand. The end result is a sort of soft overhaul of FE6’s mechanics and maps with a brand new cast and story.

Basically, this hack answers the age-long question: What if Narcian hadn’t been around to ruin everything for Zephiel?


  • Every single playable character from the game has been replaced by a boss. Hurray.

Binding Blade - Boss Recruitment-1Binding Blade - Boss Recruitment-11Binding Blade - Boss Recruitment-15Binding Blade - Boss Recruitment-18

  • The story has been rewritten in its entirety. Follow Zephiel and his jolly cadre of war criminals as they conquer the entirety of Elibe in a tale that is sometimes humorous, sometimes dead serious. I may or may not have gone too far in a few places. The way I treated Eirika in my other hack pales in comparison to what I’ve done to our boi.

Binding Blade - Boss Recruitment-7Binding Blade - Boss Recruitment-8Binding Blade - Boss Recruitment-14Binding Blade - Boss Recruitment-29

  • To fill out the roster, I threw in some NPCs, as well as a few surprise additions from other games to top off the roster. Every game gets a rep. They will put your bossman knowledge to the test. There’s even a secret character! See if you can figure out how to get them.

Binding Blade - Boss Recruitment-5Binding Blade - Boss Recruitment-9Binding Blade - Boss Recruitment-20Binding Blade - Boss Recruitment-22

  • Conversely, every boss is now a former Elibean playable or ally. Hope it won’t be too heartbreaking taking the fight to them.

Binding Blade - Boss Recruitment-32Binding Blade - Boss Recruitment-16Binding Blade - Boss Recruitment-13

  • Certain characters have had their classes changed or tweaked to avoid having 10 identical generals and zerkers. Don’t worry, though, there’s still a lot of generals and zerkers. A couple of new classes have also been thrown into the mix. You would be surprised if some of them weren’t already visible in other screenshots.

Binding Blade - Boss Recruitment-10Binding Blade - Boss Recruitment-19
Binding Blade - Boss Recruitment-35Binding Blade - Boss Recruitment-26

  • A bunch of QoL changes, ranging from small to medium. Don’t expect massive, game-changing modifications - this is still intended to be a similar experience to base FE6, just with a few of the more annoying aspects hopefully polished out.
    This includes: Ambush reinforcements and hard mode bonuses have been removed, seize tile bonuses have been reduced, weapon experience has been increased to 2 when killing an enemy, staves give more experience when used, accuracy has been increased slightly across the board, light magic has been buffed, certain maps have been tweaked slightly (primarily to make them a little less linear or cut down on the amount of boring walking a bit), enemy pegasi have been somewhat improved so Ilia is hopefully less of a joke, supports are faster (but weaker) and the main character promotes sooner.
    That’s right - this hack is another FE6 rebalance in disguise. I tricked you, I bamboozled you. What are you going to do about it?

Binding Blade - Boss Recruitment-21Binding Blade - Boss Recruitment-23Binding Blade - Boss Recruitment-30Binding Blade - Boss Recruitment-34

  • While supports can be obtained, I was unable to write support conversations due to unexpected technical difficulties. To compensate, sprinkled throughout the game are a number of optional conversations that will hopefully give the characters a sufficient amount of characterization. The game will let you know when they start to pop up, and which ones you can get on each chapter. You can also see a list of the conversations in the guide.

Binding Blade - Boss Recruitment-36Binding Blade - Boss Recruitment-26Binding Blade - Boss Recruitment-27Binding Blade - Boss Recruitment-28

  • Speaking of the guide, I made a seriously in-depth guide! Check out them spreadsheets. Aren’t they beautiful? You might find something… unexpected in there.

  • Roy is in this hack.

Binding Blade - Boss Recruitment-6

See? There he is.


Apply patch to a vanilla FE6 ROM.

Inside the ZIP file, you will find the following contents:

  • Two patches. The standard one has all UI colors swapped from blue to red and viceversa for flavor (you are playing as the bad guys, after all). However, I know a lot of people hate when hacks do that, as it can be difficult to get rid of the “blue good, red bad” muscle memory from regular FE. Therefore, for those of you who prefer convenience over flavor, I’ve also included an alternate version of the patch that maintains vanilla’s overworld sprite palettes and battle forecast colors.
  • The guide. Self-explanatory enough.
  • A folder with screenshots of all the character endings, in case any issues occur or you simply want to bypass FE6’s annoying “only the units in the final chapter get full endings” gimmick. Obviously spoilers both here and in the guide, if you care about that.
  • Readme. Basically just the three sections below, but in a text file.

Things to note:

  • Units will start to disappear when you have more than 52 recruited characters! I got a bit carried away adding characters, you see. Don’t fret, the game will warn you when you get there, as well as tell you how to minimize losses and be able to continue the Zephiel experience unimpeded. I made the warning unskippable, so don’t worry about a thing.
  • Some reinforcements are still ambush reinforcements because they work with magic and I can’t edit magic. That’s hacking FE6 for you. Watch out for the lower room reinforcements nobody ever triggers in chapter 6, all chapter 21 reinforcements and the manakete reinforcements in the final two chapters. Nothing I can do, I’m really sorry.
  • The animations of playable manaketes don’t play the fancy transformation enemy manaketes do. It’s the best I could do - simply using the same animations causes playable manaketes to turn into disembodied heads.
  • Disregard the ending text crawls. I made an attempt to edit them and only succeeded in glitching them out. Since glitches aside they do not reflect the different story, I decided to leave the glitch in because it’s funnier that way. Still, it looks pretty sloppy. I wish I knew how to remove them outright.
  • The new water affinity slightly glitches the stat screens of units that have it. It’s not a major bug, merely a cosmetic one. I suggest you just ignore the hearts.
  • Checking the help tip for the “item list” option on the “trade” menu at the preparations screen crashes the game. I have no idea why, so be careful not to do it.
  • Remember that useless village in Sacae’s first chapter that was incredibly difficult to save, and then rewarded you with an eclipse tome of all things? Yeah, it has a better reward now. Much, much better. Consider that when picking your route.
  • I urge you to yell at me about any issues you encounter - if there’s something I learned in my first hacking experience, it’s that no matter how clean you think your hack is, someone else will always end up finding something you overlooked. The hack has been playtested in mGBA, VBA and John GBA.

Tier list maker: (Obviously contains spoilers for the playable cast, if you care about that)

Special thanks to
Shaky Jones at Serenesforest for the original round of playtesting, as well as tons of feedback and suggestions. The hack wouldn’t be where it is without him.
Jotari, Pengaius, Ranger016 and Bad_at_Fire_Emblem at Serenesforest for the final round of playtesting, where they uncovered a myriad issues I never would’ve noticed, and provided some more feedback and suggestions.
Shuusuke the Fool at the FEUniverse discord for helping me to fix Sommie’s animation.
Vesley at the FEUniverse discord for helping me to fix the “enemy talks to Zephiel to recruit themself” recruitment event.
7743 for creating FEBuilder, without which making hacks would be a far, far more difficult undertaking. Thank you so much, you are so cool.
Gringe, for his awesome FE6 localization, which I’ve played more times than I can count and used as a base for my hack.
All the awesome folks in the FE community, credited below, for their gracious contributions in art assets and the like.

Credit where credit is due:
Chain sword general by Knabepicer
F Warrior Reskin Repal by Temp
F Warrior map sprites by FEGirls
Short haired F fighter by Black Mage
F Fighter map sprites by Alusk
Axe and Handaxe wyvern rider by Mikey Seregon, Alfred Kamon
Axe and Handaxe wyvern lord by TheBlindArcher
Player dragon animations by SHYUTERz
Units that do not apply hard boost patch by Tequila
FE6 battle stats with anims off patch by Phanfan (original by Tequila)
Insert a contiunation judgment in battle BGM by 7743
Playable Demon Dragon animations by SHYUTERz
Fixed FE7 fem sage by Shin19

Anything not listed here, including all custom portraits and Sommie’s animation, was made by me. I’m no big-shot artist, so please excuse the quality of these. I just enjoy making portraits from time to time.


Its Henning time


Hen all over the good guys.


This could have been just a simple boss swap which still would have been cool for a quick laugh/redux, but massive props for committing to so much extra custom dialog. I will definitely be giving this a shot soon.

Finally being able to henning all over the enemy…


What can I say, it’s a fun time writing irredeemable monsters. Hope you enjoy the Hennance!


Loved the Princess’s Lament, can’t wait to use my boy, Narcian! This game is definitely about him, and in no way that other guy, Zephiel, right? Yeah.


I can only hope you love this one as much. Though it’s not as grand as Lament was, FE6 is a much less malleable game. I swear, every time I tried to do anything remotely cool the game started breaking.

And yes, of course the game is about Narcian! Don’t you see him there, in the title screen?


I see playable Kel, I immediately get interested.

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Kel does have a pretty cool design. I liked his personality too. One of my favorite bossmen from this game.

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Oh look another FE6 hack—

Wait, this is by the person who made The Princess’s Lament? Hell yeah, time for Orlo to purge the heathens


Heh, yep, it’s me! Like I told Omnifox, don’t expect something quite on the level of Lament, FE6 isn’t as nice to hack as FE8. But you can expect me to treat Roy about as well as I treated Eirika.

Also, ayyyy fellow Orlo enjoyer! He’s my favorite minor bossman from the game. I like how he tries to shield himself behind his religion while acting like a mob boss, it’s a neat little dynamic for a minor bad guy.

Thought i’d leave a short first impression feedback post.

I love FE6 and it’s one of my favorite FE games, me and my friends have actually thought of doing something like this aswell, but nothing ever came of it, so i was very excited to see this project. Played till around chapter 6, and had loads of fun so far. The writing was also fun. I did notice a handful of lines reused from vanilla FE6, some people may view that as cheap, but i frankly think it’s a cool nod towards vanilla, and like it.

One thing however i personally really didn’t like was the addition of OC characters like Mitan, who i later was told was actually a minor boss from Engage. She frankly just felt totally out of place for me in FE6. The portrait is noticeably different, she has a unique affinity, and her stats seem very strong compared to everyone else. I also saw Sommie is somewhere in the game later on.

Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m genuinely curious what the design decision behind adding engage characters to this was. My first immediate thought was that the FE6 Bosses all tend to have relatively similar classes, or rather have some classes massively over-represented. But Considering we have some FE7 characters like an Older Oswin making an appearance as the Ch2 boss, wouldn’t adding some bosses from FE7 make more sense? You could argue the minor bosses in FE7 usually just die when you defeat them, but there’s a good amount of bosses which are not a requirement to beat to advance, like Carjiga and Puzon. And even looking past that, you could very well also just say they retreated or were left for dead instead.

Anyways, this is all in all still a great and very fun project. I love hacks where you play as the other side, and i will eagerly continue playing the rest of the rom. Thanks for putting the time and effort into making such a cool project!


I didn’t add any OCs though, they all existed before I put them in my thing

Your initial guess was correct. Deeprealming bosses from other games started primarily as a measure to get classes - valkyries, in particular. My only other option would’ve been Ursula and I wanted to avoid deeprealming major bosses (plus I don’t like her enough to make up an explanation for her still being around). Then I added Sommie as the Fae expy, just for the fun of it. Then I added another to be the Gotoh. Then I began to add more for additional class variety and it started getting way out of hand. To top it all off, one of my playtesters told me they were the coolest part of the hack in his opinion and encouraged me to add more deeprealms so every game had a rep.

So we ended up with a bazillion extra characters that were probably not needed. You’d think I’d have learned after my first hack, where I had the exact same issue. It’s just too much fun making new characters.

As much fun as I had making those characters, though, I can totally understand where you’re coming from. I didn’t set out to make them particularly stronger than their FE6 brethren, in fact there’s a few that are probably worse, but in Mitan’s case, I have a type she’s the earlygame fighter and I wanted her to have relatively strong stats compared to her flying counterpart in Galle. Still, maybe I overtuned her a bit. Will need more feedback before I start tinkering with numbers.

For what it’s worth, I tried to keep the deeprealms firmly out of the plot for the most part. There are no deeprealmed enemies, and save for one whose recruitment is automatic if you access a gaiden, they never appear in intro or outro cutscenes. If you don’t like them, you can simply throw them in the bench and out of sight. That’s what another of my playtesters did.

And, for the record, there are some FE7 bosses in there. They show up later.

Glad you’re enjoying it otherwise! I can only hope you continue to do so.

EDIT: Oh right, one other thing. My other reason for starting the deeprealms was to get some girls in the hack. There are some male deeprealms, but I tried to grab female bosses where I could, because well… Otherwise it’s a massive sausagefest lol. Hence Mitan.


That seems like a pretty fair reasoning for adding the characters.

I did also take a look at the names in the recruitment guide, and would like to apologise for saying you added “all those engage characters”. I haven’t really played any of the FE games after Awakening much if at all, and i missed the line in the OP saying “Every game gets a rep”. Despite me thinking i’d be the type to remember even most minor bosses, i didn’t recognize Heddwyn, Catalena or Grigas at first glance even thought i played their games pretty often. So i just assumed the vast majority of characters added were engage characters. That honestly also makes me not mind this all that much to tell the truth.

I guess that means you did a pretty good job in picking obscure minor bosses for the additions lol

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I think it would be based if you added Blake (Polnareff) from Fire Emblem Echoes.

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Could you please post the changes to affinity bonuses?

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V1.1 released! Same download link.

  • Fixed an issue where attacking Sue at melee range softlocked the game.
  • Updated the guide to include the exact affinity bonuses.

Don’t worry, no harm done! Like I said, I wanted to avoid deeprealming major bosses for the most part. I actually didn’t know Heddwyn myself, as I never finished PoR - I just wanted to add a mage, skimmed through the list of mage/sage bosses in the series and stumbled into this absolute hilarity of a character that I just had to add.

I am rather surprised you remember Hit Character and Very Handsome Man Ruben and not the boss of the penultimate chapter of PoR or the infamous elephant man, but I’m not complaining

Unfortunately, Echoes/Gaiden got a different rep, and both a prepromote hero and myrmidon (depending on how you want to count his class) were deeprealmed from other games. Not much room for Polnablake, I’m afraid.

Ah, that’s a good point. I have updated the guide, but for your convenience, here they are:

Fire: 1 Power, 2 hit
Thunder: 3 Avoid, 3 crit
Wind: 3 Hit, 3 crit
Ice: 1 Defense, 2 avoid
Dark: 2 Hit, 2 avoid, 2 crit
Light: 1 Power, 2 crit
Anima: 1 Defense, 2 hit
Water: 3 Hit, 3 avoid

All affinities grant 2 crit avoid


No way! This is such a cool concept for a game. I have to give it a try.

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Oh i see amazing, i look forward to see with what you did with all the bosses and such

Expessually my boy robar-

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Roberts? That’s an interesting pick. Hope you enjoy what I did with your boy!